Monday, 4 October 2010

Boats, and trees and rooms

I don't know what it is these days but blogging seems to be difficult. I start out with the best plans to post once a week and then I procrastinate for several days. I am not normally a procrastinator so I just don't understand why. Finally this morning I am sitting down for an update.

My stitching progess has slowed considerably. I am suffering from tendonitis in my stitching elbow and it makes stitching painful. That really frustrates me. I am stitching on a couple of things I can't show you - an ornament for an exchange and a birthday gift for a dear friend.

I do have a couple of things to show you though. You haven't seen the lighthouses for a while so here is an update. There were 5 boats stitched when this RR returned home to me.  I have been stitching boats - lots and lots of boats. My BFF Beatrice has taken it home. She has stitched a few boats and now I have stitched many more.  Only 18 more to go and another lighthouse and some small things to add in some of the empty spaces. Do you think I will ever see this one finished?

I have started a Christmas stocking for my nephew Ryan. He played hockey for many years and I thought this might be his kinda stocking. Not much progress but I can say I started it LOL.

Ok, now some pictures of my new home - If you don't want to see them, just skip to the end. Warning: Photo Intensive - like about 20 or so

1. Exterior

2. Entryway

3. Sewing room - sewing desk - My Nutcracker RR is on the wall. Some stitched gifts are hanging under the window.

4. Sewing room - storage for stitching stash. Those baskets hold stitched gifts.

5. Stitching magazines, books etc

6. Stitching chair upstairs in living room - Mirabilia RR beside my chair on wall

7. Living room

8. Cabinet found in antique store - now in living room with my Great Aunt's antique dinnerware

9. Sewing machine in same store company is called Raymond? - also in living room

10. Interior of sewing machine - needs some serious cleaning. Any suggestions?

11. Kitchen
12. Kitchen - pantry
13. Kitchen - new cupboards we added and my  deceased  MIL's old cast iron pans on the wall. Crewel embroidery clock I did in the 1980's and gave to MIL and now back home with me.

14. Dining room - can't convince DH to lose the water cooler. High chair was given to my parents for me when I was born. Refinished and proudly sits in my dining room.

15. Lighthouse bathroom - Note - lighthouse cross stitch. My Hello Neighbor RR pillow on the shelf and the post cards - gifts from stitching friends. This the room that will require major renovations next year. It is stuck in the 80's.

16. Upstairs hallway - L&L - Nantucket Rose - stitched by Adriana who is now 94. My Sweetheart Tree RR hangs to the left. Little table is my Great Aunt's mending basket and sat at the top of the stairs when I was a child. Antique flour sack tablecloth was a gift from a friend. It belonged to her grandmother.

17. Guest room

18. Master Bedroom.
Before we moved in this room was painted Pepto Bismol Pink with rose carpet. My DH and his brother installed my beautiful new hardwood floor and I painted the room. Still needs new lighting and window dressings. Can you see me in the dresser mirror taking pictures? LOL

19. Stain glass in windows master bedroom

20. Family room or as DH calls it - his Man Cave - my downstairs stitching chair - after all a girl needs a place to stitch.You can see my overfull stitching bag beside my chair!

21. Laundry Room - I did laundry at the laundromat for years. I am excited to have my own laundry room. DH doesn't get my excitement but I am sure you will!

There is one more bathroom but it's kinda plain. The garage - well that's a guy thing. and the yard - I forgot to take photos but I think you get the idea.  Thanks for stopping by my new home.

Till next time. Keep on stitching.  Wow, this took me over an hour to post!!!!! I'm exhausted.


Judy S. said...

Sure doesn't look like you just moved in! I love the stained glass, especially the fairy one. Your new place looks really big? And very nice. Those little LH boats are cute but look very time consuming.....nice of your friend to help! Hope your elbow feels better soon>

Vonna said...

A very pretty, cozy and comfortable home. So Kathy are you going to live in the US at all?

Erin said...

What a lovely home, Kathy! (Maybe it's just me, but I always think Canadian houses are much cuter than US ones. LOL) And I love the ways you've chosen to display your stitching throughout.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

First off, I totally love the darn frogs, way to funny. Your Lighthouse sampler is incredible with only a few more boats to go, and if you would like some help from the Central Ontario region sign me up...Your new house has become a home very quickly and I love the sewing machine.
Be always in stitches.

Hazel said...

Your new home is beautiful Kathy! So tidy too. I wish my house was that neat. And big as well. It looks pretty spacious. I love it. x

Addie said...

Thanks for sharing pictures of your new home. Wish I could come and stitch with you in your cozy stitching chairs!! I have a question: I'm thinking of getting a light/magnifier for my chair, so which side do I put it on if I'm right handed to see better without a shadow?

Claire said...

Your home looks lovely.

Kathy A. said...

Addie - your light should be on your left side so you don't see a shadow.
I'm a leftie so mine is on the other side.

Katrina said...

Gorgeous home Kathy!!! Love how you've decorated everything. Hope that elbow feels better soon.

You are definitely making progress on your Lighthouses :-).

sandra said...

Loved the guided tour from your new home! It looks very cozy! I can totally understand your excytment about the laundry room! The sewing machine on the living room is gorgeous!
Hope you get better soon!

