Monday, 13 July 2009

Snowy days and hearts galore

Well, hi there all. It has been another busy week for me. The stitching and finishing bug has hit hard so I have been quite productive.

I did receive a message from Melissa that she received the blogaversary package that I sent her.
Melissa and I had participated in the Winter Neighborhood RR together and my theme was snowmen. She is also a bunny lover so this is what I came up with.

A snowbunny to remind her of the RR and me and the bunnies because she likes them. This chart is from the Cross Stitch Calendar. I added some other goodies to say thank you.

I understand the package was a hit.

I took out the sewing machine and finished my Winter Neighborhood RR.

Beatrice and I find this lovely fabric while we were browsing quilt shops and I thought it fit with the little birdies in the blocks. I quilted it and added the buttons. I will add some tabs at the top to hang it but ran out of fabric.

Also this week I got a call from Donna - a member of my Friendship Sampler RR. We discovered that we did not live very far apart. Donna was camping in the local area so she and I chose to meet at Knowledge and Needles and she handed me over 2 RR's to work on.

It was a real pleasure to meet her and we are currently making plans to meet again.

Here is Simone's RR done and ready for mailing.

Simone chose to use red for the hearts and loves overdyes so I chose NN# 153 Razzle Dazzle Red and white to stitch my heart.

Here is Ann's RR done and ready to go in the same package.

Ann wanted us to use our favorite DMC colors so I chose DMC 991 and 993 to stitch my heart.

It had been a while since the Friendship Samplers have been on the move. Hopefully, now they will be moving well again.

I am currently working on Emerald Mermaid for the Mirabilia RR I am participating in. I will save a photo until I have more than a few strands of hair to show.

I also completed my Round 14 Fair and Squares and they will be in the mail flying to Finland by week's end.

DH and I took the opportunity this weekend to make a flying trip to Northern Ontario to celebrate Leo's uncle/godfather's 80'th birthday. He is a very special man and the only member of that generation still alive in Leo's family. We saw so many family that we had not seen in some time. It was wonderful to be all together. And the little ones, I think there were around 8 all under the age of 6. We sure are a prolific family LOL.

Thanks to all of you who have stopped by and left such lovely comments. I do appreciate each and every one.

Until next time, keep those needles flying.


Missy Ann said...

Kathy your WNRR is fabulous!!! I love the finishing. (almost as much as my pillow - which I love more 'cause it's all mine! lol)

Shannon said...

I love how your WNRR turned out. The finishing is great!

Anonymous said...

Your quilted pillow with the snow bunny is so adorable and I really love how you finished your winter round robin, it is very sweet!

I can't wait to see your progress of the mirabilia rr you are working on, I just love the Emerald Mermaid, I bet it is beautiful!

How very nice to meet with a fellow blogger right in your neighborhood.

Wanda said...

The quilt is very nice and I just love the heart RRs!! Isn't it nice to get together with family! And for such a special occassion and for a such a special man.

Rachel S said...

I adore that snow bunny. So cute! Why don't they put those designs on the calendar covers?

Ranae said...

The pillow is so darn adorable. I bet melissa was thrilled.
The winter RR is awesome.
How nice to meet another stitcher

Cindy F. said...

Oh wow! Your RR quilted finish is soooo cute!!! and so is that adorable bunny pillow!

So nice you got to meet Donna! I know you guys had a great time together!

Pretty hearts on the 2 RR's!!

You just amaze me! Travel a lot and still have time to stitch and do your beautiful finishes!! I need your energy!

Heather said...

You stay so busy, I love it! I like everything you have made, the bunny pillow (so cute), the NRR looks great as a wall hanging, that is a good idea. I still need to finish the border on mine, then I think I’ll frame it. It is so good to hear that you were able to visit your family. I want so badly to visit my grandparents, I just miss them.

Carolyn NC said...

My goodness - you've been busy - Love the finishes and gifts. Cool that you and Donna could meet.

Gayle said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I enjoy yours and get much inspiriation from you. Lucky you are up north and not here in the valley. It is hot and a nice excuse to sit and stitch. :)

AnnMcD said...

Just so people know...Not only have you done all the stitching shown on your blog, but when I got home last Thursday, before leaving again on Friday, I found a lovely little scissor fob you made for me and left at the house. Thank You Kathy..I will post a picture of it along with my finished Froth and Bubble (as soon as I finish F&B TODAY!)
Thanks for the fob was a sweet and generous thing for you to do!

Wendy said...

The exchange looks so great! Love your Winter neighborhood RR. You did a wonderful job on it.

That is great you got to meet Donna.

I also have an award for you. Take a look at my blog for it please.


Von said...

Love seeing all your stitching/finishing projects, Kathy! My own progresses are too slow to report on these days, so I have to live vicariously thru you. :D

Dani - tkdchick said...

Kathy you're as busy as always! Your snowbunnies are sooo cute!

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Hi, Kathy! What adorable finishes you've been working on. Wish I'd been in on that friendship sweet. I can't tell you how excited I am to see my Emerald Mermaid!!! Yay!!!
Hugs, Deb

Annemarie said...

Aw, your Winter Neighbourhood makes me long for winter even more! And that snowman ornie: too cute :o)
How wonderful to have a stitching friend live so close by! I stitch much more when I have a friend by my side who's stitching along with me.
The Friendship Samplers are turning out beautifully too.

Brigitte said...

Your snowbunny pillow is so sweet. And I love how you finished the RR. This fabric is perfect for the theme. I also have a piece of the same fabric and I'm still looking for the perfect project to use it on.

Margaret said...

Absolutey wonderful finishes Kathy. Those snowbunnies are too cute for words.

Cheryl said...

When i read your title i thought for one crazy moment you were having some freak snowy weather over there LOL Love looking at all your stitchy pics :)

sandra said...

Love all your finishes!