Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Stitching in the sunshine and in my comfy chair

Hello everyone.

I have been merrily stitching away. There is something about sitting in the warmth and sunshine that just makes my needle fly. I have a lovely rocking chair on my deck and it is a perfect stitching spot. There is only one small problem - I have to sit back in the corner or I get many visitors and the stitching stalls. Well, I'm not sure that really is a problem.
I worked on my Winter Neighborhood RR for Tami and got it finished - ready for mailing on the 25th.Don't you just love the Santa and his sleigh across the top.

I chose "A Tree in the Window" by Cathi Bussi from Better Homes and Gardens - A Cross Stitch Christmas 2004. There is a little snowman in the front yard and I must admit I have a soft spot for snowmen.
I also put some quality time in on Paradigm Lost. I love the Friday night Stitchalongs on the Let's Stitch blog. DH and I had a very busy week so curling on the couch in front of the TV Friday evening worked for me. I was able to put in a solid 5 hours of stitching. I am beginning to think there is a possibility of finishing this before years end. I have finished page 7 and am working away on page 12. (I am a leftie so work right to left).I have also completed my squares for the Christmas Round on the Fair Square blog but cannot post until it is received. It is off to Australia soon.
I have purchased the fabrics to make a quilt for my older grandson. He loved his brother's Thomas quilt and wanted one himself - so Caterpillar tractors, backhoes, and excavators are next on my list. I was even able to find wallpaper cutouts with yellow construction vehicles for his wall. Isn't the internet the most amazing place. Must remember to order them right away.
And, I've been tagged. I won't tag anyone else but in case you are interested, here are six things about me.
1. I am a pizza addict - I have pizza at least once a week and tend to sulk if it goes any longer than that.
2. My glasses spend more time on top of my head than on my face - I'm not sure why I wear them.
3. I love silky nightshirts and have many.
4. I am a sticky note fool. I have sticky notes and lists everywhere. My family just laughs at them all but I see them checking them out too
5. I love sparkling water - key lime. All my family and friends know I carry them with me everywhere and they think it is an accessory like my glasses or shoes.
Till next time - happy stitching everyone.


Ranae said...

It;s cold here with some snow flurries. Send some warmth up here would ya? lol
Winter neighborhood has such a beautiful start.
I am a pizza addict too :)

Ruth said...

Well of course you love your grandkids.... and they LOVE you too. Especially if you make them cool quilts. :)

Love your house and Paradigm!

Karin said...

I love your PL - its coming along so well! And your grandkids are very lucky to have a grandmother who loves them so much.

Missy Ann said...

PL is looking fantastic. I don't know that I'll ever have the stick-to-it that it takes to actually finish such a large project.

Love the WNRR, it looks fabulous.

Laura said...

Your addition to the winter RR is beautiful. And you are making excellent progress on your PL.

Rowyn said...

Love the Winter RR, and PL is looking super.

Glad your DH is getting use out of the teatowel. lol :-)

I love pizza too, but can't remember the last time I had it.

Annemarie said...

WHat a lovely post, Kathy. I wish I could pop by some time while you're in your rocking chair stitching! Your addition to the Winter neighbourhood is charming, and your progress on PL is more than impressive. Do you really think you can get it done by the end of the year? I think you can, too!

mainely stitching said...

Oh I love to stitch outdoors, too, but I actually stitch slower then. ;)

Marion said...

Okay Kathy, I seriously don't want to hear about warmth, sunshine, and a rocking chair for stitching!!! We had snow yesterday, so I think you get my point! :)
Great stitching by the way!!
Take care

Autumn said...

I really like the pattern you chose for the Round Robin. That's a perfect choice.

Jennifer said...

DH and I met when we worked for the same pizza place, so pizza will always have a special place in our hearts. We also like to carry on our childhood traditions of having pizza most every Friday night.

I usually make my own pizza - I can send you a great and EASY recipe for homemade crust.

Cindy F. said...

LOVE the RR!! Wow! and your part is sooo gorgeous!
PL is moving fast! Great progress:)

Suzanne said...

Kathy, you have been tagged! Check out my blog.

Dani - tkdchick said...

I'm glad to see you're blogging more reguarly now! We've been worrying about you since you've been so quiet online. I see why now! Great progress!

Marion said...

So that was YOU laughing at my snow!!! Humph! Are you SURE you wouldn't like to have some????
That could be arranged...LOL

Andrea said...

Your block is a wonderful addition to the RR. I love that snowman. Great progress on PL too.

Carolien said...

Hello dear Kathy, you made the cutest little winterhouse I have ever seen. Would love to live there ... :) PL is great as well.
Enjoy the nice weather!!!

Hugs, Carolien

Wendy said...

PL is looking great Kathy and a year-end finish will really put me to shame! There is nothing like stitching in the sunshine ~ wish I could join you there!

Petra said...

PL is beautiful! Is there a way to enlarge the Winter Neighborhood RR - the one with the santa/sleigh? It's so pretty, I tried to click on it, but it didn't enlarge.
You're so lucky to be able to sit outside. We've had snow flurries all week. I hate the cold!

Beatrice said...

Hey there,
Your Winter house is so cozy with the tree in the window.
Glad to see how much PL you've done. I'm sure you'll be finished by years end.
There was a big storm north and east of TO. 70cm of snow. not us.. just 2-3 cm. They are calling for 30cm. more in those areas.

Suzanne said...

The RR is looking lovely and you square is really cute! You've made great progress on PL.

Thanks for sharing all these things about yourself.

stitcherw said...

What a gorgeous RR, your square is a lovely addition. PL is looking beautiful as well. As to your list, I'm totally with you on the sticky notes, I don't know how I'd remember anything without mine.

Cheryl said...

The heat and warmth sounds so great! Lovely stitching

Hazel said...

Beautiful rr! Love your PL - it is coming along so nicely. xx

Aussie Stitcher said...

Love the house that you stitched for the RR, very cute. PL is looking great.