Wednesday, 10 October 2007

New starts

I am celebrating the finish of the wreath by starting a couple of new things.

First, the neighborhood. I received Carol's neighborhood in the mail while I was away. I have started on my block. I have chosen a pattern from Just Cross Stitch, April 2003 and the design is by Brown House Studio. I love the colors in this house and I think the style fits Carol's neighborhood well.

Here is a photo of Carol's neighborhood to this point. Isn't it nice. Carol has asked that we stitch with one thread and it adds delicacy to the work.My second new start is from the Gift of Stitching magazine.It is "Little Book of Stitches". I am doing it on 32 count linen with WDW 2149 Peacock. I am working on page 2.

I am starting a SAL of Paradigm Lost on Nov. 1 with Dani and some other friends. Dani and I decided last year that we would like to do this as a SAL. Since then many friends have joined us and the group has grown considerably. Some of the fellow stitchers have decided to do Cirque des Cercles. Dani has set up a blog for us as we stitch along. Check it out. It is called Snowbird SAL. If you would like to join with us please feel free.

I checked a few minutes ago and Vonna has decided to join us doing Cirque. She has resisted for the longest time. What a fun group this is turning out to be.


Beatrice said...

Your little book of stitches is looking great and so is the NHRR
for Carol. I saw it in RL and the stitching with one thread is a lovely touch.
The blog is looking good for the SAL what fun.

Annette said...

I followed a bread crumb trail from Dani's blog to here (via the SAL blog).

The SAL is tempting I've been eyeing Cirque des Cercles for awhile :)

Beautiful work!

-Annette (full-time Arizonan)

Lauren said...

I love the house, and the book of stitches! I've been eying that, but just haven't set aside time to start it yet. I hope the SAL goes well!

Ranae said...

I love the WIP's. The SAL blog looks great, cant wait to see everyones progress.

Wendy said...

I love the Little Book of Stitches and wanted to start this one! I'll look forwards to watching your progress. And very nice start on Carol's RR too!

Lynn said...

Both of your new starts look great! I really like the colour of thread you've chosen for Little Book of Stitches.
The group really seems to be growing for the Snowbird SAL. This should be fun!

tkdchick said...

Kathy I'm jealous I want to stitch that piece from Gift of Stitching!

Both projects look fantastic!

Michelle said...

Both new starts are beautiful! Can't wait to see more. Your SAL sounds like it will be such fun. I'll have to keep an eye on your progress.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Congratulations on finishing your wreath, it looks lovely. Love the start you have made on Little book of stitches, could you please tell me which issue this is in?