Sunday, 14 September 2008


Hi everyone. This has been a couple of weeks of sometimes.

Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, things don't work out the way you want them too. I had such great success putting Hunter's quilt together and tying it. Then I tried to put the binding on it. For some reason, the fabric kept slipping and I had to take the binding off three times and finally pin the fabric every two inches to sew it on. One corner ended up a little wonky but you know what - he is only 2 and he won't have it forever. He will outgrow Thomas in no time. Here is the finished set for his room.

Sometimes that frustration continues to build. This is my start -" Fairies are the Flowers in the Bottom of the Garden" that Ann of Knowledge and Needles and I are SALing. I picked a beautiful piece of 32 count natural linen and spent an evening stitching away on the border. I had made nice progress. The next morning in the daylight, I discovered the fabric was faded everywhere it was folded and I could not work around it. I was so annoyed I chucked the piece of fabric in the garbage. I went to Ann's and bought a new piece of 28 count evenweave called Mushroom. Loved the color and started again. Well, the border threads are an olive green and on the mushroom fabric the fabric looked orange and I did not like the 28 count fabric. So, tear out what I'd done and back to Ann's for a third piece of fabric. This is 32 count dirty linen. I love this color. Work away on the border for a couple of hours and discover I was using the wrong color. So, at the end of the two weeks here is my progress - a wrinkled piece of fabric and not a stitch on it. Maybe next week - she sighs hopefully!

Sometimes things go right. I have finished my squares for the two Fair Square rounds that I am currently in and they are out in the mail. No photos yet.

Sometimes if you sit quietly for a couple of evenings and your DH is away you can make some real progress. I am almost done with page 8. I am working on the monster motif on the bottom right and then on to the next page. As usual with my posts, blogger has flipped this photo sideways LOL.

Sometimes you get to do something that is fun. This is the birthday cake I made for Hunter's 2nd birthday yesterday. Each little fish is made individually without a pattern and then added to the cake. It is all made with fondant icing.

Sometimes your heart is full when you little grandson opens his quilt and pillow and lays on the floor, hugs them both and wants to take them upstairs for his nap. Then, his eyes light up when he sees his fish cake and he grins from ear to ear.

Here is Hunter blowing out his candles with a little help from big brother Jackson.

And sometimes, you realize your little frustrations are minor in the wake of Hurricane Ike. My sister and her children in Houston have made it safely through the hurricane but they are without power and will be so for an undetermined period of time. They are also without city water for who knows how long. They are okay and that is all that matters. I am so happy to hear that our fellow stitchers in Louisiana and Texas have weathered this hurricane without incident.

Till next time everyone.


Lisa said...

Can we have a link to the fairies design please, please, please? And I love the cake!

Crazee4books said...

Hi again Kathy,

Two comments in one day...Go Me!!

Love the quilt and accessories
that you made for your grandson.
I think they look amazing, and
so did he obviously, which is
all that really matters. He's
a lucky little guy to have such
a wonderful grandma.

And I second that opinion judging
by that amazing cake you made for
him. Love those fishies!! And
the bright, cheerful colours.
It almost seems a shame to eat it.

Oh dear. Your trails and tribulations with Fairies sound
like a nightmare. I suppose
that someday you'll look back at
it all and laugh...but until
then I guess it's back to the
old drawing board...again.

Glad to hear that your sister
and her kids got through the
hurricane alright. It sounds
like there's quite a mess down
there now though. Don't think
I'd care to experience something
like that.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy

Just love the quilt you made for Hunter. Riley is Thomas mad too :o) ! And I just love that cake

What a palaver you've had with Faries! At least you haven't given up - that's the main thing.

Glad your family have kept safe. (((hugs)))

Vonna said...

What a lovely post Kathy :O)
I have a lot of "sometimes" too...but I will say, "Sometimes I read posts and don't leave a comment...but I always try to leave one for a special snow bird in Canada :o)"
Have a great week ahead! The cake and quilt were lovely! You're the woman on the Paradigm and I'm shaking my head with you on the fairy piece...better luck this next time round!

Beatrice said...

We here at home were quite concerned for you DS and family.
We spoke of them often in the hopes they were fine. I'm so glad to here they made it through unscathed. Power and things can be worked out.
their health is the most important.
When you speak to her send our love.

