Friday, 7 March 2008

Visitors and Visits

I have no stitching progress for you. I am still struggling to get back into stitching. I did finish one small gift but it is a secret stitch so I cannot show it to you.
I received my Fair and Square exchange from Rowyn yesterday - but - no camera - no photo. Words don't do the package justice so you will have to wait for the photos. I checked today and my camera has not been mailed back yet. Soon, I hope. I am lost without it. I will borrow a camera in the next few days to post.
We have had some visitors the past two weeks from Denver and from Canada. We have done some touristy things so I thought I might share a photo or two from their cameras. Hope you like them.

First stop was Castle Dome Mine Museum - 12 miles down a gravel road, in the midst of the Arizona desert. Here you see the real desert. The mine museum consists of old buildings restored from the early mining days in this area. The saguaro cactus is at least 100 years old.

Next stop, Los Algodones, Mexico. We are 6 miles from the border and we take visitors for shopping, lunch and a margarita. Lots of fun and color.
Here is DH picking broccoli at the University of California Farm Research Centre in El Centro, California - about an hours drive. Here we learned about all the crops grown in the Imperial Valley where we live and how it is all maintained. The state of Arizona grows 80% of the winter lettuce for North America and lots of it is grown right in the area where we live. We grow red and green Romaine, red and green leaf lettuce, iceberg lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, green onions and other crops for your vegetable supplies in the winter months. You would be very surprised how green the desert is here with all the crops.
Our next visit was to the Imperial Date Farm in Bard, California. They grow Medjool dates there and their date milkshakes are over the moon. So, we have to go there. The lift is against the date palm as they are fertilizing the dates and it is all done by hand.
And one last stop. We took our friends out into the desert. During the Second World War, Paton's army trained in the desert. They wrote their names in the desert with stones. Since we do not get weather extremes they still remain. So , we packed up some friends, some (well, tons) of food and wandered into the desert for the day. Everyone cooperated and we got this great picture. This is what retirement is all about.
I hope you enjoyed these.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice day with much sun, sights, and socializing. I bet you were tired after. I know on wednesday I was tired for the rest of the day after walking around the park for 3 hours. It's hard to relate to those who are still dealing with the cold, winter, snowy conditions. I am dreading the heat of summer though. You will probably be back home in a warm climate by then.

Barbara said...

Love seeing these great pictures of the Arizona desert - it's been too long since I was down there.

tkdchick said...

Sniffle makes me miss Arizona! Looks like your visitors had a great time!

Beatrice said...

It's still snowing.
I like the photos of the cactus and all your friends. It looks like a good time had by all!!
I miss you!

Lynn said...

You have no idea how nice these pictures look compared with the view out my window! Actually in my basement the snow is halfway up the windows now. Retirement is looking better and better all the time!
A date milkshake?! I've never heard of one of these but I love dates and wouldn't mind trying one sometime.

AnnMcD said...

Glad you are enjoying yourself Kathy. It looks like you had some fun trips with your friends. Today looks like a bright sunny day here...If I have to be out for an hour (or more) snowblowing is nice to be in the sun! You should see the amount of snow which fell this weekend!

Ranae said...

beautiful photo's. Looks so sunny and warm there.

Laura said...

A Date Milkshake sounds fascinating. I'd love to try one sometime. I can't believe they fertilize the dates all by hand. What a job.

Carol said...

Please send me some of that sun and warmth :-)