Friday, 4 March 2011

Angels, Fairies, Snowmen, Lighthouses, Frogs and TUSAL

Can you tell by the title it has been a busy few days? I have skipped from one stitching project to another and each one has a story.

First, here is the first RR from the newest Mirabilia RR that I am participating in. This is one of the sweet little angels from "Angel Proclamation" I love this design. It was a gift from a friend and one day I hope to stitch it all. When I got to the wings, I needed Wisper White and I had forgotten mine at home. I only needed a few strands. Thanks to Melissa - she popped some in the mail and I had it in a couple of days. Stitchy friends are the best.

Then I stitched on Valentine Fairy. This was a giveaway last year that I won. In case you think I'm a wicked fast stitcher - all the rose in her dress was already stitched. I stitched the darker rose color, the pale pink legs, the Kreinik and the mauve in her wings. And then I got out the Pixie Dust to stitch more on her wings. And that's when things came to a grinding halt. The two skeins are from different dye lots and are not the same color. Not good. Will have to try and order another and hope I get a match. But, it will have to wait - I'm not ordering just one skein of thread. Back into the basket it goes until I resolve the thread issue.

I am doing a SAL with Cheryl on CCN "Snowflake Serenade". And that's when the frogs came to visit. This is my sad progress for one entire day. I restitched the left side and the top twice and I have to restitch them again. Maybe next week (sigh).

And so, now what do I pick up. I know -  my Lighthouse RR that I vowed to complete. And here is my tiny little bit of progress on this one. A few stitches of green grass. I'm liking this one right now so I think it will be a focus for a while.

It is TUSAL time - and here is my martini glass.  It is overflowing with the threads from my Santa Stocking, the Mirabilia RR, Valentine Fairy, Snowflake Serenade and the lighthouses. There are some wrappers from new thread skeins and even some sewing threads from my quilting. I will glad to empty this and start fresh.

Edited to add: To Staci and other readers - there is no martini in the glass since the orts drank it all. That's why they are hanging all over the sides of the glass.

Well, that's it for this week friends. Have a great week and keep those needles slipping through the threads.


Sadie said...

Great progress on everything Kathy. Sorry the frogs came for a visit, hope they don't stay for long!
Really love the colours in Valentine Fairy, so pretty.

staci said...

Very pretty stitching! Sorry about the different dye lots, that's so frustrating!

There's one thing I'm curious about...since your orts are in the martini glass, where's the martini???

Annette said...

You can resolve the thread issue next weekend :) Attic has a great selection of CC.

Karen said...

The Mirabilia Fairy is very pretty and the skirt on the Valentine Fairy is pretty too. It sounds like you're having a hard time with your CCN piece. Hopefully no more frogging!

Carolien said...

Hello dear Kathy,

Oh what a lovely things you're making!!! So cute.
Question: where did you buy that pink skirt with roses of the fairy? I want to have one too! Love the shoes also ;)

Happy stitching & hugs, Carolien

Rachel S said...

I have been frogging my LHN piece too. I think the orts may have sent me part of that martini, since I have no idea how I got this off.

Where do you join the Miribilia RR. They are so pretty.

Judy S. said...

You need to have your fairies turn those frogs back into tadpoles.... Love all you stitching, especially the lighthouse one. I am always inspired by your pieces!

valerie said...

Great stitching! Just love your contribution to the RR and Valentine Rose is coming along!

Hope that frogs disappears for a while so you can enjoy your stitching!

Ranae said...

Oh! the Mirabilia RR looks sso pretty.
I hate when that happens with dye lots, it looks awesome
Hmmm! drunken ORT's, hehe

Katrina said...

Fun projects!!! You really need to finish that Lighthouse round robin ;-).

Love the drunken orts, LOL.

Linen Stitcher said...

I feel your pain with the mismatched floss skeins. You know that I've posted about that topic on more than one occasion. My floss is all matched again, though, and I hope yours will be soon. Doesn't look like the lack of floss has slowed you down on your stitching progress, though. Impressive progress all the way around!!

Myra said...

All of your stitching is just gorgeous. I just adore your "drunken" orts. :o)

Lynn said...

