Thursday, 16 February 2012

Some of the angels in my life

Angel #1
 The angel who lives next door to me. My neighbor Gale is a treasure. I consider myself very fortunate to have her in my life. She is such a wonderful person - and she teaches line dancing. She asked me to make her an apron and so I introduced her to quilt shops. She and I had so much fun. I decided to make her a reversible apron  and she picked two wonderful southwest fabrics.  I got her to model the apron when I was done. Can't you tell she is a happy person.

Side 1

Side 2

BTW - this is called a church or Sunday apron. You use one side to cook with and then, when the priest comes for Sunday dinner, you flip your apron and present a clean apron when you sit for dinner.

Angel #2
 Dawn of Golden Angels Works fulfilled a wish for me on the Sanman board. I wished for a scissor fob for my newest Gingher scissors. This is the delightful fob that arrived in my mailbox. Dawn wrote me a note that says she now has the Queen stitch down pat after several tries. I really appreciate the work she put into the fob and I have met another Arizona stitcher!!!

I wish my fellow Arizona stitchers lived closer :(

Angel #3
 A wonderful lady by the name of Gaby. I fulfilled a wish for her on the Make a Wish board several years ago. Although we don't communicate often we keep up with each other's work. I saw a book on facebook that I went crazy over but when I looked into purchasing it the price was exorbitant - partly because the book was from France. Gaby lives in Germany and was able to purchase the book for a more reasonable price and sent it to me. It landed in my mail box this week and I am still drooling over it!!!!! It is a book full of Long Dog designs.
I have sent her a package in return but will have to wait until she receives it before I share.

Angel #4
 Jennifer of the Confessions of a Serial Starter blog started a wonderful LaDeDa traveling pattern. I was privileged to receive it in yesterday's mail. She has included a journal and the wonderful words that everyone has wrutten in it are all so inspiring.

Here is my choice of fabric and thread and I will start to stitch asap.

Angel #5 is my BFF Beatrice. She gifted me with a cross stitch of the Point Loma Lighthouse in San Diego, California.
Here is my progress on my newest stitch!

Aren't I making huge progress ROFL

And I have a finish to report!!! Here is LHN -Summer Splendor in all it's glory. That is finish #5 for me this year!!!!!!

Oh and a frog report - I sat down to work on the travelling pattern and lo and behold sitting on my chair was a monstrous ole frog. After I picked out about 6 letters I kicked his behind to the curb. I hope I didn't send him your way but he was OUTTA here!!!!!


Teresa said...

Cute model, love the apron. How nice to have a wonderful neighbor.
Can't wait to see your version of the "ABCD" pattern.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Catherine said...

You can just tell by her smile that your neighbor is full of fun!!
Love all the goodies! Stitching friends are the best!
Have fun with the ABCD pattern!

Minnie said...

I love that apron and the model is the best. I think she likes it too.

Anonymous said...

What a blessing to have such wonderful angels in your life! Congrats on the LHN finish, very sweet! The apron looks great too, I like the Sunday part... ;o)

Lesleyanne said...

Congrats on the LHN finish - t is gorgeous. You have some wonderful angels. Love the apron and the model looks great.

Sadie said...

You have some wonderful angel in your life Kathy :-)
Love the apron, and your neighbour looks like such a happy woman, I bet the two of you have a great laugh when you get together.
Very pretty LHN finish too :-)

natalyK said...

Great finish! Good luck with the traveling pattern.

Bonnie Brown said...

Wow great Angels ;)
Love the apron... so cute!
I can't wait to look through your Long Dog Sampler book. It looks like a great book, but want to look before I buy :)

Katrina said...

What a fun post, love all your Angels :-). Sweet projects too!!!!

Bette said...

Isn't it wonderful to have angels in our life? You are truely blessed.

Mouse said...

heheh think your model is pretty pleased with her apron :) lovely gifts you got and can't wait to get my wee paws on the TP I've got ages yet and wooo hooo on your finish :) love mouse xxxx

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

beautiful stitches ...

bisous bisous de France

Michele said...

You are blessed with so many angels :) You deserve each and every one of them :)

Daffycat said...

The apron you made looks great! I should try sewing one to increase my machine skills.

Nice scissor fob from Dawn. The Queen stitch strawberry is really cool.

Best hide the Long Dog book when I come. I would persuade you to give it to me ~ lol!

Hurry up stitching that TP...I wanna chance at it! The thread you picked is ~ wow!

Dratted frogs. I'm positive he is just about due to show up at my house so I will keep a look out!

Carol said...

How great to have a neighbor like Gale, Kathy--I'll be she always has a smile on her face... That's so funny about the "Sunday" apron!

Lovely gifts from your other angels and an equally lovely finish by you--Summer Splendor is one of the prettiest LHN charts I've seen :)

Carolien said...

Hi Kathy,

Big laugh at that Sunday apron, what a funny name and thought ... your neighbour looks great in her apron, by the way!
Your finish looks fab and wow, the 5th finish!!! Can't tell you I have finished 5 projects LOL!

Hugs and have a nice day, Carolien

Becky K in OK said...

Aprons and stitching are fabulous. I love the look of the beading done on Dawn's fob.

Lynn said...

Beautiful angels, one and all! Gale looks pleased as punch with her apron.
I can't wait to get a peek at that Long Dog book! I'll bet there's lots of lovely things hiding inside it.
Summer Splendor looks fabulous! Well done.

butterfly said...

Love your LHN stitching.Great apron Gale looks very happy.

Jennifer said...


You are an angel too!

Judy S. said...

Love the apron and the story that went with it! It's been fun catching up on all your beautiful stitching. Your stitching frogs must have come way up here in the guise of knitting frogs! LOL

Myra said...

Angels are just the best and it looks like you have been blessed with them.

Veronica said...

Very cute apron. I love how it's reversible :)

Wonderful gifts you've received. Can't wait to see more of the traveling pattern and Point Loma Lighthouse.

Congratulations on another beautiful finish!


Ranae said...

Angels are the best!
Love the finish

Meari said...

You have some awesome Angels in your life. :)

Congrats on your finish, and your new start.

(Love the pics of your neighbor... She looks like so much fun.)

Suzanne said...

What wonderful angels!

Nice finish on you LHN piece.