Wednesday, 2 January 2008

2008 - here I come!!!

How's that for an opening line? Do you think 2008 will be a little nervous. I have a few plans for this new year and let's hope they work.

First off, my stitching hopes and dreams for 2008

1. Finish Book of Stitches (haven't touched it in over a month)

2. Finish Paradigm (by years end with the members of the Snowbird SAL)

3. Finish my secret stitch (progress to be revealed in the spring)

4. Continue with my Neighborhood Round Robin

5. Finish Crystal Tree (and soon I hope)

6. Start and finish Noah's Ark Stocking (am ordering new fabric and starting again!)

7. Do 1 ornament a month or at least 10 by the end of the year

6. Start Autumnal Abstract.

Now, I have never wrtten a list like this before so here's wishing and hoping!!

Next up, a beautiful gift from my BFF Beatrice. I forgot to show you this before. Beatrice gave this to me just as I was heading south for the winter and it was packed away for a while. When I talked to her on the phone, I finally remembered that I had not posted it. It is one of the medallions from Paradigm Lost and it is done in blue to match my home in Arizona. She is the best friend ever and now I have a piece of her handiwork and isn't it beautiful!! Love ya girl!

This is Cathy B.s RR. It arrived in the mail a few days ago. She wanted each of us to add something that represented where we live. I am working on the bottom left corner. I have decided to do something that represents Arizona since that is where I live at the moment.

Here is my part. It doesn't look like much but hopefully there will be much progress in the next few days. I am having a hard time sitting and stitching these days. I just don't seem able to stay in one place long enough to accomplish much. I am having trouble seeing this fabric at night for some reason so I think I will have to stitch on it during the day only (and no, I am not getting old and my eyesight is not failing!) okay, so maybe I am having a little trouble but I refuse to admit it. LOL

My other goal for the year is to drop some pounds. I am having some back issues and may have to have surgery at some point. I know when I go to the doctor in the spring he is going to tell me that my weight has contributed to my problems so I am going to beat him at his own game. It is going to be difficult as I love food and I cannot exercise much with my back problems.

I guess I better stop writing and get back to stitching. Till next time


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your goals and Beatrice's ornament is just dazzling! Here's to a great year!

Vonna said...

I don't know about 2008...but I'm a little nervous! LOL! just kidding...I laughed out loud when I read your opening comments :) LOL!

Beatrice's gift is just as lovely as she is and I'm sure it's as lovely as your friendship! And I love your goals list! I'm right there with ya on the weight loss, I'm heifer status and I would like to just be a calf :)

AnnMcD said...

Good Luck with your goals Kathy...I have a few similar ones of my own!

Lynn said...

Good luck with your New Year's goals Kathy! Weight loss is on my list as well. I'm heading back to the gym tomorrow.
The ornament from Beatrice is really lovely. She is an absolute pet and from the sounds of it a very special friend too.

Cheryl said...

Happy New Year Kathy! Good luck with all your goals. I want to stitch more ornies this year too. Im not commiting any goals to my blog though, i'll only fail LOL
Love that gift from Beatrice

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

Well, the list "looks" do-able so now you just have to buckle down and get it done! The pillow from Beatice is beautiful. I haven't known either one of you long but you both are beautiful, inside and out!
Hope your weightloss goals come easily, I know I'm noting writing it down but my house had better get ready for more fruit, vegies and lean meat!
All the best to you in 2008.

Itching To Stitch said...

Hope you meet all your goals. I love the RR you're working on ;)

Beatrice said...

Hi my dear friend!!
Good lick with ALL your goals I will root for you all the way!
Hey that pillow looks kinda' nice.
I'm glad you are enjoying it.

Beatrice said...

It's me again!!
I'm at Ann's with Dani and I want to let you know that I've changed my side bar and all the links now WORK!!!My Bad!

Ranae said...

Hi! That is a beautiful gift from beatrice.
Good luck with the goals.

tkdchick said...

Happy New Year Kathy! I know you'll be able to complete each and every one of those goals!

Barbara said...

Good luck with your goals!! I also need to lose some weight this year - it'll have to be exercise for me, as dieting just does not work. LOL.

Michelle said...

I think you've got some great goals! Starting to exercise is hard, but I think you'll find that once you start moving your back may feel a little better. Just start slow. Good luck!!