Thursday, 18 August 2011

Lots of lovely stitches

What an eventful holiday I have had! Spending quality time with my family was awesome. And I returned home to a birthday with my grandchildren. This is the first birthday I spent with my grandsons and of course, they had to help me blow out the candles on my cake.

My grandchildren are the only thing that keep me from panicking as I just celebrated my 59th birthday and you know what that means!!! When I look in the mirror, I wonder when did I get that old. My youngest grandson has informed me that next year "I will be older than dirt" SOB!!!! Thank goodness I have my stitching.

I have some wonderful things to show you.

These are my squares stitched by Shelley for the Fair and Square exchange blog. This is a Ink Circles freebie. I absolutely love the colors and the design. Nice choice Shelley!

This is the biscornu I sent to Lisa V for the Seasonal Exchange. It is the strawberry biscornu from the Gift of Stitching newsletter. I added beads to the seam and made a matching scissor fob.

Unfortunately, my partner sent a glass framed picture and it did not survive the postal system. She is stitching a replacement piece.

My sweet friend Clare sent me this lovely birthday gift. A girl can never have too much stash or lighthouses can she! Thank you Clare. You made me smile.

A few weeks ago I won a giveaway on Terri's blog. This is the delightful package she sent me. Each gift was wrapped in old sewing pattern pieces -very ingenious. I am not very creative when it comes to arranging for photos but this time I had a brief burst of inspiration. May I present Terri's lovely antique gifts, Longaberger basket and Ann Sandles Sampler proudly displayed on my antique sewing machine. And Terri - they are going to stay there but for the sampler.  They make such a lovely vignette.

My dear friend Michele has had to have some surgery and I wanted to send her a little something. With the help of my friend Beatrice I made her a project bag. She is a huge Wizard of Oz fan and I happened across this fabric.

My stitching progress for the past two weeks has not been too much.
I have done the next part of my Jardin Prive - here I am now.

I am working away on my Fairies - I so want them done. I am happy with my progress to date. Hopefully you will see more of them next week.

EDITED TO ADD: Today I have had to frog some of my Fairies. Somewhere I am out by 1/2 stitch and cannot find it. So, for every stitch I have added today , I have pulled out double or triple. I hope I find the error soon.

I had 750 posts in my google reader. I read most of them, commented where I could and enjoyed every last stitch. Your work continues to amaze and inspire me. Keep it up!

Until next time

For Sale CHEAP : some dratted, blasted frogs who have had the nerve to park on my stitching chair. Anyone interested?


Margaret said...

Happy Birthday Kathy. What a wonderful celebration and at 59 you truly are a young chick. Truthfully 60 doesn't hurt - but then that was three years ago for me so maybe I don't remember the pain. :)

sandra said...


Siobhan said...

I'm still laughing over your grandson's comment about your bday next year. Too funny. Seriously though, don't you wonder who switched the mirror out for a person of an older person when you look in it?! I swear I'm still 14, but when I look in my mirror I nearly yelp in shock at the woman staring back at me--and wonder when she's going invest in some hair dye.

Happy belated birthday!! I'm glad you had a good day. Wonderful gifts! Your stitching is beautiful. That biscornu is ADORABLE!

Siobhan said...

I meant PICTURE of an older person, not person of an older person. Egads. I need to drink more coffee. ahem...

Carol said...

♫♫ Happy Birthday, dear Kathy ♫♫

Older than dirt, eh?? Well, I'm only a couple of years behind you so I guess that applies to me as well--too cute :)

Wonderful exchange stitching and I know Michele loves her Wizard of Oz pouch! Your Jardin Prive is so, so pretty--nice progress!

Now, I know you like to share, Kathy, but please, please keep those frogs up in Canada!!

Have a great weekend :)

mainely stitching said...

Happy, happy birthday - how wonderful to get that special help blowing out the candles. :)

Rachel said...

I am glad you had a wonderful birthday! Oooo, lighthouses :) I don't need any frogs, sorry! I have enough here, lol. Hopefully, now that I have finished the project that they liked so much, they will hop away, or I will let Hunter find them, hahaha! :)

Bonnie Brown said...

