Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Nutcracker shopping and ornament X2 and a wonderful giveaway!

I did a little shopping. I am a big fan of Stitch and Frog and their wonderful service.

Here are my new goodies.

I received a PM from Kathleen Guillory letting me know she had these little treasures for sale. How could I say no?

I did an ornament exchange just before I left Canada for the winter.

 Here is the ornament I stitched from the 2013 JCS Christmas Ornament Issue.

And here is the ornament I received from Bernie!

That was just too funny! I loved the design when I stitched it and am thrilled that I do not have to stitch it for myself.

I am just wrapping up a Christmas exchange and am working steadily at my PR mermaid. I hope to have her finished in the next few weeks. This is a photo from last week. The photo is not the greatest and the color is not very good. When I am done I will work to get the best photo. I have made some progress but the frogs came to visit last night and that caused some headache.

And speaking of mermaid. I met a lady online from the Passione Ricamo mystery who is from Yuma. YEAH!

Her name is Edie and I went stitching with her and two other ladies last week. They meet the first and third Wednesday of every month. I will certainly be joining them again!

And Nancy at is having a wonderful giveaway. Check it out and let her know I sent you!


Kaisievic said...

Great stash enhancement and lovely ornie exchange.

cucki said...

Beautiful stash and very pretty ornaments..
Big hugs x

Anonymous said...

We all a great laugh at the exchange when you and Bernie received each others ornie. We also are almost positive its the first time for a duplicate which doubled the hilarity.
Love the mermaid! No face yet?


Catherine said...

Lovely goodies and stitches!!

Marilyn said...

Great stash, and the ornaments are too cute.
Love the fabric you are stitching the Mermaid on.
Can't wait to see more of her.

Myra said...

You are going to be busy with all that stash. Nice selections. Your ornament is just perfect.

Michele said...

love your stash and your ornaments!

Brigitte said...

How funny is this - two exchnage partners stitching the same design. This just shows that you love the same things. A very nice little ornament.
Oh, so many nutcrackers by Sweetheart Tree. They will keep you super busy, lol.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Kathy... miss you!

That's an awful lot of stash... niiice!

Mermaid is looking great and that's so wonderful that you found some Yuma stitching ladies!

Anonymous said...

That is too funny that you both did the same ornie! And it solves the issue that I always have with exchanges, that I always want to keep it for myself ... you get to actually do that! LOL. Your mermaid is coming along beautifully :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great stash enhancement. I had to smile about the duplicate ornie, I think it shows how great minds think alike!

How nice to meet a fellow stitcher who lives close enough to meet up with. Happy Stitching!

AnnMcD said...

Nice that you found some stitching buddies in Yuma!
The mermaid is looking great.
Love this southern weather!