Sunday, 8 February 2009

Lots of stitching and not all on fabric

I have had a very busy week. My trip to the post office this past week sent five packages off in the mail. And it was fun.
I cannot show you much of the stitching that was mailed until it is received but I do have a few things to show you.

I granted Jill's Make a Wish and she emailed me that it arrived yesterday. She wished for a design by Sampler Girl. I pdf'd this pattern called Lavender Mansion and ordered the GAST threads from Stitching Bits and Bob's. The fabric is Silkweaver's 28 count Jamaiican Sunset. I made it into a little house pillow.

I received a lovely gift from Sandra this past week. She had mentioned on her blog that she was unable to get a walking foot for her sewing machine. I had two that did not fit mine so I mailed them off to her. Well, they both fit. She was very happy. She sent me these beautiful things as a thank you.
Check out the almond cakes. Yep, those are cakes!!!!!
I gridded and stitched my heart on my Friendship Sampler RR and it is ready for mailing. I did a floss toss so you could see my fabric and choice of colors.My fabric is 32 count bone lugana. I stitched my heart with DMC 4230 - actually a mauve color and my colors are mauves, blues and greens. I think it will turn out nice.

I stitched on my Royal Holiday for the Friday Let's Stitch. She is now a beige blog with some brown swirls and I actually got to add some red too!!!

And from the very bottom of my basket came Noddy. I have added the cow at the bottom and that pink blob is a pig. I need so much encouragement to work on this one. I am just not enjoying it.

And now the other set of stitches. My little grandson Hunter fell twice in about three hours and now has 7 stitches, 3 over his left eye and 4 in his forehead. His poor parents were a mess. He now has a helmet to wear until he heals some and my son says he will wear it until he is 17.

Until next time, may all your stitches be in fabric!!!!!


Lisa said...

Some great starts and lovely exchanges - I'm looking forward to seeing the progress pics on these.

Becky K in OK said...

Love the lavender house. You did good. Owie, that little boy's head is gonna be sore. Looks like a shiner is setting in too!

Clara said...

Your Lavendar Mansion is beautiful, I love it!

I'm sorry your little guy had to have stitches, and I hope he heals up fast.

Jill said...

Thanks again for the Lavender House you stitched for me. I love it. I like the colors you chose for the Friendship Sampler RR. I'm kind of kicking myself for not joining in on that now. Oh well, next time. Ouch! for your granson, poor kid.

Ranae said...

I just love Lavendar Mansion, love the kitty in the window.
Poor little guy, hope it heals soon

Dani - tkdchick said...

Awww poor Hunter!

Wow you've had some great mail there!

The house is wonderful.

dragonxser said...

lovely stitched pieces - all but the forehead and eye. Poor little fellow - hope he heals soon!

Cindy F. said...

Your house pillow is just adorable!
How nice of you to send Sandra the walking feet...and that's so good they actually fit her machine! What pretty gifts she sent as a thank-you.
Your heart on the RR looks so pretty in your floss choice and great start on Royal Holiday! Re: is too darn cute and you've come such a long way. I don't know how much bigger it is, but don't quit now. I'm dying to see the finish! It's like a book needing an ending!
Poor little Hunter! He really had a rough day!

Judy S. said...

Poor little guy! And poor Mom, Dad, and Gramma! May you all recover quickly! Love your beautiful stitching, Kathy. You are very talented.

stitcherw said...

Your little lavender house is so sweet, and your new heart start will be lovely. Your poor grandson, and his poor parents. Hopefully he heals quickly and it doesn't cause to much discomfort in the meantime.

Laura said...

Oh, poor Hunter. Why, oh why, do boys have to be so hard on themselves? The little Sampler Girl house pillow is adorable. And your other WIPS are all look great!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I LOVE your Sampler Girl finish!!!
Great start on your Friendship RR. Poor Hunter, that does look painful... Hope he heals soon!

mainely stitching said...

Oh my gosh, Hunter! OUCH! Our Rowen is the one who falls/walks into things/spaces out ... but never had anything like this. Hoping he heals up scar-free!!

Lots of wonderful stitching. I will encourage you to finish Noddy. I nearly started this one several years ago when Nicky was crazy for the TV show and I must admit I am really glad I didn't. LOL! It's SO HUGE.

Wendy said...

The Lavender House is gorgeous, Kathy! And poor Hunter, I remember too well how his poor parents feel. I lost count of the gray hairs years ago.

staci said...

