Sunday, 27 December 2009

In case you think I don't stitch

Before, I get started, I want to say -Thank you to Secret Santa for my wonderful gift certificate to I really appreciate it and it has been spent. I will show you what I bought with the certificate and what I bought extra when it is received .

Well, sometimes it is better late than never. I have been stitching but not nearly to the extent that I normally do. I have been busy with other things for a while and it has taken from my stitching time.

I will show you my latest stitches small though they may be.

Here is Annette's Mirabilia RR - I stitched Iris

And here is her RR to date.

Here is Missy Ann's Mirabilia RR - I stitched Fern.

And here is her RR to date.

Take a closer look at this one. Each one is bordered in Kreinik and beads in the colors appropriate to each Pixie. Stunning!

I love the Mirabilias - each one is so different and so beautiful. I want to keep them all.

I finished "3 stockings" into a little pillow.

I didn't stuff it tight as I wanted it to look like it had been around a while. And well - it has - as I look around I don't see it which means it is behind the couch or on the floor somewhere. I guess I will have to look for it after dinner.

I started this "little" stitch a week before Christmas thinking I would have it done in lots of time. This is from the 2009 Cross Stitch Calendar. This was a gift for a quilting buddy. Thank goodness she went home for Christmas and I have some extra time to finish it up.

Obviously I didn't read the fine print. It is 70x70 stitches and solidly stitched. I am hoping to have it done by tomorrow and then make it into a biscornu. Gran Torino is on the dish tonight so some quality stitching time ought to finish the stitching and back stitching.

I won a blogaversary draw from Michele and it arrived a couple of days before Christmas.

Look at all these lovely patterns, the gorgeous fabric and ohhhh - the lovely Christmas fob. Thank you so much Michele. I have been very lucky lately and really appreciate my luck.

My dear sweet husband surprised me with a new watch for Christmas. We don't exchange gifts any more as we have more than we need so it was indeed a surprise. I love him, the watch and the thought he put behind it. Geez, as I'm reading this, I'm thinking - you should have taken a picture. Trust me - it is beautiful.

I am hoping to get some more stitches in soon. I have finished the 25 redwork squares and they are sewn into the quilt top. I should have it finished soon too and will post a photo then. I'm hoping the quilting turns out as well as the stitching did.

Until next time, everyone, keep on stitching and stay in touch.


Becky K in OK said...

Never doubted for a minute that you stitch! All pieces are beautiful. Great blog win and what fun the Secret Santa must have been!

Cathy B said...

Wow Kathy! You have really been busy stitching! Love seeing all the pictures. Glad that a Secret Santa was good to you!

Kim B said...

The stitching is beautiful!

Daffycat said...

I always knew you stitched! Looks fab too. I love the three stockings pillow ~ it's darling!

staci said...

I don't know when you find the time to always seem so busy!!! Love the stockings pillow, it's adorable! Enjoy all your new goodies :)

Rowyn said...

I do love the Mirabilia RRs. They are all so pretty.

Three stockings and the quilt piece you are making into a biscornu, are lovely too.

Nic said...

Your finishes are beautiful, as always!

Here's wishing you a very happy 2010 :o)

Vonna said...

These Mirabilia RRs are just totally stunning, I love to look at them every time you post. Gorgeous!
Merry Christmas Kathy, I know I'm late, but I hope you had a stunning day and that your New Year is filled with happiness!

Ranae said...

I am sure you picked out nice things from ehandcrafts and can't wait to see.
The rr's are fabulous, they are both so pretty
love the pillow
Happy Stitching 2010!!!

Judy S. said...

You haven't done much stitching? Wow, Kathy! Looks to me like you've spent hours at it. I can't wait to see your redwork; it's one of my favorite kinds of stitching.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Kathy,

Seasons Greetings to you and DH.
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.
I loved your green and red greeting
on the previous post, by the way.

Look at those gorgeous Mirabilias.
What beautiful stitching from all
the participants. Your Fern and
your Iris contributions are lovely
and look as if they sparkle and
glitter even in a photograph. I
too love Missy Ann's idea of
putting matching Kreinik and beads
in the borders of her RR. Very

Your "3 Stockings" finish looks
great. The fabric you chose to
back it with matches the fiber
colors very nicely. The red beads
in the greenery are a nice finish-
ing accent for the piece. Hope
you found it again. The frogs
must have taken it and hidden it.
Pesky things.

Can't wait to see that pretty
quilt square turned into a
biscornu. It'll look fabulous
and your friend will surely love
it. Such pretty, delicate colors.

Lovely stash win from Michele's
blogaversary. That scissor fob
is soooo pretty. I've never seen
Trail Creek Farm designs before.
Those look really pretty. Will
have to check them out.

Thanks for visiting my blog,
leaving such warm and encouraging
comments and being such a wonderful
stitching friend. I think that the
highlight of my year was getting
to finally meet you and the other
ladies at your stitchers gathering
this summer. I had such a great

Best wishes and lots of love Judy

Maxine said...

I absolutely love all your stitching Kathy, I can't wait to see that design made into a biscornu and such a gorgeous stocking design for the pillow which I think looks so cuddly. I think the way those Mirabilia RR's have been laid out and the idea of the kreinik and beads dividing the designs is just fabulous I would love to see them when they are both completed!
I want to thank you Kathy as well for always popping over to my blog and leaving such lovely comments I really appreciate them :)
Wishing you, your hubby and the rest of your family a wonderful New Year (((hugs)))

Meari said...

The fairies are gorgeous. Your pillow is too cute. And nice gifts you received from Michele! Enjoy all your new stitchy stash. :)

Happy New Year!

Carolien said...

Wow, you made so many stitches (in my view)! I love those Mirabilia ladies, they're so elegant ... The pillow is so nice too!

Happy stitching & hugs, Carolien

Missy Ann said...

I love love love my RR! You all are doing such a great job. :)

That stocking pillow is too cute!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Kathy, as usual your work is just fantastic! Those Mira RR's are stunning!!

AnnMcD said...

Love those Miras! Great to talk to you the other day. It was a real picker-upper!

Brigitte said...

A gift certificate at an ONS, what a wonderful Secret Santa idea. I'm very curious to see what you ordered.
I love that Mirabilia RR, it's one of the best RRs I ever saw. I have never stitched a Mirabilia but those pictures make my mouth water.

Laura said...

Beautiful stitching! The three stockings pillow is so pretty and festive.

Suzanne said...

All your stitching is beautiful. I really love the Mirabilia RR's. Are you using your own designs or did each person send the designs they wanted stitched?

Have a happy new year!

sandra said...

Busy, busy, as always!
Happy 2010!

stitcherw said...

Gorgeous stitching. I love the two you did on the RR's, those RR's are going to be beautiful when done. Your piece for your friend is lovely too, good luck on finishing it up for her before she gets back. Cute finish on the sock pillow as well, what a fun one for the holidays. Great drawing win, and and I can't wait to see the stash you've ordered.

Wanda said...

I can see why you want to keep them all! They are beautiful. I love the colors, the details, the idea. I love the beading too. The win is great! Such nice things. I love stash and I love digging through it to find exactly what I'm looking for! Your stitching is wonderful and not just a little either!