Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Lights, squares, snow and a tribute

Another week has come and gone. The tendonitis in my elbow is not getting better. Of course, if I stopped stitching, lifting and working my arm it would heal much faster. I have done some stitching but not nearly as much as I would like.

I have managed to finish my San Man Inky Dinky Blackwork SAL! Aren't these little guys just the cutest! Beatrice has brought me some really cute snowman fabric and I will be making this into a little pillow.

I received word from Jeanie C (no blog) that she received the Fair and Square blocks I sent her. The design is a freebie but I don't remember where I got it. I thought oak leaves and acorns were appropriate for this time of year.

Jeanie is from Singapore and I was excited to receive my squares from her. This is the cutest little SanMan freebie for Autumn. That fat little bird has such character.

Beatrice, Barb and I attended a stitch day at Rebecca's on Saturday. It is so much fun to get together with people who make you feel special. I stitched on my secret stitch the entire day.

The next morning I picked up my stitching from the day before. The entire section I had stitched the day before was in the wrong place - IN RED THREAD - and I had to take it out. Thank goodness it came out without a mark but I lost hours of work and time. Those bloody frogs!!!!!!!  I need to get those frogs so angry they will hop off and never come back again. 

On Sunday, I, along with many of my stitching friends attended a special tribute to Adriana put on by Knowledge and Needles. Adriana has been stitching since she was a small girl and many of her pieces were brought together for display. It was amazing. 
I consider myself blessed to have this wonderful woman in my life. Her daughter, Beatrice has been my best friend for over 30 years. What a great day!

Adriana is pointing at her favorite cross stitch piece in this photo.

Nantucket Rose in the bottom right is the piece that she stitched for me many years ago.

Please go to the Knowledge and Needles and Beatrice's blog  (links are above) to see the wonderful photos that were taken of Adriana's amazing work.

Today I went to my mailbox and was surprised and excited to find this wonderful package. I had sent some patterns to Niina in Finland that she was having difficulty finding. This thank you was in the mail. She sent me some wonderful fabrics. The two large floral fabrics are Finnish designs. She included a wonderful DMC kit!

 Look at this bag - Finnish Lighthouses! How cool is that! I loved it all! Thank you so much Niina.

Today I realized that my DH and I will be heading to Arizona for the winter in a little over a week. Usually by now, I have a lot of my packing done and I'm almost ready to go. I haven't packed a single box. I think all the packing and unpacking I did when we moved about 7 weeks ago made even looking at a crate difficult. I need to get my butt in gear. I don't know how much stitching I will get done over the next little while as I get my act together and get those boxes packed. It will probably do my arm some good not to stitch for a bit. I find it hard to sit in the evenings without a needle in my hands. I think I am addicted!!!! LOL.

Till next time my friends - keep on stitching!


Parsley said...

I'm really loving those snowmen!!!

Myra said...

Those little snowmen are so cute! Sweet gifts from Niina - that lighthouse bag is fabulous. Take care of your arm and good luck with the packing. :o)

Lynn said...

I'm doing a little happy dance here for your SanMan Snowmen. They're adorable!! They'll make a wonderful pillow.
I missed all of you on the weekend. How wonderful that you made it to Adriana's tribute. I can't believe how many pieces she's stitched. Amazing!!
Arizona time already? Wow, the time sure flies!

Annemarie said...

What a lovely post, Kathy!
I was wondering when you would be getting ready to go to Arizona, but time seems to be slipping by unnoticed by you as well, or so it seems :o)

What a lovely gift package from your Finnish friend. Wow! Love that blue flowery fabric!

Good luck with the arm, dear. Don't overdo it: the more you rest, the sooner you can go full speed ahead with your stitching (and packing).

Siobhan said...

I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your friend's stitching. What an amazing legacy she's created with all that beautiful stitching!

Great job on your snowmen--too cute!! Love the gift from your Finnish friend, too.

Good luck getting everything sorted for your trip. Baby that arm--you need it for stitching! ;)

An itch to cross stitch.. said...

The snowmen are adorable Kathy, great finish.

