Monday, 18 January 2010

I don't have a sore back but.............

my husband, Leo, did for a week. So, my many plans for this past while went right out the window. Blogging and catching up on blog reading suffered. He is on his feet again and walking albeit a little gingerly. I am trying to catch up.

One nice thing about staying around home is that projects get accomplished. I have had some nice progresses to show off.

I am trying a 4 day rotation - I see more progress that way. ,16 days in and it's working. I hope it lasts for a while.

I worked two 4 day rotations on Mirabilia's "Royal Holiday" Here she is after both rotations.

I picked up "Fairies in the Garden" and got all the flowers on the left side and the border from right to left done in that 4 day turn.


 I also finished up a quilt block. This was a challenge with my quilt group. We were each given a paint chip and had to make a square using that color as our focus. My color -  Pumpkin Orange.

After a great deal of searching and help, this is what I came up with. It is called Wagon Wheel and is from the Underground Railroad Sampler Quilt.

And so you can see what we all came up with, here are 20 some of the blocks laid out with their paint chips. Do you see a lovely quilt in the future from these squares? I sure do.

I would like to take a minute and show my Secret Santa my wonderful purchases from ehandicraftsonline

3 new project bags, Kelmscott Tudor Rose Scissors and LHN - Travelling Stitcher.
Thank you again my secret friend. It was fun and I will think of you each time I use my new purchases.

Look at these beautiful Japanese inspired fabrics. I am doing a mystery quilt now and these are the fabrics I chose. When they become something recognizable I will show it to you.

And looking out my front door one day, this stunning sky greeted me. That is why I love the desert southwest. The sunsets are spectacular - indeed a painted sky.

I have had some wonderful stitchers offer to do exchanges with me this year. I am very excited about that and will share them with you as they happen. I am going to spread them over the year.

Until the next time, keep those stitches crossed.


Terri said...

Your stitching and quilting is beautiful. I'm glad Leo is back on his feet :)

Jill said...

You are making great progress! Hope Leo is feeling better. Your Mirabilia is gorgeous.

Becky K in OK said...

Sorry to hear Leo was down in his back. Believe me, I know how that goes.

Your stitching is beautiful. I can't wait to see more of the Mirabilia.

Kim B said...

Great progress on your projects Kathy! And those quilt blocks - oh my what a beautiful collection you have there! I have to say, after a run in the park in 35 degree weather, I am especially drawn to that gorgeous sunset/palm tree pic!

Blu said...

Lovely stitching! Royal Holiday is looking good and Fairies in the Garden is very cute.

Annemarie said...

Again, your progress is huge! Rotations don't work for me, and I don't understand how others do it, but it's obvious they work for you. Good for you!
Beautiful sky! Does that mean it's really hot in Arizona right now? I have no idea...

Carolien said...

Wow, that view is spectacular! As is your progress with stitching and quilting, it looks great!
All the best for Leo, I hope he will recover soon and fully.

Take care & hugs, Carolien

Nic said...

Your stitching and quilting is looking great!

staci said...

Hope Leo is feeling better...aching backs are no fun at all!

It looks like your rotation is working really well, lovely stitching! I've never been able to stick to a rotation...I just go where my whim takes me, lol ;)

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

WOW! I love your orange square! Stitching and quilting, you have been one busy lady!

sandra said...

Sorry to hear about your husbund problem... I hope he gets well soon...
Great progress on the stitching and quilting front...

Shelleen said...

I hope that your hubby will be better soon. What a great idea of a 4 day rotation. Hmmm maybe I could pull out all my WIPs and UFOs and try this :-) Also love those yummy fabric colors.

Berit said...

So many pretties! I like seeing your quilt group's blocks all laid out. :D

Missy Ann said...

Wow! Love the paint chip quilt blocks.

Donna said...

Oooohh...I almost bought that Traveling Stitcher but wasn't sure that I could make it look as nice as their's. I anxiously await your finish. I guess you aren't planning to start it any time soon?

That Desert Mandala is going to be gorgeous. I have Alpine Seasons calling my name but won't be starting it for awhile. :(

Always smiling said...

Hi Kathy

Lovely work to show and I love that photo of the sky and palm tree, looks wonderfully warm from an especially cold UK. Those foxgloves look real, and it is growing. I like the idea of a 4 day rotation I am doing 2 to fit in WITH show days for two sals, one is The Travelling Stitcher! I had the kit asked a friend to join me and before I knew it I had a blog with 20 stitchers involved! When you start your Desert Mandela let me know as I have Convent Herbal Garden all kitted up and waiting for the off!
Happy Stitching Kathy
Love and Blessings
Chris x

Suzanne said...