Glad you had a great family holiday.
Your WIP's are looking great.
Sorry to hear about the frog, and no I don't want him. Make sure you chuck it out the window tomorrow morning lol

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Shelley did a wonderful job on the fair and square. Those colors are great together. Cute biscornu and fob you did a great job with them. Awww how sweet of you to stitch something for a friend. How cool you found the oz fabric. Hope Michele's recovery is fast. Jardin Prive is really beautiful. You've gotten lots done on the fairies. Sorry about those darn frogs. You tell them they don't want to visit me. I wish you a happy stitchy weekend.

Rachel S said...

Happy Birthday! Love the picture of you and the boys! I hope that frog goes away quickly!

Mouse said...

ooo happy birthday :) love the stitching ....sorry about the frogs and can't buy them no pennies love mouse xxx

Myra said...

I think I'll pass on those frogs but I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday! Lovely stitching and lovely presents and prizes too. Have a great weekend.

Meari said...

Happy Birthday! You look great for being 59!! Nice gifts you received. Sorry the frogs had to visit.. happens to the best of us.

Bette said...

Happy Birthday! And what a great way to spend it with your grandkids. Older than dirt, I love it! Your Jardin Prive is lovely. And sorry about the Fairy frogs. Hopefully you'll find the error soon.

♥marylin♥ said...

very beautiful pictures !
have a good day

Carolien said...

You? Old? Come on! Nothing of the sort. You look fab.

A much belated happy birthday, dear Kathy!!! (Sorry, I missed it, was it on Facebook? Have to look.)
I hope you will enjoy a very happy and healthy new year to come. So nice, that picture of you and your grandsons blowing the candles ...

Your fob is so nice!!! A real cutie.
And yes, 'stitching backward'is very, very annoying. I hope you will find that error soon!!!!

Many hugs, Carolien

Carolien said...

I meant: biscornu, fob etc. It's still early here, must have my shower first I guess. And a coffee ;)

Suzanne said...

A belated happy birthday!

All your stitching is looking great. You received some lovely exchanges.

I am glad you had a good holiday.

HeidiInHolland said...

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear Kathyyyyy,
happy birthday to you!

You are not older than dirt but a perfectly stitched piece of cloth. :-)

Love your Jardin Prive! I so need to bring my own out of UFOdom. I put it aside to work on the ort jars for my quilt group and it seems to have stayed there permanently.

Hugs from Holland ~

Vonna said...

Happy, happy birthday to the sweetest froggie in the pond :)
Love ya girl and may you have many many many more!

Berit said...

What gorgeous stitching! I esp. love the F&S you received and the beautiful biscornu set you made. The beaded edging is adorable with the foliage!

My order came in from Knowledge and Needles. (Yes, I finally placed it this month. heh.) and I am SO EXCITED! I got some gorgeous charts I had really been wanting. Thank you again so much for holding the giveaway and picking me!! I feel like I should really apologize for being such a stranger around your blog, but I have not been having the computer time for blogland lately (sob). I so need to catch up!


P.S. Happy Belated! Looks like you guys are having a great time blowing out those candles. :D

Dani - tkdchick said...

Kathy you had some very special people help you celebrate your almost 60th b-day!

What wonderful goodies you have recieved.

Hopefully my session with your Faries on Friday eradicated all frogs!

Michele B. said...

Happy Birthday! I once saw a card that said "inside every 70 year old woman is a 35 year old saying "what happened"? It's our inside age that counts, not what's outside. Wear every one of your "older than dirt" years proudly! I'm sure that project bag did Michele a world of good. I hope you found your half stitch - I saw a picture of a finished Fairies in the bottom of the garden in an old cross stitching magazine, and it is so gorgeous.

Pumpkin said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Kathy! Sounds like it was a lovely day :o)

Great gifts you received in the mail! The Biscornu you made is just stunning.

I hope you find your error soon :o( You can keep the frogs, no matter how cheap you're selling them for ;o)

Ginny said...

Happy Birthday, Kathy. You are 59 years young! Anything over 20 to young kids is old.

I loved seeing all your stitching gifts and projects.

Your fairies were coming along nicely. So sorry to hear about the frogs. Even though I am a frog collector, I don't want those frogs. I hope they hop to the pond very soon. Ha!

Judy S. said...

A very belated Happy Birthday, Kathy! Looks like you've had a busy summer. I love the biscornu! So sorry about the fairy frogs, but that's going to be a very pretty piece when you finish it.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Happy Birthday Kathy, LOL at your Grandsons comment, aren't kids adorable!! You have been busy with all of your exchanges and I hope that you have sorted out the error in your fairies piece.