Monday, 14 September 2009

How many in one day? - 3 to be exact!

Hello one and all. Another week has flown by and how many in one day?

3 to be exact!! My mother turned 75 on September 12. My parents were married on her birthday and celebrated 58 years
and my sister married the same date and they celebrated 28.

Jeez, that makes for a lot of celebrating in one day. We were 18 for dinner out and birthday cake.

The next day Hunter turned 3. We had 26 for hotdogs and burgers and a pirate theme. It was great fun but now I am tired.

I managed to get a snap of Drew and I together. Her purple is still going strong while mine is fading.

Leo was in Ottawa to see our Jackson start school this week.

It was a great day for him and he could hardly wait but we were a little sad. His babyhood is definitely behind him now. Leo says he got on the bus, didn't wave or even look back. He is so ready for school.

I did not put in a single stitch this week but I have a couple of finishes to show you from the week before.

Here is Baby Shoes Sampler finished and framed.

Here is Charlie's Ark Sampler finished and framed.

I completed 2 Friendship RR hearts.

Here is Carolyn's and Marian's.

Oh, and I fell off the no buying wagon in a big way. Here is my latest purchase!! This is Chatelaine's Desert Landscape Mandala.

I love love love this piece. It so reminds me of Arizona and all I love about it and the desert.

My birthday was in early August but with other issues it just kind of slipped by. I did receive a couple of stitchy birthday gifts that deserve a mention.

From my BFF Beatrice some lovely fall threads and some fabric.

From the SBBC my partner was Ulla from Finland and here are the lovely gifts she sent.

I am busily working away on a Swedish weaving afghan for a wedding on Oct. 3. I started it last Saturday and am about 2/3 done. No stitching until this one is completed. Wish me luck as I want to put this down and stitch but know I can't.
Till next time - stitch for me lol.


Karin said...

Looks like a lot of celebrating! Congrats to everyone.

Vonna said...

MY GOODNESS!! Look at all the beautiful wonderful things here...boys starting to school, anniversaries, birthdays, new purchases, newly framed...I LOVE IT ALL!
BUT most of all...I want to tell you sweet Kathy, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!

Carolyn NC said...

What a day and how cool to have so many to celebrate with both days! Love that desert mandala - I've seen the middle stitched - very pretty! Happy belated birthday - nice presents. And I love my RR - so pretty!

Marion said...

You are so fortunate to have your parents around! Wish them a belated anniversary from me!! are just TOO cool of a grandma!! Love the purple!!!!
Take care...wish I lived closer, I would have dropped in for your stitching weekend!!

Missy Ann said...

Busy week! Isn't it interesting how families group around dates? Labor Day weekend is host to 4 wedding anniversaries in my family. And boys are born on the 25th, girls on the 27th. lol

Can't wait to see the new afghan I love your Swedish weaving.

mainely stitching said...

(I think the comment I just posted disappeared into cyberspace.)

That's some way to celebrate a lot of big events in a very short span of time! Congratulations and best wishes to one and all!

Rachel S said...

Congratulations on all the events! I love that Chatelaine! Those colors are amazing.

Cindy said...

Whew...that is a lot of celebrating! Congratulations on it all :)

Wanda said...

Yes, lots and lots of celebrating going on for you and your family! I can't even imagine 28 years of marriage, much less 58. How awesome! Leo sure looks adorable on his first day of school. What a big day. You are correct, a new chapter has begun. And Hunter, the pirate is such a sweetie!! Your finishes are beautiful. I'm so impressed with them and how quickly they were completed! The Desert Landscape is awesome! Can't wait to watch you turn this into reality! If you are already 2/3 done with the afgan, the October 3rd deadline will be no sweat! Don't forget to take pictures!

Always smiling said...

Hi Kathy
Lovely to see you smiling on your blog especially with your grand daughter.. the purple looked great.And what wonderful family celebrations you've had, sounded as though you were very very busy but so happy too.
Happy Stitching
Chris x

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow! Lots of celebrating and I bet lots of food!

You and Drew look so cute together!

Michelle said...

Wow! Lots of celebrations!! Love your framed pieces and that RR - what a fun RR to do!

Kim B said...

You have been busy!

sandra said...

So much going on! Congrats to everyone, including you, for your birthday!
Your framed pieces are gorgeous!

Jenny said...

Sounds like lots of good family celebrating. :) Love your framed finishes.

Brigitte said...

Oh my , what a festive day this is in your family. A very good reason for gathering.
Your framed pieces look so good. And what a great new project. I love Martina's mandalas very much but they are not made for me. The one I once bought is still sitting in a box and has become my one and only UFO because I haven't worked on it in many years. Enjoy your Desert Mandala.

Cindy F. said...

September has been a great month!!
Congrats to you and your family for so many reasons to celebrate!!
Beautiful framed finishes!!

LOVE Chatelaine's Desert Landscape Mandala. Very nice!!

Cindy F. said... need to slow down;)
Your granddaughter is such a beautiful girl!! and I LOVE her purple "do" too!

Lynn said...

Love that Chatelain! It's so you.
Congrats on all the celebrations.