Karen said...

Your house is gorgeous! Love your sewing room and totally understand your excitement about a laundry room of your own!

Carolyn NC said...

Stitching looks great! I love your house and how you have it decorated so beautifully. Many wonderful memories in the pieces you have around and on the wall!

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

Well, what a change from the last time I was there! I can't wait to spend sometime time with you in your chair and my butt on the couch! Will I see you at mine in a couple of weeks?

Blu said...

What a gorgeous and welcoming house! can we come over~

An itch to cross stitch.. said...

Your house is lovely Kathy, I very much enjoyed looking at all the photos, thanks for sharing. How lucky you are to have a stitching/sewing room. :-) My stitching room is my couch in the lounge room, haha.
I hope your tendonitis gets better soon, I can imagine it would be frustrating.

The Christmas stocking for Ryan is so cute. My husband used to play ice hockey, could be a good one for him too.

Rachel S said...

Love it! What a lovely home! Thank you for sharing it!

Margaret said...

Your new home looks so lovely Kathy - very welcoming. I'll just bet you are enjoying every minute there so far, including the laundry. How are you going to manage leaving your beautiful home to come to the US this year?

Great stocking for Ryan. Hope your tendonites improves soon so you can stitch on it.

Myra said...

What a beautiful home Kathy! I know you are enjoying it and I love the lighthouse bathroom. :o)

Clara said...

It' a beautiful and warm home Kathy. I can't say which room I prefer, each one of them has its peculiarity. I like the light you have in the sitting room very much, it's so sunny! And it's very tidy: I've moved 10 days ago and still have some boxes to unpack! Best, Clara.

marylin & poussy said...

What a magnificent embroidery!
Bravo to you
Best regards marylin

Meari said...

Your stitching is coming along good. Sorry to hear about your tendonitis probs :(

Your new home is beautiful! Love the china cabinet and the treadle sewing machine. (Did you see mine?) Cleaning.... TR3 works wonders! Use a soft cloth, cotton balls, qtips and TR3 on the head. For gunky mechanical parts, use kerosene. Don't use WD40!

Addie said...

Kathy, thank you for the light information. Now I need to find a light/magnifier that will let me see to stitch. Now, I have a table Dazor system, but it's not comfortable. Love your home and the wood floors! Addie

Berit said...

Gorgeous! I do know what you mean about a laundry room, too! :D

Thanks for the grand tour--I must agree with Hazel that it's so spacious and tidy! :o

Lynn said...

Oh Kathy, what a lovely new home it is! You must be so pleased with all that space. I love your stained glass in the windows too.
Your lighthouse RR looks sooo good! Not too many more boats to go.
I hope your tendonitis clears up quickly. I've had it and know just how painful it can be. Not stitching is just not an option!

Shelleen said...

love your new house, it looks great.

dragonxser said...

wishing you many happy hours stitching in your lovely new home!

Cheryl said...

Love your new house Kathy! Oh i totally understand the laundry room excitement...i would LOVE one!!!
Know what you mean about blogging, ive just posted for the first time in a month!

Clara said...

Thank you for your visit. It's always a pleasure having new blog friends. Have a .... sparkling weekend, Clara.

Cindy F. said...

Kathy! Your home is beautiful!! and SO CLEAN!!! (makes me want to pick up my duster;) Congratulations girl!!

LOVE seeing the lighthouses again!!
Beautiful work!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Kathy your house looks fantastic! I guess I have to wait until next year to see it!

Daffycat said...

Your new house looks wonderful, Kathy! It was fun seeing where you live!

Brigitte said...

What a wonderful new home you made yourselves in your new house.
I hope you will get rid of your tendonitis soon. Can be so painful.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Kathy,

Thank you for the tour of your new
stitching retreat ... er ... house.
It looks lovely and cozy and very
welcoming to stitchers. It also
appears to be very bright because
of all the windows. I think your
bedroom looks fantastic with the
new wood floor and the pretty new
paint color on the wall. Nice
choices. Your new craft/sewing
room is great too. Are those
white storage cubes from Michaels?

Your lighthouse RR looks fabulous
with the border of boats. They
look so cute and are a perfect
compliment to the lighthouses. I
guess that they might well get
kind of tedious to stitch though.
It's nice that Beatrice gave you
a hand with it. Hang in there.

I haven't yet told you how much
I love your Royal Holiday finish.
Wow, is it spectacular or what???
I can't wait to see her in person
someday and get to admire the
details and the exquisite needle
work that created her. You will
leave her up year round and not
just during the Christmas season
I hope.

Your new scissor keep is beautiful
too. Gorgeous colors and the
beading/tassel attached at the end
is so pretty. Love it.


marylin & poussy said...

I love your housse !

best regard marylin

ScullyPA said...

I have just started to stitch this stocking for my son! I am finding the pattern a little difficult to follow, I have to pull it out and make a photo copy of it and tape it all together to help me out. Can't wait to see your progress!

Suzanne said...

Your RR is looking lovely.

Love the photos of the house, you've done a wonderful job decorating.

The only suggestion that I have for the sewing machine is using an old dry toothbrush and a little elbow grease. Once clean and little machine oil lightly rubbed over the whole machine and then buffed back should make it look like new.