Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Home safe and sound

After 5 very long days on the road we are home, sweet home. The best part of being home was the hugs from our kids and grandkids. They were worth every single mile.

When I got home there were a couple of lovely things waiting for me. My BFF Beatrice I saw right away and she gave me this wonderful project bag that she made. Don't you love the fabric.

She also gifted me with this lighthouse chart of Point Loma from her trip to San Diego. She knows me well (smile).

I worked away on my Fairies in the Garden in the car and in the days since. I have all the top half stitched and have started on the backstitching. I want to do the back stitch on the top part before I get to the bottom or I will be doing that part of  a veeerrrryyyy long time.

Yesterday, I stitched on Snowflake Serenade for my stitchalong with Cheryl. I did not have to rip out any stitches. That is a miracle. Believe me, with this piece, it hasn't happened too often for me!

Remember my Jardin Prive SAL and the missing 931. Well, when I got home I went right to my threads here and would you believe no 931 there either! I had a couple of very partial skeins but nothing that I would consider using for such a large piece. I am sure it is a conspiracy!! Oh well, it will have to be put aside until I can resolve this issue.  ( I have received an email that some 931 is on it's way from Las Vegas!)

I have had several requests for information on that piece. It is called Sampler des Bouquets and comes in Part 1, 2 and 3 and can be purchased as a pdf. from www.jardineprive.com . Go ahead - order it and SAL along with me!!!

I bought myself a cover for my Kindle just before I left Arizona and well, I bought the wrong one.
It is too big for my Kindle. Perhaps it will fit yours. If you are interested in this cover (it is purple leather) and it will fit I would be happy to send it off to you at no charge.  Just let me know.

That's it for this week one and all. Our youngest grandson is here for the week and we are enjoying the snuggles and cuddles he dishes out.
Until next time I hope you can be cuddled by someone you love too - be it human or animal!!!


Pointed Stitcher said...

Wow, all of your stitching looks great.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a safe trip home. What a cute project bag Beatrice made.

You got a lot accomplised on Fairies in the garden. Snowlflake Serenade is coming along nicely.

It is good to know you are getting 931 soon. Thank for the offer on the Jacket for the Kindle. I don't have one yet but someday I plan on it.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Kathy,

Welcome home!! Glad to hear that
you and your DH made it back safe
and sound. Hope you're not missing
the warmth and sunshine of Arizona
too much since you got back here.

Love that project bag that Beatrice
made for you!!! Could she have
found a more suitable fabric??? It
is so pretty. You'll have no
trouble finding a use for this I'm

The lighthouse chart that she also
gave you is really pretty too.
It's right up your alley for sure!

Fairies in the Garden is looking
fabulous and now that you're
doing some of the back stitch it
is really coming to life. So cute.

And Snowflake Serenade continues
to grow more striking with every
day that you work on it. Glad
that the frogs have decided to
move on and leave this piece
alone. This is the only place
that I like seeing snow ... in
a x-stitch design.

Isn't DMC #931 a pretty standard
thread color?? I must have about
four skeins of it kicking around
here ... just in case I need it.
Hope yours arrives from Los Vegas
soon so you can start that
wonderful Jardin Prive design.


Carolyn NC said...

Lovely project bag and chart and stitching! Glad you're back home after a good trip!

Franny said...

Andjareenas place on Dufferin Street has DMC 931. I am using it in the Romantic Sampler. Glad to hear you had a good trip home.

I am also doing the jardin prive sampler. I started mine last month but havent had a lot of time to work on it.

Annemarie said...

I will never understand how anyone can stitch in a car (a moving car, I assume?), but you did a terrific job. I do love those fairies! AND I love your SAL! What are you doing, woman, whetting my appetite for another big project?

Glad you're home safe and sound, and that you have all your loved ones nearby!

Carolien said...

Hello dear Kathy,

Welcome home! I'm glad you arrived safely.
Your stitches look great and Beatrice did a great job too with her presents. Enjoy!
Have a nice day & hugs, Carolien

Ruth said...

Welcome home from your trip and you made great progress on your fairies. The snowflake serenade is looking great so far can't wait to see more on it as its on my wishlist.

Hazel said...

Glad you made it home safe and sound. xx

Carol said...

Welcome home, Kathy--hopefully you've brought some of that warm AZ air back north with you! I'm always amazed at people who can stitch in the car--your hands must be a lot steadier than mine :) All of your stitching looks great--I especially love that SAL you're doing with Cheryl.

You'll make some lucky Kindle owner very happy (I have the smaller one, too, or I'd take you up on your generous offer!)...

Patty C. said...

Glad you are home safe - Love the project bag - :)

Karen said...

I'm really glad to hear you made it home ok. Five days of driving is a long trip....

Glad to hear the frogs stayed away for you on Snowflake Serenade this time. Fairies in the Garden is gorgeous! And what a great surprise to come home to! The project bag and pattern are both sweet.

Lynn said...

Welcome back!!
I love that project bag! Beatrice did an excellent job. Great chart addition too.
I'm glad you left the frogs behind in Arizona. Let's hope they don't follow you as our weather warms up!

Judy S. said...

Love your fairies! And glad you made it safely home. How's the weather? We just had a few flakes of snow...can't believe it!

Suzanne said...

I am glad to hear that you had a nice safe trip home. How on earth do you stitch in the car, it would make me feel sick?

Nice work on your projects!

Brigitte said...

Must have been a great feeling to be home again, and zto be welcomed by a wonderful gift of a stitching friend.
Your WIPs look fantastic, what a progress. And I'm already curious to see your progress on the Jardin Privé piece, which is a fantastic project as well.

Margaret said...

Wonderful stitching and wonderful gifts Kathy.
Glad to hear you arrived home safely. Even though it is a long trip I am sure it was very enjoyable.
The 931 was sent and I hope it arrives very soon. If there are any other colors you need at any time just let me know.
Have a wonderful time with your grandson.

staci said...

Glad that you made it home safely! I bet your grandchildren sure missed you!!!

Wonderful stitching progress (ugh, backstitching!)

sandra said...

Glad you're home!
Great progress on your WIP's!

Measi said...

Glad you're home safely!

Wonderful stitching progress, Kathy. :) I'm in awe that you can stitch in the car.

Heidi said...

Your homecoming sounds wonderful and the gifts are wonderful. Love your latest project bag from Beatrice. The stitching is coming along and I am sure you will be sailing away with the SAL sampler as soon as you get your thread. Have a great weekend dear Kathy and thanks for the encouraging thoughts about Jos.

Hugs from Holland ~

♥marylin♥ said...

Je te souhaite tout plein de bonheur en ce 1 er mai bisous bisous

Siobhan said...

I'm glad you're home safe and sound! Lovely stitching!

Kerry said...

Just found your blog, such nice stitching projects. Hope you check my blog out.