Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Tick Tock It's A Clock

Yep, I cross stitched a clock or rather the inside of a clock.

This was such fun. Taking the clock apart and inserting the fabric was not as much fun but I love how it turned out. This is intended for the Arizona house as it is all in blues.
The free design came from and is stitched on 28 count antique white evenweave. You can see a different color version on my BFF's Beatrice blog.

I received a gorgeous set of Fair and Squares from Susan P. for the latest Fair and Square round.

And "The Lovelorn Sisterhood" is finished and ready for mailing tomorrow. This was a fun stitch and caused much laughter and many comments every time I worked on it while I was waiting in someone's office. I picked out a lovely green fabric with some flowers and pots yesterday to make this into a pillow.

DH and I made a trek to Ottawa to celebrate our friend Richard's 60th birthday and visited them at their lovely summer home on Clayton Lake. The wildlife there was amazing. If you have never seen a baby loon floating on it's mother's back, it is just the sweetest ever.

And here is a photo of the little one taking swimming lessons with Mom and Dad hovering around.
Richard did not put his boat in the water while we were there as there were two little robins in a nest by the tongue of the boat. I tried to take a photo but the mother kept swooping at me. And to our surprise and delight, as we were leaving the last day, we met a doe and her newborn fawn on the road. They were gone in a flash but what a treat to see them. Mother nature has indeed been busy.

Dani is coming Thursday to visit for three days while DH is off male bonding. I am looking forward to her visit and she and I will have those needles singing. We will also have some of the stitching ladies come by over those three days so there should be lots of laughter and lots of stitches.


Missy Ann said...

I love that clock! Great work. :)

Wendy said...

oooh that really is a lovely clock and what a great idea to stitch the inside of a clock :)

Vonna said...

I admired Beatrice's Clock yesterday and I sure do like your clock too! :)
And your lovelorn sampler...PRETTY!
How's Noddy? LOL!
Have fun with the stitching ladies!

staci said...

Love, love, love the Lovelorn's waaay too cute!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Clayton lake... I had a lot of fun out there with Claire back in our high school days. Her dad was the minister at the Anglican church there.

Your clock is cute!

I CAN'T wait to leave for your place after work tomorrow!

Lisa said...

What a fun and different way to display a stitched piece...the clock! Definitely will look at that many times during a day :) I also love the Lovelorn Sisterhood, that came out beautiful.
Thank you for the photos of the Loons. Being from Minnesota, the Loon is very special to me. It brings back memories of camping in the northern woods, near a lake and listening to the call of the Loon. It is very eery and soothing...somewhat spiritual too.
Have a fun time with the stitching sisterhood...and Happy Canada Day!

Kim B said...

Whst s fun clock! That is so clever!

mainely stitching said...

I love the glimpses of Mother Nature's bounty! :D

Daniela said...

Your clock looks fabulous. Great work. I have seen as well that we are paired up for the next F&S round. I am excited too.

Daffycat said...

Great clock! Fabulous finish on the sampler too.

That is gorgeous green water! The loons are so pretty with the baby, awwww!

Michele B. said...

What an awesome idea - it looks fabulous. Thank you for the link to the blog - I need a new kitchen clock and this would be perfect. Hope you enjoy your stitchy visit!

Annemarie said...

That clock looks fabulous, Kathy!

Love your Nobody Loves Me sampler. You stitched that so quickly! I'm sure it will look lovely with the fabrics you've chosen.

Have a great day with Dani!

Linen Stitcher said...

What a great clock!!! Love that pattern and how you finished it, well, into a clock!! LOL! Seriously, it is extremely creative and you are one talented stitcher!

Wanda said...

Very nice clock! The sisterhood piece is very happy looking! Ver nice. Aren't ducks fun to watch? I love watching them, especially with their babies. Have a great time with Dani...I'm sure even just the two of you together make a party!!

Andrea said...

Great finishes. Enjoy the visit from Dani.

sandra said...

I love your clock! And the sisterhood piece is so cute, I understand why people comented on it!
Have fun with your friend!

Cindy F. said...

Love yours and Beatrice's clocks!! Good jobs ladies!!

you received very pretty F&S squares and I congrats on your stitchy finish! Can't wait to see it made into a pillow:)
Hope your your friend had a great 60th b-day and you guys enjoyed your time together. Great pics:)

Have fun with Dani and the ladies!!!

Cheryl said...

Never seen a cross stitched clock before!
Wow, you stitched that other piece quickly! Looks great, love the colours
Have fun with Dani and your other stitching friends

stitcherw said...

Fun clock, what a perfect accessory for a stitcher. Your worm finish was so cute too, fun design. Congrats on getting your winter RR back, it looks wonderful.

Ranae said...

Wow! I love your clock too.
Nice squares and gotta love that cute Nobody Loves Me finish, it will make a great pillow. You gals get those needles singing and dancing. Have fun!!

Heidi said...

Your NLM sampler looks fabulous. You are the world's fastest stitcher. Cannot wait to see your finish on it.

I love loons. What a treat that must have been to see the mother and baby.

Hugs ~

Beatrice said...

Look at all of the fun stuff ,the clock is soooo pretty.
See you soon!

Carolyn NC said...

Clock is great - love the finish! Loons are adorable and love the other stitching - so cute!

Hazel said...

Great clock!! Have fun with Dani! xx