Great stitching and lovely stash! I love all those quilt blocks.

Carol said...

You have so many beautiful projects going on--hard to pick a favorite! I am very intrigued by your orange Wagon Wheel quilt square--really a fun way to inspire a square with a paint chip! I'm not a quilter, but love admiring them :)

Nicola said...

Good progress on your stitching. Glad you are getting on well with your rotations, that just wouldn't work for me. Great quilts too.

Myra said...

Love your frog bedecked blog! LOL Back trouble - UGH! I have problems with my back from time to time and it is no fun at all. Love your WIP's, those are going to be gorgeous.

Judy S. said...

Nice work with the quilt block, Kathy, and I am so impressed with your stitching. Those pieces look difficult! Hope your DH feels better....

J Rae said...

Glad to hear that your hubby is up and feeling better with his back.

It looks like the rotation is really working for you. Great progress!!!

You were able to get some nice goodies from ehadicrafts from your Secret Santa!

Love those gorgeous Japanese inspired fabrics!

Such a beautiful sunset!

Meari said...

That's some awesome stitching you accomplished, Kathy. Glad to hear DH is on the mend. Enjoy your new stash. Looks like you had a fun time shopping :)

Ranae said...

I hope Leo is feeling much better now, nothing worst then a back ache to keep ya down.
RH is looking great, your progress is awesome.
I love the soft colors in the fairies piece.
The quilt is going to be fantastico!
Congrats on your stash from your sceret friend
Pretty japanese fabric
Take care!!

Carolyn NC said...

Ok now, everyone's who's drowning, freezing, or just plain gloomy will send you "hate" mail for that gorgeous picture. Lucky you! Your stitching is inspired..Ahem - now where's the HAED in rotation - I might actually stitch on mine tonight! You've made great progress on your WIP's - gorgeous they are!
And I love, love, love the layout of your quilt. If I come see you one day, will you teach me to quilt????
Take care..:)

Cheryl said...

I take a 4 day rotation means you work on the same piece for 4days than switch? I really need to do some sort of rotation as i get nothing finished.
Love that sunset picture!
Hope your DH feels better soon

Michelle said...

Gorgeous progress on your WIPs. Love that quilt block too - how fun!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Kathy,

So many wonderful things to comment
on in this post, I don't quite know
where to begin. I guess I'll just
start at the top and work my way
down, beginning with the hope that
Leo's back is pretty much all better
and he's got no more pain.

Your new rotation must really be
working well judging by the
progress on your projects. Royal
Holiday is really developing
nicely and is just gorgeous with
all it's rich colors and shading.
Fairies in the Garden is such a
sweet design and the colors in it
so pretty and delicate. Nice to
see that this version seems to be
the lucky one at last.

Loved seeing your quilt square
and those from the rest of your
classmates. All together they do
look fantastic and would indeed
make a gorgeous quilt. It's
fun to look at all the different
styles used to make a quilt
square, not to mention all the
beautiful fabrics each person

Lovely stash acquisitions Kathy.
I love those Tudor Rose scissors
and hope to get myself a pair
someday soon. I don't collect
scissors as a rule, but those
are really stunning. I just
got myself some of those project
bags too and I expect that they
will be quite useful. I'm sure
that your Secret Santa will be
pleased that you got such great

Your mystery quilt is going to
look amazing made with those
gorgeous fabrics that you chose
for it. Such lovely shades of

The picture you took of the sky
is breathtaking. Look at that
amazing color!! Spectacular!

Cheers and Hugs!!!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Plam trees and a beautiful sky! I'm so jealous. Wow Kathy you've made great strides with all your WIPs keep up that rotation!

Jenny said...

Wow, nice progress - sounds like you've found a rotation that works for you! :)

Lovely palm tree sunset too.

Wanda said...

Such beautiful stitching! And the colors are spectacular! The quilt challenge looks fun...and challenging! I think of you often as I plan my vacation which includes a little of AZ.

Wendy said...

Wow!! Kathy that is really some nice progress on your Royal Holiday. Can't wait to see more. I'm stitching my first project with beads, and I have to admit, I love doing it. I'm planning to stitch some more Mirabilia as well.

That secret Santa sure did give you some nice gifts, but you truly deserve it.