Saturday, 11 August 2007

Home again

Well, hello everyone. We are home from the cottage. What a wonderful vacation we had ! The kids tell us we don't get vacations because we are retired but it feels like it to us. The weather was absolutely beautiful. We had one little sprinkle of rain and the rest of the time it was glorious sunshine and hot weather. We spent lots of time swimming in the lake and in the boat catching fish. We spent lots of time with our family and friends. DH got in a little golfing and I managed a shopping spree. The clearance sales are on and I'm not one to turn down a bargain.

I did get some stitching done. I finished Jodi's Instant RR piece, finished my Sweetheart Tree RR piece except for the beads that I forgot to bring, finished 4 snowflakes and one not quite finished because I forgot the beads! I worked on my Dimensions Circle of Love, my Dimensions Santa and the Ark stocking and looked at my Christmas tree from the November 2004 Stitcher's World magazine and put it back in the package again. I had started this piece once and done about a third when I realized I was out by 1/2 stitch. It took me hours to take it apart and I had marked the pattern with a marker. I just can't seem to find the heart to try it again.
I did manage to load one photo - DS, spare DS, DH and myself after a successful fishing trip. (Spare DS is best friend to DS and he has become like a member of the family so we have two DS and a spare!


Lynn said...

Welcome back! We had the same weather on our cottage trip - beautiful! Looks like you did well with the fishing.Sounds like you got a lot of stitching done too. I know which X-mas tree you're talking about. I have that issue here. I hope you get back to it sometime after all that effort!

Wendy said...

It sounds like a wonderful vacation and even retirees deserve one! That looks like quite a fish haul you had. I hope you didn't have to do all the cooking too!

tkdchick said...

Kathy... happy birthday my dear friend!

Glad to hear you had a great time with family and firiends... some nice bass there!

Judie said...

Welcome back!! We missed your cheery face on Thursday.
Zippity do dah
Zippity eh
My oh my, what a wonderful day
Plenty of sunshine heading your way
Zippity do dah

Beatrice said...

Welcome back I missed you!!!

barb said...

Welcome back!
Looking forward to seeing all your work!