I am simply amazed at all the stitching you get done, way to go!!! The MAW you made for Jill is just the most darling and creative thing EVER! I love it (in case you couldn't tell, lol!)

sandra said...

Hi, Kathy!
Poor boy! I think he will remember that for long...

I'm glad you enjoyed the few things I sent you, be sure they are not enough to express my gratitude!

You Lavender House is gourgeous! And that Noddy is giving you some trouble...

Judie said...

Poor Hunter. Hope he doesn't get a scar. I am sure you must have enjoyed stitching the cow. You know how much I enjoyed doing mine. lol

Annemarie said...

Oh no! Poor Hunter! How's he taking it? Poor thing.
All of your stitching is fabulous. The Lavender House is inspired, and your choice of blues for the RR is stunning. Well, what can I say? Blue *is* my favourite colour :o)

Beatrice said...

Oh No poor little guy. I hope he heals that is too funny. I can picture his dad saying that. I think he might be a bit of a chip off the old block ,no?

Your stitching is all pretty I love the mansion !

Carolien said...

O dear, poor guy, you must convince him the other sort of stitches are far more harmless than these ones!
Your stitches are beautiful, especially the house, that's a real cute house!!!

Hugs & take care, Carolien

Missy Ann said...

Poor baby! My ds did the eyebrow one. Twice. Almost 1 year apart to the day. *sigh* He'll out grow it. But I really love the helmet till 17 idea.

Wendy said...

I just love the lavender mansion! This is so great and lovely!!

Great progress on your Noddy! This looks so cute!

Oooh poor grandson! I hope he doesn't have to much pain! I can imagine that his parents were a mess! I would be too.

Stitchingranny said...

Oh dear me Hunter looks like he needs lots of Granny cuddles - though not sure the helmet will not get in the way lol. I think I agree with his Daddy on the 17 age limit.

Wow Wow Wow I adore that little cottage pillow. I have not seen a cottage finished like that before.

Talking of cottages when the Village comes out again I will be working on yours so please can you tell me what colour you would like your front door to be.

AnnMcD said...

Hey Kathy,
I am really enjoying the Florida warmth and sunshine It was 81 F here today!
I got your etui on Saturday and saw a number of finished models of it...great looking project.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful stitching!!
Love to see your blog!!
Cross stitch

Lynn said...

Poor Hunter! I can just imagine how upset his parents were.
I love the little house that you stitched! The finishing on it is just so unique!
Life in Arizona must agree with you what with all those projects you're working on. Enjoy all that warmth!

Von said...

Oh Kathy, poor Hunter!! But he'll heal up good as new in no time - guess how I know, lol!

You've really kept your needle hot these last few days - everything is looking great. :)

Maxine said...

Lovely stitching and gifts Kathy. Sorry to hear about Hunter's accidents but glad that he is ok.

Brigitte said...

Oh poor little Hunter. I hope he will be healing soon.

The Lavender House is such a beauty. And what a nice gift from Sandra. Those cakes look like a temptation ...

I love the colours you chose for your friendship sampler RR. Oh, and Noddy, let's just jope that he will be done soon so that you can spend your stitching time with more enjoyable things. Although he looks so funny with all the animals surrounding him.

Suzanne said...

Oh, your poor grandson, I hope that all heals with no scars.

I love the lavender house, it's absolutely gorgeous. That's a lovely gift you received and those little cakes look very yummy.

Rachel S said...

Sorry about Hunter's stitches. Poor guy!

The other WIPS look great

Crazee4books said...

Hi Kathy,

Oh poor Hunter!! Don't tell me
he's going to be one of those
kids who seems to be majorly
accident prone. Hope he's
healing nicely and doesn't
need to wear the helmet for
too long...although wearing it
until he's 17 might not be such
a bad idea after all.

Love the wish that you granted
for Jill. The lavender house
is so pretty and you finished it
off perfectly. Love the little
black cat peeking out of the
window there. Jill is going to
be thrilled with this.

Your new Friendship RR is off
to a great start. Your colour
choices are very pretty and they
show off very nicely in the
heart that you stitched.

Royal Holiday blob looks very..
er..festive?? A festive blob.
Oh well, baby steps.

Noddy is looking good too.
Hang in there. It surely must
be well on it's way to being
finished by now. At least its
a nice and cheerful design.

Have you heard about the wild
and woolly weather that we've
been having here in the past
few days??? Bucketing rain,
blustering winds and warm
temperatures. If this were
March we'd be thinking Spring.
But it's only February so we're
only thinking *#@^+*!!!