Sunday, 18 April 2010

Those bloody frogs

jumped in the car when we left Arizona. I was exhausted yesterday and just read and relaxed as we drove to El Paso. Well, this morning, I took out my stitching and those bloody frogs hopped out from behind some of the boxes. I tried to work on my neighborhood and got about 30 out of 100 or more stitches that actually stayed in the piece. Threw it (gently) in a corner and picked up the Mirabilia RR I have. Well, I started it in the wrong place and had to frog all that. Then I have frogged her hair more times than I can count.
We have stopped for the night in San Antonio and I am tempted to take them down to the Riverwalk and drown them!!!! - no more parties for them till they get their act together!

Maybe tomorrow????????????


Bonnie Brown said...

BOO! Stupid frogs!
Hope you have a better stitching day tomorrow

Jules said...

Must have been those pesky little green tree frogs we have here in the south!

Well, here's to a better stitching week ahead!

Missy Ann said...

lol, I'll be watching the news to see if a plague of frogs is reported in San Antonio.

Anonymous said...

Take them to the nearest boozer in San Antonio and run like hell, Kathy! Now go stitch!

Becky K in OK said...

How is it we count and count and still get it wrong? Seems to me the plague of frogs is getting stronger the older I get! Couldn't be. No way. Have a safe, frogless trip dear lady.

Ranae said...


Anonymous said...

Hope you leave the *)&&% frogs in Texas.

Lynn said...

I thought you ditched those guys by the side of the road somewhere!
Maybe it's time to try it again, lol.
Somedays it's just better not to stitch.

Daffycat said...

Dratted frogs! I hope today's stitching went better.

Carolyn NC said...

Ouch - maybe make some frog legs???

Crazee4books said...

Hi Kathy,

Wherever you are.

I have this image in my head of
a car traveling down some highway
in the States somewhere, heading vaguely northwards.

It's veering all over it's lane,
sometimes bouncing up and
down vigorously on it's wheels. Once in awhile a window opens and something small and green comes
flying out, soaring into the
high grasses lining the roadside and disappearing from sight. At
other times it's a piece of pale
fabric, or a pair of scissors.

Oh boy!! Kathy and Leo are
coming home!!!!

I am in awe over those Mirabilia
RR's that you stitched on for
Autumn and Kaye. They are both
incredibly gorgeous in all their
bejeweled glory. Both of the
squares that you stitched are
just beautiful, but I'm partial
to Winter Queen.

But your own Mirabilia RR is the
best of all!!! Look at those
stunningly beautiful ladies! I
cannot agree with you more that
this one must indeed be framed.
I can't wait to see this wonder-
ful treasure in person.

Thank you for the offer of the
3D puzzles, but I'm not keen on
those. Too much thinking
involved in doing those. I
prefer the simpler 1000 piece
puzzles based on the paintings
of popular artists with lots of
color and lots of character.

Hope the trip home is a good
one for you!!