Thursday, 13 March 2008

Fair Square, Stash and Stitches

Here is my Fair and Square Exchange from Rowyn in New Zealand. It is simply stunning. It is a Quaker design done in DMC 99. Rowyn included the most wonderful gifts - a strip of banding with a beautiful green and gold edge, a copy of Jill Oxton's Cross Stitch and Beading magazine, the most gorgeous cut of fabric from Kiwi Illusions called "Ocean Blue", a postcard of Wellington and a beautiful notecard with a native bird on the cover. I was floored. I loved it all. DH and I ran away for a few days to Los Angeles with a stop in San Diego. While having lunch on the beach in San Diego, I stumbled across a needlework shop called "Needlecraft Cottage". They appear to be mostly into knitting but I did a small "fall off the stitch diet wagon" and purchased a couple of things.

WDW - 4123 Celebration, 4113 Spring Bouquet, 2106 Santorini and 2116 Blue Fescue. I guess I needed a little spring color LOL. I also bought a Tacky Bob (thanks for the tip Dani) and a Mill Hill kit called Queen Ann House from their Christmas Village collection. I am a sucker for gingerbread, Victorian style houses and I do love to bead. Since this is just a small purchase - I think I have stayed on my stash diet! Don't you agree?

And finally, the urge to stitch has returned. I finished a secret stitch and will post it once it has been received. I completed this ornament for March on the trip to and from L. A.

It is "Christmas Snow" by My Big Toe Designs and I used the wonderful Carrie's Creations "Snowflake" that I received from our Secret Santa. I have also picked up Paradigm again although the frogs came to visit and I have some counter stitching to do.

On the camera front, I received an email yesterday saying the camera has been shipped back to me. I borrowed a camera for these few photos. Will do a couple of photos from L.A. in my next post.

Take care one and all and as Beatrice says "Stitch with happy fingers".


Vonna said...

So your camara is fixed?!
I love everything Kathy! Your squares from Rowyn are just gorgeous!
I and I think that you haven't fallen off the stash diet...that's just a little snack ;)

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are having a wonderful spring. A California get away sounds delightful.

Margo's Musings said...

I love the exchange piece and you Snow ornie - I don't think you fell off the wagon - everyone needs a little treat once in a while - the problem comes when you do it every day!

Enjoy the lovely weather - our spring is just arriving!


Itching To Stitch said...

Nice things you receive from Rowyn. I love the ornament you stitched and tacky bob's are the best invention!! ;)

tintocktap said...

That's a lovely package you received there from Rowyn! And I love your Snow ornament too!

Stephanie said...

Hey so glad to hear your stitching mojo has returned to you! Looking forward to seeing your progress on PL, with you fixed camera!! Woo hoo!

What a lovely exchange from Rowyn!

Carol said...

gorgeous squares!!

Annemarie said...

What a lovely post, Kathy, and you had so much goodness to show us! Love the squares, and I adore your ornie for March.
As for that wagon you're supposed to be on: you're on a diet. If you don't cheat every now and then you will never be able to keep it up, so I congratulate you on your decision to splurge a bit :o)

Carolien said...

I love your snow!!! It's gorgeous.

Have a nice weekend & greetings,

Barbara said...

The ornament you finished is great! And your getaway sound like it was a lot of fun. :)

tkdchick said...

Kathy I'm soooo glad you found your MOJO! LOL when I post it tonight you'll see what I sititched for my F&S parnter! Seems like a popular choice this month! LOL!

Nice stash and I love your little ornie!

Laura said...

What a beautiful square and nice gifts from Rowyn! I stitch the occasional Mill Hill kit also, and love Tacky Bobs.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Kathy,

I'm glad to hear that your camera has been repaired and is on it's way back to you. I can just imagine how much you've been missing it, and especially so since you use it both for your blog and also for all the lovely trips you take.

I loved seeing the photos of your tour around your area, and especially the photo of Los Algodones with the colourful umbrellas and the crowds of happy tourists. The pictures of the desert are interesting because of course we have nothing like that up here. And it looks so lovely and warm and sunny too! Sigh!

Your Fair and Square from Rowyn is beautiful and you got some great stash and treats from her too. She's an amazing stitcher and I love reading her blog and seeing what she's working on. To have something stitched by her would be awesome.

I really like your own stitching project too. Christmas Snow is so pretty, and the blue colour that you used is gorgeous.

Gotta fly. Talk to you soon.

Karin said...

What a great fair and square exchange! Your ornament is lovely too.

Cheryl said...

Rowyn stitched you a beautiful piece! Your piece is great too, i love that colour. Glad your urge to stitch has returned :)

Aussie Stitcher said...

Glad your stitching urge has returned, and your Snow piece is lovely.

Beatrice said...

Well... I'm so sorry to be falling behind on my commenting.
I love the F&S exchange and gifts.. they are wonderful.
It's good to see that you are stitching again.
This week will be a little slow for my stitching. Church and choir]
I am working on an ornament[not Christmasy] but I'm calling it an ornament for March. It will be a gift probably so I chose something different. I will post it when it's done!

Nice stash. I see you picked up some WDW. They are so nice to work with! Very pretty colours.That little kit looks like fun too!
I'm glad you got away for a few days. It sounds like you had some fun in the sun!

Yup I'm jealous. We have had a bit of sun but it's snowing right now!!