Monday, 25 February 2008

The Score for The Week Photos 0 - Stitching 0

Hi folks
This has not been a great week for me stitching wise. I seem to have lost my stitching mojo. I have done very little stitching this week and just seem to want to sit and vegetate in the evenings instead of stitching. My mind and hands seem to be in neutral.
I worked on one small piece of stitching for a gift and got 1/2 way through only to realize I had made a major error that was not repairable and had to pitch the entire piece in the trash and start again!!
I am also a beginning quilter and have been working on a pieced flamingo. Well, after cutting and piecing it, it was time to put the front and back together. - Result - they don't line up. So, next to my mystery piece in the trash can is one pink flamingo!!!!
My camera has gone to the manufacturer for repair and I have not heard that it has been received yet so I will have to wait to see if and when it will be repaired. So, no photos.
Well, maybe I will answer the tag and there will be something at least mildly interesting for you to read. I will not tag anyone since this tag has been around the blog and back again

Seven weird things about yourself.

1. I love sci-fi, fantasy movies and series. I love Star Wars, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter - anything that takes me into that magical world of witches, wizards, dragons and impossible dreams.
2. I am an ex-smoker of 8 years who would start again tomorrow if it would not kill me. I am going to buy myself a package of cigarettes for my 80th birthday since by then I will have lived plenty long enough.
3. I LOVE pizza and try to eat it at least once a week.
4. I am a list and note maker. My family call me "The Queen of the Sticky Notes".There are notes and lists everywhere you look - all over my computer desk, beside the phone, beside the calender, on the end table in the living room, on the fridge - I think you get the picture.
5. I love my fleece sheets and feather duvet.
6. I read and collect books by Anne McCaffrey, Diana Gabaldon and Bertice Small.
7. Someday, I want to meet a dragon.

Well, there you go - now you know all my little secrets!!!
Take care everyone and I sure hope my stitching mojo returns soon. I have lots of WIP's that are just sitting looking at me.


Stitch Wizard said...

Hi Kathy:

Nothing wrong with wanting to take a break and vegetate!! I would love to sit here some evenings and snack in front of the tv! A nap sounded good to me today but I started stitching and realize I was off on the pattern and was determined to fix it. Good old Frog had to come by. Thank you for your great comment in my blog! I love Shores and couldn't wait to start on it!! Debby :)

Karin said...

I hope the stitching and quilting inspiration returns!

Barbara said...

A certain amount of vegetation is necessary to nourish the creative process!

Your smoking comment made me LOL because it sounds like something my mom would say - she's trying to quit because of my kids, but having a horrible time of it.

Vonna said...

Ahhh...Kathy....I LOVED your 7 things ;) I just wanted to LOL! About the 80th birthday and the pack of cigarettes. HOW FUNNY! That would be what my Mom would call a "party cig" :) LOL!

Stephanie said...

Sounds like it hasn't been the best of weeks - I hope you get your stitching mojo back (and your camera back!) very very soon!

Jennifer said...

I met my husband when we were both working for the same pizza place, and we usually have pizza every Friday night. Of course, Friday night pizza was pretty much a tradition in the town we grew up in. Most of the time, we make our own pizza, and I have an fantastic (and easy) recipe for homemade pizza dough if you're interested

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

I don't have time to write alot, I'm at work....but I'm happy to hear someone else is a HUGE Diana Gabaldon fan - I just finished Voyager and I'm looking forward to the Drums of Autumn.

Beatrice said...

It was fun to read your tag report.
I don't need to be reminded why I love you and why you make me laugh..But it was fun to hear it again.
We will meet the Dragon together some day!

Margo's Musings said...

Hi, Kathy, I hate to hear that you have temporarily lost your stitching mojo - it will come back soon. I enjoyed your tag report - dittos on the cigarette thing. I am also reformed since 13 years ago - not an easy habit to break - but think about how much better the pizza tastes now! Margaret

Lynn said...

I'm a big Diana Gbaldon fan too! I got a chance to meet her a few years ago when she did a reading in Ottawa from her release Drums of Autumn. Very interesting lady!
Sometimes taking a break is a good thing. It gives your mind a breather and then you can get back on track.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the mojo being on vacation - sometimes you just need a break to stop and smell the roses, read a new book, etc. Love McCaffrey and Gabaldon but haven't read any Bertice Small. Have you ever read any of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series? Think the early ones are the best. Like McCaffrey, the tale gets stretched a bit thin by Book 10 or so. Have been working on my Scottish bluebells and now am getting ready to fly down to Florida to visit with daughter Amy and my two sisters on Sanibel Island for a week leaving Harold a week's worth of Healthy Choice meals and a bathroom to work on. Hope all's well with you and Leo - hugs- Debby in Virginia

tkdchick said...

Awww Kathy sounds like a tough week! I'm sure you'll be inspired soon!

Anonymous said...

Great and interesting info about yourself! I love time travel and supernatural stories but am more of a watcher than a reader.

I love to make lists too! I, as you have discovered, am very organized. I make lots of lists too but I don't keep them around. I have the luxury to be so organized since I don't have to spend my time at a job, for now.

Wendy said...

We all seem to lose that stitching mojo at times. I always finds comfort food seems to help me find mine again. Pizza works especially well :-D

Laura said...

Your stitching mojo will come back when it is ready to come back. In the meanwhile enjoy your vegetating. I enjoyed your tag...I also would love to meet a dragon someday.

Carolien said...

Hello Kathy,

What a pity your flamingo and the stitchwork 'went wrong'! That mustn't be motivating, I guess I would sit down and do nothing at all as well!
I enjoyed your tag. Your dragon wish is something I would NEVER put onto the list, but it's funny!

Have a nice weekend, Carolien