Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Pennies from Heaven

I have been truly blessed by the wonderful stitching friends I have made since I started this blog three years ago. The generosity of stitchers is amazing.
My birthday is tomorrow and I have received some lovely gifts.

From Melissa  the most astonishingly beautiful gift you could imagine.

Look at this box.

The finishing is impeccable. Melissa has stitched the lighthouse from Shores of  Hawk Run Hollow for me and used it to top this wonderful box. She has lined and covered the outside and inside of the box perfectly. It even has a drawer. I wish you could see it. It is just so gorgeous..
Inside she included a pair of lighthouse scissors (she said they called my name LOL). She made the lighthouse needleminder herself.  She included some of the fabrics in case I wanted to add smalls to the case. She added some wonderful button pins and some sticky notes with my initial K. I had to pick up the phone and call her personally to say thank you. Melissa is indeed one of my pennies from heaven. My birthday card was a photo of a lighthouse from my birth province of Nova Scotia. Melissa put her heart and her thoughts into such a wonderful gift. Thank you my friend!

From Bonnie who knew I had been searching for this - a wonderful milk glass scissor frog. And here it is Bonnie -  full of scissors. Thank you so very much.

From my dear 94 year old friend Adriana this wonderful bookmark. I am so blessed to have her in my life. It is because of her that I stitch.

Just before I left for my vacation this gorgeous little packet arrived in my mailbox from Michele W. This is her personal exchange to me. Love the wrapping. I may have to borrow this idea for a future exchange.  The needlebook - just too cute - and the other goodies were greatly appreciated and quickly distributed to their new homes. You can see the scissors in the afore mentioned frog. Thank you Michele for a wonderful experience.

When you go away for two weeks you have a full mailbox when you return.

I won this wonderful handmade Q-snap cover from Sadie and she included these beautiful threads as she did not want the cover to be lonely on it's long trip LOL. Of course, the Q snaps are packed when I went to find them to put the cover on.

From Margaret came this wonderful lighthouse pattern that she offered to pass on once she was done. She included a JBW design from my wishlist with a wonderful skein of thread.

I won a draw on Carolyn's blog for Mirablia's Valentine Fairy. Carolyn says she is glad it went to me as I moderate a Mirablia blog. She sent the fabric, threads, Kreinik and beads. And she added a little extra. The sunflowers will be a really cute stitch. Generous indeed!

And so, my mailbox was full of "Pennies from Heaven". Thank you everyone for your generosity. It is greatly appreciated.

Before I left on vacation I sent Mare her blogaversary package.She was this year's winner and I asked her for suggestions.  She asked for a Christmas ornament and so I stitched "A Christmas Song" from the 2008 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Magazine and included a few other little goodies. She assures me she likes it.

My clicky finger found this pattern I had been searching for and it was in my mailbox when I returned - Dragon Quaker by Stickadeen van den Wiehenburg.

I did not shop much while away but I did run across these. Now, you can't be surprised that they ended up in my cart ROFL.

My google reader has 592 posts. As our cottage is many miles in the bush with no internet access I only checked emails twice. Cell phones do not work and we don't have a landline there. There is no way I can catch up with that many posts. So, I will read as many as I can but commenting won't be happening until I clear my reader. Please know that I am looking at, admiring and oohing over all your stitching and other assorted projects. You all amaze and inspire me. You too, are my pennies from heaven.
Edited to add: Phew, I made it through all your posts. WOW!!!! Will be back to reading and commenting now!
I did stitch and stitch and stitch but that will have to wait till my next post for pictures along with some photos from my holiday.

and keep those needles smokin'

If you made it to the end of this post - thank you for letting me share with you.


Parsley said...

I'm drooling. I love all the stitchy items. OHHHH I wish I had a store nearby!!!!

Missy Ann said...

Wowza! You were not kidding. Fabulous mail box.

And you have such great friends because you are such a great friend. Happy Birthday and many many more. :)

Carol said...

What incredibly generous and thoughtful stitching friends you have, Kathy! I love everything you received. And the fact that 94 year old Adriana is still stitching just makes me smile. I hope I am still stitching at that age :)

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays tomorrow :)

Myra said...

Happy Birthday Kathy! Those were all wonderful gifts. Aren't we lucky to have such wonderful friends?

Michele said...

Happy Birthday dear friend! I'm so glad we've met online. Your friends spoiled you good and you deserve it!