Your Mirabilia fairy looks wonderful! It's too bad the different dye lots stopped your progress on the Valentine one. Don't you just hate it when that happens?
So the frogs have gone south for the winter? I wondered where they'd been!
Love your ort jar. They look so much more festive in a martini glass!

carol said...
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Carol said...

You sure have been busy, Kathy! Love the little RR fairy that you completed. What a sweet face she has :)

Oh, that is a drastic difference in the Pixie Dust thread! I do hope you can find a match. It is so hard when you have to order online instead of seeing the colors in person, isn't it?

Good luck on getting the Lighthouse piece finished up--you can do it :)

Brigitte said...

Oh Kathy, you have such lovely WIPs on the go. The Valentine Fairy already looks very promising, she has such a beautiful dress and I think also the rest of her will be beautiful. And Snowflake Serenade will be a lot of fun to stitch, too.
I can't wait to see the lighthouse RR finished.

Beth said...

The Mirabella angel is just so sweet and pretty. The Valentine fairy looks to be a real cutie too, hope you can resolve the Pixie Dust issue. Bummers on the frog - don't you just want to dine on some froglegs?? The lighthouse RR looks like it is going to be incredible when it is done. And finaly those orts do look a little wasted - LOL!!

Suzanne said...

Wow, such wonderful stitching progress! The little angel is so pretty.

Had to laugh at your comment on the orts.

sandra said...

Great progress! Everything looks good, except for the frogs... Keep going!

Measi said...

Fantastic stitching on everything! :) I'm relieved I'm not the only one in multiple RR's this year.

The martini glass is glorious, BTW - I do suggest getting a twin so you can have a celebratory martini at the end of every month with such fabulous ORT progress!

Daffycat said...

Wow ~ that is one full ORT "jar" this month!

Oh, dear! Those threads aren't even close to the same color! I checked my overdyes but there is no Pixie Dust in there =[

Pointed Stitcher said...

Wow you have been stitching on a lot of different things and they all look great ;)

Mary said...

By the look of your ORT glass, you have really been busy. Great stitching!

Patty C. said...

It makes my so crazy when dye lots don't match - so sorry that has happened - You are such a creative individual that I bet you will figure out a way to make it work -
It does look like a lovely pattern :)

Carolyn NC said...

LOL with the orts -very witty, my dear! Love all the stitching - the Mirabilia is beautiful and the fairy is just adorable! Can't wait to see all the lighthouses in glory!

Siobhan said...

Everything looks great, Kathy! Even the drunken orts, LOL. ;) The Mirabilia is GORGEOUS!

dragonxser said...

another fabulous RR in that Mirabilia piece!Happy Stitching!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Kathy,

A couple of days ago I wrote up
one of my long, gabby comments
to post to your most recent
blog entry. It went on and on,
as I tend to do, but there was
so much stuff on your blog to
talk about. So not my fault.

Anyways ... came the time I was
ready to commit the comment to
blogger's tender care ... and
blogger dropped the ball. Or
rather the comment. They lost
it. Or maybe they're limiting
how long comments can be now.
Either way, all that time and
thought put into that comment
and it went "POOF"!!!

So, shall we try again??

The little Mirabilia Angel is
sweet and so very pretty. You've
really set the bar for the rest
of the RR partners to reach for
when they stitch their parts.

I love the colors for Valentine
Fairy. But the difference between
those two skeins of Pixie Dust is
incredible. I have a skein of it
here which I'll send you if you
want but it's got quite a pink
streak running through it. Both
of yours lean more to the mauve
coloring. Let me know if you
want to try it anyways.

Love your work on Beatrice's
Mirabilia RR too and the
finished RR is breathtaking!
What a treasure.

Weather up here is dreadful.
Snow yesterday, rain overnight
and into today and warmer
temperatures have conspired
to make us the slush and mud
capital of Ontario. Not nice
to look at but the fog is
helping to soften the look a
bit. Did I mention the fog??
The world is grey, dull,

Thank God for colorful cross
stitch threads!!


Parsley said...

SOOO pretty and delicate looking!

Love the CC floss.

Meari said...

Your WIPs are beautiful, Kathy. Love the martini glass idea. :) Ever had a chocolate martini? Yum!