Sunday, 19 October 2008

Swimming pool, fences and paint cans

Now, how's that for a title! Are you interested?
We have closed up our house for the winter and are now visiting with our youngest son, his wife and our two handsome grandsons. It has been one busy week and hence the title.
DS has had an inground pool installed this past week. DH has been very busy supervising the construction and chatting up the workers. Plus, doing some maintenance work for DS.
Our grandson Jackson's favorite color these days is blue and he decided he wanted a blue bedroom. Hence the paint cans. DIL was able to convince him to do only one wall in dark blue (Gramma heaves a sigh of relief) and so two days were spent by me painting his bedroom. I also painted the guest bathroom since I was already into painting mode.
And of course, when you put in a pool, you must put up a fence. So, the weekend was spent fencing in the yard. Our oldest son came down, our adopted son came over, youngest son and DH spent the weekend installing said fence and gates. DIL and I kept the two grandsons busy and out of the construction site. A great job was done by all and things are looking pretty good in the back yard here now.
And so, I did get some stitching done but not a large amount.

First up, here is the house I stitched on Michelle's Halloween Round Robin. I took several pictures but for some reason every one is blurry. This is the best of the lot. This is from an old Prairie Schooler chart called Trick or Treat from 1987. I like how it turned out.

You can see the house better in this shot of her RR to date. Isn't it just the cutest.
I participated in the Stitchathon at the Let's Stitch blog this week and stitched on Paradigm. The challenge this week was also to stitch on a Quaker design - so I accomplished both in one session LOL. I have finished the motif bottom left and am now working on the thistle on the left. Only 3 1/2 pages to go! Blogger as always, has picked one photo to flip and this is it!

We are packing up our belongings and moving to visit with oldest DS for the next week. I don't know what I will have for stitching time but will give it a shot.

Until next time, take care all!


Annemarie said...

Busy Kathy, you! But the stitching looks great! How clever to stitch for the Stitchathon *and* on a Quaker motif at the same time! Perhaps you could teach me some multifunctional stitching skills?

Cindy F. said...

Good gracious!! How in the world did you find time to stitch?!
I love your halloween house and I've been following your quaker stitch through Let's Stitch! Beautiful pieces! I hope you're enjoying moving about and visiting family :)

staci said...

WOW! You've been BUSY!!! Do you think you could stop by my place for a week on your way to AZ, LOL ;)

Suzanne said...

I love the square that you stitched for the RR. The whole piece is looking quite lovely.

PL is looking good, you must be feeling excited to get this close to the finish.

Have a lovely time visiting with your DS.

Stitchingranny said...

PL is going well - not too much left to do now.

Have fun and now you can be called Queen of the Paint brush lol.

Jenny said...

Wow, those are some heavy duty home improvements! Glad everything came together so well for you. Love the little Halloween design too. :)

Petra said...

Boy you're busy! I love your stitching, the RR is looking great, thanks for the chance to click on the link and make it larger, really shows how nice it looks.

Clara said...

I love your Halloween RR and your Quaker piece too. You have really been busy with all that stitching and painting and stuff.

Laura said...

Your Halloween House for the Round Robin is so cute! And the Paradigm Lost looks great too, even though blogger flipped it sideways :-).

Cheryl said...

That does sound like a busy week!
Love the RR and your PL!
Enjoy your visit with your oldest DS

Beatrice said...

Wow sounds like you all had a great week. BUSY!
The RR is wonderful and boy oh boy you are moving along on the PL.
See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Ermmmmmmmmmmm Ladies............if said woman is stopping ANYWHERE or doing ANY assisting it shall be with MOI!!!!!! Said spoiled baby sister who needs her laundry fairy.


Sherry BS
(chuckles) thats BABY SISTER NOT what ya'll think!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Great job on the RR. One more sleep! See you tomorrow!

Lisa said...

Great job on the robin, I love the whole piece, it is looking fab.

J Rae said...

Sounds like you've been busy! I'm knee deep in paint cans lately myself. :-)

Your Halloween RR house looks great! I love Prairie Schooler.

Your Paradigm piece looks pretty awesome! It's such a great piece!

Lynn said...

Wow, PL is really coming along!! You do realize that you're putting me to shame? I haven't touched Cirque in months.
Sounds like you've had a busy time with your family. Enjoy winding down at the retreat. I'll be thinking of you!

Hazel said...

Wow great progress on PL! Enjoy your retreat. xx

Judy S. said...

Gosh, Kathy, I had to go rest just after reading your blog! Great stitching, I love them both.

Sharon said...

Beautiful stitching Kathy! I love your flat fold.

Pool Safety said...

what a working grandma! good job to the whole family as well for helping. Good to hear that your taking every step to protect your grandchildren from drowning by putting up a safety fence!