Friday, 6 July 2007

Sweetheart Tree

I am currently working on a Sweetheart Tree piece for a round robin. This is the last piece I have to work on and this round robin is complete. I had such fun with this round robin. When I started I had never done a Sweetheart Tree piece and I was seriously intimidated. Now, I am more comfortable with the intricate stitches and actually enjoy the delicate work. I am working on the section below Marjean's name. I have a couple of rows of backstitching to add, my name, a row of herringbone then some more backstitching and it will be ready to mail back to it's owner.

I have had a couple of questions about the lighthouses that I would like to answer. The pattern for the lighthouse is from a series of 1997 Stony Creek magazines. There are 11 lighthouses in the series. I am going to use all 11 patterns for my round robin. There are 9 people in the round robin and I have 2 friends who are more than willing to do the last two light houses. I have down sized the patterns for the most of the lighthouses, since their average grid was 105 x 105, to make them workable for the members of the round robin. I plan to have this framed and hung in my bathroom. I always like to do a theme bathroom so guess what I am shopping for over the next 1 1/2 years that it will take to complete this. You got it - accessories, wall paper border etc to do a lighthouse bathroom. Yahoo - a new excuse to go shopping.
There will not be much on the blog front for the weekend. We have some visitors from Denver arriving today for three days so DH and I will be spending some quality time with them.


tkdchick said...

OOOh Kathy that looks wonderful! I'm so glad you feel more comfortable with specialty stitches, etc. Sorry I made you feel intimidated by this but I'm glad you enjoyed it in the end!

quiltorstitch said...

Okay, now that I read some more, I’ve found what the patterns are :) Duh! I have a lot of lighthouse themes going on in my house, I love them. You’ll have all sorts of fun finding goodies to decorate. Look up Warren Kimble, he has great lighthouse art *wink wink*