Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Relaxing at the cottage

I know you are all in shock - two posts in as many days. What can I say - I've been busy.
We had a lovely two weeks at our cottage in Northern Ontario. It is a little more rustic than home but very relaxing. The weather was not the greatest - can you say RAIN!!!!!! but we managed to pass the time. I love to fish for bass when we are there but the weather simply did not cooperate so - no fish (sulk).
This was the year for my DH's high school reunion and the 100th anniversary of the Town of Englehart so our first week was very busy. We had lots of guests at the cottage and there were lots of stories told. I am surprised my DH lived to adult hood if half those stories are true.
One morning, I am standing in that big picture window looking out at the lake and looking back at me was a lynx. I was so astonished, I forgot my camera. I looked at him and he looked at me and he slowly strolled off. Driving in to town one day, my SIL saw a mother black bear and her two cubs on the gravel road about 1 1/2 miles from the cottage.
I did manage a photo of one beautiful sunset between the raindrops. This is our view looking up the lake from halfway down the hill in front.
My husband's brothers and sister and their spouses came to visit for a few days (the 4 of them own the cottage together). It is nice to get together as we all live in different cities and live very busy lives. Believe it or not, they all get along very well and we have had no conflicts with sharing the cottage. The in-laws like each other too so we do very well.
We took the time to visit some friends while we were there and I took along my camera. We went for a ride on their lake in their float boat and look who was flying around!
That's right - a bald eagle. Our friends informed us there is a nesting pair in the area and this is the first time they have ever seen one on their lake. The bald eagle was recently taken off the endangered species list but they are still few and far between. What a treat to see one in it's natural environment.
As we were sitting on the dock, chatting away, I snapped this photo. You know, every once in a while, you get that one lucky shot!!!
Because the weather was so lousy, I did get some stitching done. I will share one photo here and the rest in my next post.
First, here is the biscornu and scissor fob that I sent to the lovely Carol of Garden of Stitches.
This is the Clover and Thistle Biscornu from the July 2008 issue of Cross Stitch and Needlework and it done on 32 count hand dyed lugana from Silkweaver. The color is called Mountain Rose.
The thread is one of the mystery threads I bought in the spring. The scissor fob I made up myself. The little square you see is a folded travelling ort box.And blogger is up to it's old tricks. As you see, it is sideways!!
And last, but not least. You may remember that Carolien won my blogaversary back a while ago. It took two months for the snail to carry my package to her.
Here is the cubit I did for her. They are several other things in the package and she wrote the most lovely post on her blog.
I can no longer find the info that went with the cubit as keeping a piece of paper with that info for two months is beyond my capabilities. I am sure, with some searching, I could find the pattern again if anyone is interested.
Thats all for this post. Will post again in a few days with more stitching pictures. When it rains, you do get lots of stitching time.


Becky K in OK said...

What a beautiful setting for your cottage. It must be a delight to stitch there. Did you make the traveling ort box?

staci said...

Love all your pics :)

tkdchick said...

Wow Kathy you got some great shots at the cottage!

Your gifts are beautiful!!!

Jennifer said...

Great pictures! The eagles truly are magnificent to see in their natural habitat. There's a dam, the Conowingo Dam, south of us, that provides a nesting area for eagles on a protected island in the middle of the river below the dam. There are often avid bird watchers on the banks of the river, cameras in hand, waiting to catch a glimpse of the birds. Rarely are they disappointed!

Barbara said...

Incredible photos, and what a stunning place to unwind (even if the weather is less than ideal).

Carolien said...

Hello Kathy, that must have been a great time with your family! I loved to read this entry and was amazed by the wildlife you 'met'. A bear, an eagle etc., amazing! We see that in the zoo here and nowhere else ...
I was very touched by the story about Adriana (stitcher of the week) ánd you ánd Beatrice. Thanks for sharing all this in the article. I think it is very, very special. It brought tears in my eyes ...
Don't worry about not writing immediately etc. I knew you were on holiday etc. And I think we are both busy from time to time. (Grand) children keep us young, don't they?! :)
Take care and big hugs, Carolien

Clare said...

Sounds like you had a fun time - your pictures are wonderful. Loved the stitching too! Great to see you back.

samplerlover said...

Hi Kathy, what great shots of your holiday. It sounds as if you had a lovely time.
Your stitching is lovely and its good to see you back - Sandra.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Kathy,

I love the dragonfly cubit!! What
a pretty design. The colours are
so bright and Summery. You must
have been worried though because
it took so long to get to Carolien.

And the biscornu that you stitched
for Carol is also lovely. Love
the variegated thread colour that
you chose to stitch it with.
The collapsible ort box is cute

Too bad it rained so much
during your time at the cottage.
It's been an incredible summer
for rain, which is nice for the
grass, but for us...not so much.

The picture of the bald eagle is
incredible. Who'd think we'd
get them up here?? I remember
seeing them in Alaska, and how
breathtaking they were. And
seeing that Lynx would have
been such a thrill!! Wow. I'm
not sure I'd have been as
thrilled to get as close to a
black bear and her cubs though.
Probably not a good idea.


Rowyn said...

Great wildlife and cottage photos. What an awesome experience to see a Lynx and the bald Eagle too. You lucky thing.

The biscornu and cube are stitched and finished beautifully.

Beatrice said...

Your photos are stunning. I'm glad you had a good time despite the weather. RAIN sucks.
The biscornu is lovely I'm sure Carol loves it and the cubit turned out very pretty.
Have a good weekend!!!!!

Rob said...

I am glad you had a nice vacation! The dragonfly cubit is so pretty!!

Anonymous said...

Your cottage vacation sounds heavenly, even with the rain. Hubby and I will be going up to Elk Haven cabins soon again in Sept. for our anniversary. I really hope to get together with you when you come out again.

Ranae said...

Happy belated Birthday! Kathy
The cottage vacation sounds wonderful.
I love the dragonfly cube, it is gorgeous!
Nice gifts you received also.

Stitchingranny said...

Wow Kathy both the sunset and the Dragonfly cube are stunning - in very different ways.

It must be lovely to have a view like that from your cabin.

And sorry to be a pest but I would love to know who that Dragonfly chart is by.

Lynn said...

Awesome photos Kathy! I love the one of the bald eagle. We've been trying to get a shot of one for years now with no luck.
Your cottage weather sounds pretty typical compared to others I've spoken with. Not much different at home either.
That dragonfly cube is sooo cute!!
I love the colours in it.

Sharon said...

Gorgeous dragonfly cube!