I hope your tendonitis starts feeling better soon, it probably doesn't help having a stitching addiction like all of us, but it would be so hard to stop for awhile.

I had a look at Adriana's stitching and wow what an amazing amount of pieces. She looks fantastic for her age, and to be stitching still on 28 count evenweave is an amazing effort.

Meari said...

Congrats on your SM finish, and the nice RAK. Adriana does nice work.

Hazel said...

Those snowmen are so cute! Love them. Great exchnages too. xx

Missy Ann said...

Gorgeous work all!

The snowmen are too cute, I love how they're all looking in different directions.

Blu said...

Those snowmen are so adorable!

Dani - tkdchick said...

The snow men are so adorable and I was glad to be there when you finished it! Sorry to hear you had to do some frogging!!!

I wish I could of been at K&N on Sunday.

What a wonderful parcel you received!

I'm soooo going to miss you!

Anna van Schurman said...

The snowmen are adorable. I also really like the F&S you stitched. Good luck packing!

Carol said...

Sorry to hear that your tendonitis is acting up--I'm sure it would be hard to stop stitching for me, too, Kathy!! I think we're all majorly addicted to it.

Sounds like you had a great Saturday at Rebecca's. Good luck getting ready for your Arizona trip--sounds like a great place to spend the winter :)

Barb said...

Those snowmen are the cutest!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Kathy,

Your San Man blackwork piece
is just beautiful with all
those adorable snowmen ...
snowpeople ... and the very
pretty colors each one is
stitched in. Something a
little different from the
usual cross stitching SALs
doing a blackwork design
like this.

I'm sorry to hear that your
tendinitis is still acting
up and giving you grief.
But how are you suppose to
stop using your arm so that
it can rest?? Can the doctor
not give you something for
the inflammation??

Your oak leaves and acorns
square is sweet and a nice
design to share with someone
in Singapore. Do they have
oak trees there?? I love
the shape of acorn leaves.

Your square from Jeanie is
so cute. That is one BIG
fat bird!! Lol!

The tribute gathering for
Adriana to celebrate her
many years of stitching
looks like it was a huge
success. How I would have
loved to have been able to
attend and see all those
amazing pieces in person.
What an incredible needle-
woman she is.

You got some wonderful
things from Niina didn't
you? The fabrics are
gorgeous and will no
doubt come in handy for
finishing future projects.
And that Lighthouse bag
is just perfect for you.
Niina chose well when
putting this thank you
package together for you.

Well Kathy, I imagine that
you've been running around
like a mad woman trying to
pack for your migration
down to Arizona for the
winter. Is it that time
already??? Hope the
packing goes smoothly for
you, as well as the trip
south. And look after
that arm, eh???

Take care! Judy

Carolyn NC said...

Adorable snowmen! Love the finishes, exchanges, and gifts! And kudos to Adriana for all of her wonderful years of stitching!

Judy S. said...

Maybe a little bit of sunshine a warmth will do your arm some good? Sure hope so. I love the way your snowmen turned out; they'll make a very cute pillow!

samplerlover said...

Hi Kathy, my goodness, look after your arm. There is nothing worse for a needleworker than not being able to use our arms. I broke my wrist a few years ago and I was out of action for a few months. It was torture.
Love your snowmen. Very cute. Your friends stitching is lovely.
Have a lovely trip to Arizona. Packing is always the worse thing about going from one place to another. - Sandra.

Brigitte said...

Adriana has stitched a couple of wonderful pieces, and it's amazing to know that she still stitches. Great.
Your snowmen will make a wonderful pillow.
Good luck with packing up everything for the time in Arizona.

Margaret said...

So sorry about your arm Kathy. This is not good for a dedicated stitcher.

What a wonderful post. I so enjoyed reading it.

Have a great trip south and hope to see you this winter.

Jenna said...

Hi there, I am new to your blog and am enjoying reading through it. I hope that you are continuing to rest your arm so that you can get that nasty tendonitis cleared up. Can you tell me how I can get my hands on that San Man Inky Dinky Blackwork design? I absolutely love, love, love it!!!