The quilt and trimmings are beautiful. I'm so glad that Hunter liked them.
And the CAKE.. what can I say? It is [ or should I say was] wonderful!!!

Carolien said...

Hello Kathy,

I will read your last entry later, but for now: I don't know if there are Anton Pieck kits or patterns. I will have a look for you here, you will hear from me the coming days!

Hugs, Carolien

Ruth said...

Kathy, you have my sympathies!!! Oh you poor dear! I'm sorry about your fabric saga.... it is funny though. It'll be a great deal funnier when you finish the project and can tell the tale while holding the framed beauty. :)

Love the quilt and the cake! Congrats.

Tell your sister all my prayers are with her for the recovery efforts.

P.S. Thanks for the kind comments on my ornie adventure. :)

J Rae said...

It sounds like you have a frustrating time of late with the stitching and sewing. Hope that improves. :-)

My son LOVED Thomas when he was young. He is almost 14 and still has his Thomas pillow case. Thomas is the best!

LOVE the cake. Soooooooooo cute! You did a great job!

tintocktap said...

Wow you've really done Hunter proud! A beautiful quilt and a fantastic cake - very well done! I look forward to seeing more of your fairies when you've made some constructibe progress LOL! And your PL is coming on really well - mine is still growing but very slowly. I took it away on holiday to stitch last month, but it never made it out of the bag!

Aussie Stitcher said...

The quilt and cake are lovely, well done. Glad that your family got through Ike okay, it must have been a very scary time for all of you.

Sharon said...

Hunter's cake looks fantastic!

Suzanne said...

That quilt is adorable and so is the cake. You are a very multi-talented person!

Don't you just hate that when fabric fades. I have two very large pieces of linen (about two full yards each) that have fade marks all over them. I don't think they are very useful for anything now.

I suppose we all have those stitching days where everything seems to go wrong.

PL is coming along really nicely.

Marion said...

Great quilt!! Also, what an amazing job on the cake!!!
I am thrilled that you do swedish weaving! I don't know anyone that has ever done it except for my two cousins!! Do you have photos of any weaving projects you have done?
I do have some on my blog, but I will have to take more photo.
Have a great day

Barbara said...

Thought-provoking, Kathy. I've been struggling with some things and this helps nudge my attitude a little more in the "right" direction.

Your quilt and cake for little Hunter are so gorgeous. He is such a lucky boy to have such a loving and talented grandma involved in his life! :D

Daffycat said...

Aww, the Thomas bed set is wonderful and that fishy cake is incredible! What a nice grandma you are!

I hope your new piece of fabric will get some stitching on it soon!

Heather said...

The quilt is adorable! And I just love that cake you made, you are good. I couldn't even... make that, no way!

Your grandkids are so sweet :)

stitcherw said...

The quilt is so cute, he'll love it and never even notice the border. Other then you knowing it, I'm sure no one else will either, we are always so much harder on ourselves.

How frustrating on your new piece. I can't imagine having to start over that many times. Hopefully your next start will be the charm and it will go smoothly. Nice progress on your WIP, the motifs are so pretty in the green.

I love the cake you made for Hunter, the fish are adorable. Glad that your sister and her family are ok. Ike caused so much damage, it has been an awful year for weather different places.

Hazel said...

Awww what a lovely sweet post to read! Thanks for sharing. x

Carolien said...

Well, you let some miracles happen for Hunter. How lovely!!! I loved to read this, you know, very touching. This is something soo precious, these little and big attentions from your grandmother. He will remember this, I am sure. Great! Love your PL, by the way ...

Take care and hugs, Carolien

Lelia said...

Kathy: I don't have your e-mail address, so will answer here.

The bunnys are thread drops. You can get them at your LNS or ONS. Otherwise, here are a couple links for purchasing:

Here is online source:
I've ordered from Anita & she has excellent service

And for LNS & mail order source:

or e-mail me directly at leliaevelyn at gmail dot com & I'll answer any questions.

I just love them!!!

Lynn said...

I think that is the cutest cake I've ever seen! I can just imagine how excited Hunter was when he saw both it and the quilt. Nice job!!
Sorry your new start didn't quite go according to plan. Every piece I've picked up lately I've made an error. So I now have 4 projects which each need some frogging! Kinda turns you off things for awhile.