Sunday, 2 September 2012

Wipocalypse Update

Wipocalypse Progress.

I finished Page 1 of my Etui - 188 Queen Stitches later - all those pretty pink flowers on the outside border - each flower has 6 queen stitches. Did I know how to do queen stitches before this - NO! Do I know how to make them now - ABSOLUTELY!

I finished Acorn Hill.

I started and finished  Just Nan's True Blue Heart.

I made some  progress on Desert Mandala

 I started Prairie Moon's - Merry Xmas
I started M Designs - Las Vegas Tree

 All in all a good round. 

And my birthday continued.

From my dear friend Claire - these lovely gifts.

And a RAK from my friend Karen that arrived shortly after my birthday. Can I count that as another gift LOL?

I have some (many) retreat photos to share with you from my weekend at Knowledge and Needles but I will wait till my next posting.

This post is brief as I am hosting a stitch-in this weekend. Photos and stories to follow lol.
I am working on the latest Mirabilia RR and this one has been frog infested. I am hoping for better luck today.

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend and I will return lol.


Daffycat said...

It's fun to learn new stitches, isn't it? Especially when you find you can actually DO them! Awesome stitching, Kathy!

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

Sorry to hear the frogs have been visiting :(
The Etui has such pretty colours and a sweet design - lots of gifts and lots of stitching - Happy time!
Look forward to your retreat photos - no doubt lots to show and tell - lucky you!

Angie Burrett said...

Your work is gorgeous - you have been so busy, well done! You put me to shame. Keep enjoying your birthday!

Ma Teakettle said...

Wow, Kathy, your needle must have been "smokin'!"
Your finishes are just gorgeous, a good round indeed.
What sweet treats you received, you're a loved girl :)
Hoping the frogs go far away today, with not a rip-it in sight!

Catherine said...

Great stitches and gifts!!

robindefender said...

Hey, your etui panel looks great... queen stitches and all! And congrats on your harvest finish too. Lovely.

Margaret said...

Gorgeous stitching and wonderful gifts. Bet you are having a fabulous weekend.

Haven't stitched for the past four weeks. Just arrived home Thursday after three weeks in Europe. Our granddaughter is so precious. Will send you a pic soon.

Carol said...

Oooh--you've really been busy, Kathy!! Love your finished Acorn Hill and your progress on the Etui. 188 Queen Stitches?!! Wow! I've never even tried one so I am in awe...

Hope your September is off to a lovely start and that your stitch-in is filled with love and laughter (and at least a tiny bit of stitching!).

Cathy B said...

Great finishes - looking forward to hearing more about your retreat!

Karen said...

WOW! 188 Queen Stitches!! I'm a specialty stitch fanatic, and I know it takes so much more time to make just one Queen Stitch! Good for you for persevering! :) By the way, all of your stitching looks lovely. I hope the frogs went away!

ricketyjo said...

Lovely stitching, everything looks great! :)

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

beautiful stitches

bisous de france

Bonnie Brown said...

Great stitching!
Thanks again for an amazing weekend :)

Mangogirl said...

Beautiful stitching! lovely finish!

Suzanne said...

Beautiful stitching and a great finish! Have you come to love if not at least like Queen stitches. I found that once I mastered them I absolutely love them.