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Kathy! I'm so glad you've been spoiled. That box from Melissa is incredible! And that's a lovely scissor frog from Bonnie.
I loved your stitchy post and look forward to seeing what you've been up to while at the cottage.
Hope you have a great day tomorrow!

Carolyn NC said...

Happy Birthday! You received some absolutely lovely gifts! Your stitching is always beautiful, too!

Patty C. said...

Happy Birthday !!!!!!!You certainly received lovely gifts from awesome bloggers - I hope your day is filled with joy
Take Care

An itch to cross stitch.. said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful day and get some stitching done on your birthday. :-)
What beautiful gifts, you are so lucky and loved. The box is so beautiful and well done. They are all lovely gifts, I hope I am stitching at age 94 like Adriana too, what an inspiration.

I love the Christmas ornament, it's so sweet.

Daniela said...

Happy Birthday Kathy! The gifts you have received are amazing. I especially love the box.

Bonnie Brown said...

So glad I got you the bigger frog instead of the smaller one like mine! So glad you like it.
Looks like you got some amazing presents.
Can't wait to see you again. 10 days :)
Hope you have a wonderful birthday today

Dani - tkdchick said...

Holy Cow! You must of left the post office with arms full! What fantastic gifts you received!

Margaret said...

Happy Birthday Kathy. Have a wonderful day.

What a treat to come home to all these wonderful gifts. The box is my absolute favorite. I hope that I'm stitching at Adriana's age. Amazing!!

Glad the lighthouse pattern has arrived. Enjoy.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Kathy!

You sure did have a mailbox full when you came home! All are gorgeous! Enjoy your day! :)

staci said...

Happy Birthday Kathy!

You've certainly been showered with all kinds of beautiful gifts! A generous soul reaps generosity in return :)

natalyK said...

I bet your birthday couldn't have been better. What beautiful and thoughtful gifts from all of your friends. Happy B-day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Look at all those neat looking items. I bet you had a lot of fun going through them all. I am truly glad you were happy winning my giveaway. Enjoy all your goodies!

valerie said...

Happy Birthday Kathy! Wow, what exciting goodies in your mailbox! The box from Missy Ann is amazing! The scissor frog is beautiful and all the other goodies are great as well. Love the ornie you stitched for Mare. It reminds me I want to stitch that design...one day!

Silverlotus said...

Wowie! How wonderfully generous of everyone. Happy birthday!

Berit said...

What wonderful treasures--I know you're enjoying 'em!

Hope you're having a great "Birthday Week". :)

Jules said...

What a great way to end a vacation - opening up many packages!!!

The scissors you share at the end are sold at our local hospital (along with embroidery files and nail trimmers). I have picked up several pairs and given most away this past year. They are just darling!!!

Lisa said...

Wow...first let me say: "Happy Birthday to you!" and then let me say..OMG are loved or what??? Lots of wonderful new toys and stash to enjoy. Take care and may you have a wonderful day!

Cheryl said...

Wow!! So many gifts! I really love that box! I hope you had a very Happy Birthday x

Jan said...

Oh such beautiful things, Kathy...and I am thinking that they are most deserved!!! Lovely post, hope you get time to get caught up soon!! Happiest of Birthdays to you!

sandra said...

So many goodies!
Happy Birthday!

mainely stitching said...

What wonderful gifts! But the lighthouse from Melissa totally steals the show - what a GORGEOUS gift!!!!

Judy S. said...

A belated Happy Birthday, Kathy! Looks like you had a very nice one. Wow, that dragon piece looks challenging.

Lucy said...

Like Christmas in...August!

Beatrice said...

Such lovely gifts for a lovely lady!!!

Karin said...

What fantastic gifts - you have wonderful people in your life.

Sonda in OR said...

Those are all very lovely! Enjoy all the love!

Brigitte said...

Happy belated Birthday, Kathy! It's wonderful to see how your stitching friends spoiled you with all these great gifts. Enjoy each and everything!

Vonna said...

That's lots of great, great stuff, for a great, great lady! Many happy congratulations on your birthday, on your friends and friendships and on YOU!

Suzanne said...

A belated Happy Birthday! What wonderful gifts you received. You are very lucky to have won so many lovely giveaways. Enjoy your lovely items.

Solstitches said...

The box you received is fabulous and all of the other gifts are lovely also.
Happy belated birthday.
Thank you for visiting my blog and for your nice comment :)


marylin & poussy said...

Oh I am a fan of your door scissors "flowers" the embroidery with the bird is a marvel I like!!!!!!!
Have a pleasant day kisses of France