Monday, 10 August 2009

Baby shoes

Hello one and all. Hope the weather is treating you well. Me - it's just rain, rain, rain and more rain!
I am so tired of it all. Our 14 days at the cottage included 11 days of rain and we get home Saturday, well it rains Sunday and it's raining today. Okay, complaint department is closed.
There is one beautiful result from all that rain.

This gorgeous rainbow above the shed at the cottage. It almost makes up for the rain.

For those of you who are following the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pattern - it is finished and ready to move on. Go add your name at

I had two lovely packages in my mail when I returned.

Here are my beautiful Fair Squares from Daniela in Finland.

They are an adaption of a Mon Ami Pierre design. Aren't they wonderful!

My next RR for the Mirabilia RR was in the mail too. This belongs to Jenn.

I love it. Jenn wants children or fairies on this one. I have the pattern all picked out, just need to pull the threads.

And here is my meager start on a baby sampler for my new nephew, Owen.

There is so much white on white, I am struggling to see where I am and of course, it doesn't photograph well. Here's a photo of the kit. I am, of course, doing the blue in the bottom right corner.

On a personal note, I am very excited today. We have some very good friends from Rogers, Arkansas arriving today for a visit. This will be their first trip to Canada and we are looking forward to showing them some of our beautiful country.

There are over 400 posts in my google reader on my return. Please be patient with me as I work my way through them and comment where I can. Please be assured that I am checking up on all your beautiful works even if I do not comment.

Till next time, may all your stitches lay straight.


staci said...

All that white on white must be a strain on the eyes! But it will be really sweet when finished :)

Have fun with your friends!

Kim B said...

I love those shoes! Welcome to the world little man! And enjoy your visit with friends, I'm sure you will show them a good time!

Missy Ann said...

The baby shoes are cute! Can't wait to see what you pick for Jenn's RR. I'm still thinking about my current RR...

Carolyn NC said...

Sorry about all the rain! Love the baby shoes and that RR - looking forward to seeing which one you stitch. Such a cool idea. Enjoy your friends!

Anonymous said...

I just love your addition to the Mirabilia rr piece that you are working on. It is the sweetest picture!

Judy S. said...

Welcome home, Kathy, It seems like this has been a weird summer everywhere. You'd never know we had that recent HOT spell as it now feels like fall. That's a cute baby sure it'll be appreciated.

Cathy B said...

We're having weird summer weather here in MN too...I have always enjoyed stitching birth samplers for my nieces and nephews. Looking forward to seeing more of your baby shoes!

Daniela said...

It was a great pleasure swapping squares with you. I like the a mon ami pierre designs a lot. I might even stitch this one, one more time for myself.

Jenny said...

I'm sick of rain too - but we haven't had nearly as much as you have. Thanks for posting the pic of the my RR - cannot wait to see what you come up with.

Love the baby shoes - though I hate when I have trouble keeping my place in a pattern like that.

Ranae said...

Your mail day consisted of beauty.
What cute baby shoes.
Stay dry!!

Wanda said...

This year has not be the best of years for beautiful summers, regardless of where you are in the world! Maybe there is someplace that hasn't been rainy and cold practically the whole time but I don't know where! Great RR...such fun and creativity. The shoes are adorable. yes, I can imagine that white on white makes you kind of go bonkers a little after awhile! Hang in there!

Brigitte said...

The Mirabilia RRs are all so beautiful. I have admired all your pictures of them in your last posts. A wonderful idea.
Great F&S exchnage piece from Daniela. I also loved yours.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Congratulations on finishing Noddy, he looks wonderful. Sounds like you had a great time at the cottage, love the pics, thanks for sharing.

Maxine said...

I know how you feel with the rain we've had it over here but at the same time it's so very hot and muggy! I love the baby shoes birth sampler it's so cute. Hope you have a great visit with your friends :)

Suzanne said...

Send the rain this way!!! We are all very dry as we have not had any significant rain for nearly two months.

Lovely squares you received from Daniela. Great start to the baby shoes.

Always smiling said...

Hi Kathy,

You have won my blogoversary draw so please send me your address
I am just finishing off so you should receive it in a couple of weeks time.Love those Booties and sorry about the rain but great for stitching indoors!

Chris x

Beatrice said...

Congrats on the win of the blogaversary.
Your stitch is even prettier in Real life!!! (cute booties)
The RR is going to be stunning, it already is!!!