Sunday, 7 December 2008

Four Squared and Holland Surprises!

There are squares and then there are four squares. Check out all these beautiful squares.
First up are the squares I received from Jennifer H for Round 10. No information was provided but I love the variagated purple thread and the entire design. Nice work Jen.
In exchange I stitched for her a Quaker Freebie I found somewhere on 32 count lugana with DMC 4030.So kind of blogger to flip both of the next photos sideways. It just wouldn't be a blog entry from me without that!
And then Karen R. really hit the nail on the head. For the Christmas round at Fair and Square - look at the soooo handsome nutcracker she stitched for me. I just love him. I can't decide whether to make an ornament out of him or keep him for my friendship quilt. In return, I stitched for her "Redwork Snowflake" by Pamela Kellogg. I love this one and may just stitch it again for myself.
And the mail box held some more. Look at the lovely surprise package from Carolien that arrived in my mailbox the other day. There was a lovely Christmas card and a note from Carolien and her family.
Also included were some lovely Dutch candies, a chocolate bar that DH promptly ate, some little red packages - I can't tell you about them as they are gifts for some friends in Canada that I will deliver in December. And the most surprising and awesome of all ------ an Anton Pieck cross stitch kit. I love this Dutch artist and the amazing detail he puts into his work. I have this particular piece as a 24x30 3-D paper tole hanging in my home along with several other smaller pieces. Here is a closeup of the kit. Isn't it awesome!!!!
And in case you forgot LOL - here is my lastest progress on Paradigm. I am sure you are all tired of looking at it but I would like to finish it by years end so I am plugging away when I can.

I must apologize to everyone for my lack of posts and comments on the blogs. I seem to be in a blogging slump, if that is possible. I look at my google reader and have 274 posts to read and think "Oh no, I will never catch up". Please be patient with me as I try to work my way through all your latest posts. I have a couple of deadlines that I am scrambling to meet and that also keeps me away from the computer.
I have been tying my grandson's quilt - a job that should have taken my 1 day and has taken me 5. I still have to bind his quilt and make the matching pillowcase by Dec. 22. I also have an afghan to finish crocheting by that date. I did have a Make A Wish to complete. I got it done the first of the week and it went out in the mail. I don't think I will sign up for anything more until after the holidays. My stress level is going up as I try to complete all these things and this is supposed to be fun - RIGHT!
Take care everyone. I do appreciate you stopping by and will do my best to get back to you.
Many hugs from one slightly stressed stitcher to another!


Becky K in OK said...

Everything is beautiful...sometimes life interfers with stitching and blogging. My, your nutcracker is very handsome.

Wendy said...

Great squares and what a super-great package from Carolien! I can totally understand blogging slumps ~ I feel like I'm just getting out from under a huge one.

Jenny said...

Your paradigm is coming along great - looks like you just might make that deadline.

Dianne said...

Well, if it's any help to life is getting in the way also! Your projects look great...good luck with your deadline!

Ranae said...

The squares are all fabulous.

The kit was a wonderful surprise, what a neat design.
PL is looking great.
I get in a slump too and it doesnt help when see that many post to read. Good Luck!!
I bet that quilt and pillowcases are worth every bit of stress, lol.

Hazel said...

Lovely lovely wips and squares!! xx

Cindy F. said...

If you're not having fun, it's time to take a "ME" break!! You amaze me with all you have going on and everything you're accomplishing! All of the squares are so beautiful!!
Kathy, if you ever saw Pretty Woman, remember when Julia says to "Take care of you!". You'll get to the blogs whenever...we know you're busy:)

Laura said...

That is wonderful bunch of squares. And you are making nice progress on your beautiful PL. Blog when you have time. We all understand, I think, because we are dealing with the holiday time crunch.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow you've had some great mail days!

Keep going with PL you'll be done wayy before me (check out my latest post)

Cheryl said...

You do sound very busy!
Lovely squares both given and received!
Good luck with getting PL finished this year, you've done great to get so far already...i hugely failed with CDC but i wont give up LOL

Suzanne said...

These are all very lovely squares. I am sure you will be able to make something really nice from your squares. That's a great gift you received, the kit looks beautiful. PL is looking great and it's almost finished!

Don't worry about all those posts, I am behind mostly these days and have being trying to catch up.

Carolien said...

Take it easy, Kathy, it will all be all right! ;) I am glad the parcel arrived safely. I will write back later as things were and are a bit hectic these weeks (Christmas in a parish house etc.).

Take care & big hug, Carolien

Sophia in Oz said...

Hi Kathy. I like you were in a blogging slump - too much work and then the choice to spend quality time with my son :) The nutcracker is really nice. I'd love to have your mail surprises too - much better than bills. Have a great Xmas.

Beatrice said...

Boy I'm with you girl ....I can see you have been very busy. Beautiful square exchanges.
PL is looking awesome,
I look forward to seeing you over the holidays after Christmas.