Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Books, Quilt and Neighborhood

It has been a very busy week or so around here. We have had visitors from Denver for the past few days and then our two sons were here for the weekend. Dad and the boys did some male bonding watching race cars at Mosport. Mom stayed home and stitched and quilted.

Progress for the week is:

First up - finished Book of Stitches. I had some trouble putting this together. I am not a big fan of hand sewing since I'm not very good at it. I need a lesson in making stitches that are hidden. I made an error with the corners too. The instructions said to trim the corners and when I did, they frayed. I should have sent this off to Vonna's Finishing Service. However, this one is for me, so I can handle it's little errors. I am so happy to have this off my list.

And it just wouldn't be one of my posts, if Blogger didn't flip a photo sideways. Don't you just love it!
Next up - Judith's Neighborhood
Judith has asked us to pick one of Maryse's houses. My choice - the August House. Why? My birthday is in August and my home is yellow with blue trim. I think her RR is going to be just beautiful.
I received this and stitched it in four days. I was on a roll and just could not put it down. It was quite the challenge for me as Judith asked that we all stitch in the same direction. I, of course, stitch in the opposite direction. Many thanks to Annemarie for telling how to do this successfully. You turn the fabric and pattern 90 degrees and stitch sideways. Lo and behold, when you turn it around, you are stitching in the right direction. How cool is that!
And here is her neighborhood so far.

Next up, a little piece of Marjean's RR. I have got some stitching done on it. This is just a teaser. I will let you know what pattern I have chosen once the stitching gets further along.

I have done a little sewing and quilting this weekend while the boys were bonding. My grandson Hunter will be two in September and it is time for his room to have a little character. He is crazy about Thomas the Tank Engine so Gramma has decided to add a little color to his room.

His valance:

Since I took this photo I decided the curtains needed some punch and I added a three inch navy strip to the top of the fabric.

And his quilt:

It is sandwiched and ready to be quilted. However, I have developed some muscle spasms in my neck and upper back so sitting at the sewing machine does not seem to be in my near future. I think I will tie this one instead. I have picked a nice bright red for the binding. I will make him a matching pillow and purchase decals for his wall. It has been such fun doing this for a little one.

I need to answer a couple of questions here from previous posts.

The dragonfly cubit is from the Cross Stitch and Needlework magazine from November 2007. If you would like I can send you a copy of the pattern - just email me.

The candle ornament is in a pamphlet from Dimensions called Holiday Elegance and it is #330.

The snowman stays in my RR - he is the tour guide for my neighborhood. I have put in a note that my neighborhood is about the people in it and to please add a snowman to their block if possible and/or if they wish they can add a companion to my snowman. I've also named him "Cheer".

I am looking forward to this weekend. We are having a stitching retreat at my home. I have 4 out of town guests coming and several of the local stitchers will be in and out. We will eat too much, talk far too much, stitch lots and hopefully, have lots of photos for you next week.

Thank you for the award nominations this week. I have decided to pass on listing any specific blogs. Like many of you, I find there are just too many great blogs and wonderful stitchers out there to list specific blogs.

I am struggling with my isp still. I read all your posts as they come into my google reader but am not commenting much as it is just too slow. Please bear with me and when I get to Arizona in November and am back on high speed, I will be all over the place LOL.


Vonna said...

Hey Kathy! I think your book of stitches is wonderful...I don't know that I could have done better :o) You go GIRL!
And my boys would have slobbered all over you about 5 years ago when Thomas was their LIFE! :)

staci said...

Your book of stitches is fabulous!!! Congrats on such a fantastic finish!

Judith said...

Your book looks great. Also I love my nrr. You did a great block.

Annemarie said...

Kathy, that book of stitches is just stunning! I can't honestly say I can see anything wrong with it, it's just fabulous.
Juditch's NRR is looking great too. I can't get over the fact that you stitched this so quickly :o)
Hope you feel better soon, Kathy. Take care and have a great weekend with your stitching friends!

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

I'm hoping to make a day trip on Sunday but I can't push my luck yet, I have been stitching for the last three weekends...I'll let you know after we get thru the first two events of the weekend :-) If you wanted to send me directions anyways, that would be wonderful.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Kathy,

I checked out my blogger reader
tonight and just about everyone
who's blog is on it has posted
today!! Yikes! When am I going
to have time to comment on all
these blogs?? I still have my
own blog post owing from last
weekend. No time to blog then.
No time to blog now.

But I had to drop in and say hi
to you and let you know that
I'm all set for this weekend.
I've emailed Dani and sent her
my travel details. I've also
arranged transportation to the
train station from my work
which will allow me plenty of
time to wander around Union
Station and find my train.

I looked through your blog post
and the lovely pictures and
kept thinking...I'll be seeing
that in person this weekend...
Oh, I'll be seeing that in
person this weekend...And I'll
be seeing....well you get the
idea. I'm excited!!!

Glad to hear that the snowman
is now a permanent resident of
your Neighbourhood RR.

Well, will be seeing you on
Friday night. (Giggle!)
Then you're stuck with me
until Monday. Are you sure
about this??? Lol!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finishing your book of stitches, an heirloom quality piece that I am sure everyone will adore for generations to come. I also love how your round robins are coming along. Keep in touch.

samplerlover said...

Congratulations on doing such a great job with you book of stitches. It looks perfect to me.
Looking forward to seeing the Mirabella RR in full. I think that one is a beautiful idea.
Don't little boys just love Thomas. When my 24 year old was little Thomas started to become BIG. Every day I used to tape the show and ended up with 4 hours of it. He and his Brothers would sit for hours watching it. God only knows how many times I have heard that theme song LOL. = Sandra.

Suzanne said...

The little book of stitches looks fantastic. Well done! Nice progress on the RR's.

My daughter loves Thomas as well, he seems to have been very popular for a very long time.

Beatrice said...

Youe book of stitches turned out wonderful. Can't wait to see it in RL ...see you soon!

Lynn said...

I'm not a big fan of hand sewing either but I think you did a super job. Much better than what I could have done for sure.
I love that Maryse RR. I'm a big fan of her houses. There's so much colour in them.
Looking forward to Saturday!

Stitchingranny said...

Your little book of stitches is awesome. I would love to have a go at something like that but my finishing skills are virtually non-existant so I just look and admire others.

I cannot find an email address for you kathy but mine is in the side bar of my blog so please will you get it touch with me so i can write back lol.


Ruth said...

Woo hoo! Go Book of Stitches! It's beautiful. Congrats!!!!

Well, heck, everything on the page is beautiful. I like the idea of the snowman being the tour guide for your neighborhood. :)

Carolien said...

You are going so fast! Love your book and Maryse's house.
Have a nice weekdn together!!! I wish I could join you :)

Hugs, Carolien

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

Sent you an email but I'm all set for tomorrow (Sunday) I'll see you shortly before lunch!

Barbara said...

Your book of stitches looks great! Congratulations!!

Carolyn said...

I love the way your book of stitches turned out! I have that pattern, but I've been too intimidated to start it because of the finishing work. Yours is awesome!! I've enjoyed your blog. You are so talented. :)


Sharon said...

Your book of stitches is gorgeous! Your RR finish and wip's all look lovely.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your Little Book of Stitches looks wonderful, well done.