Sunday, 4 December 2011

Busy little fingers

Boy, is it nice to have all that dust cleared away and be back to stitching and quilting. And another post in just one week! Can you believe it????

Every year my quilt group here makes a quilt to be raffled for charity. This year the theme is "Black with White, White with Black and One other Color". Here is the block I have sewn together. It is called Formal Garden and I will be interested to see it and the other blocks together.

I have seen the quilt that we all contributed a square to last year and I will take a picture when I can. It is amazing!

Annette's Mirabilia RR arrived this week. I sat down right away and stitched. This is the last round before this RR goes home and I wanted it home to her before Christmas. I stitched "Deepest Love". What a beautiful RR this is.

My own Mirabilia RR arrived home a couple of days later. Feast your eyes on this one.
I love it! I will stitch the last square soon. It will be Lily of the Woods - The Dreaming Fairy.

I have done some secret stitching and sewing and will have to wait until those things are received before I can post them here.

Oh, the internet can be wicked some times. There are just so many beautiful things out there to look at. I have enhanced my stash too. These are my new purchases.

Sunflower Fairy - fabric, Valdani threads, Kreiniks and beads.
I had purchased the pattern and beads for Witches Wheel - and look at the gorgeous fabric that just came to stitch it on!
I ordered a couple of skeins of Belle Soie silk to use on a LHN chart - $19.52 for two skeins - won't do that again!!

This gorgeous 14 count hand-dyed aida is for a RR next year with a Yahoo group.

I don't know when I think I will be able to stitch all these wonderful new things but oh well!!!

And I will leave you with this beautiful sunrise when I went to get the newspaper recently.

Until next time, keep those x's crossed and those frogs far away!


Lesleyanne said...

Both RRs look gorgeous. Lovely new stash. A great photo of the sunset.

Mouse said...

ooo your RR's are gorgeous .. and nice new stash and which chart have you ordered those belle soie for ???? that's really expensive for those silks even by our standards ... love your sunset photo :) love mouse xxxx

Bette said...

Both the RR are gorgeous! And there's a reason why I don't use silks if I can help it. And isn't AZ beautiful! This is why we live here (it certainly isn't June, July or August!)

ariadne said...

I love your RR. Could we have a close up when you finish it?AriadnefromGreece!

Anonymous said...

OOOH Love your stash. Can't wait to see the witches wheel.

staci said...

Your quilt block is wonderful and so are the Mirabilias.

Enjoy all your new stash...that silk must have some real gold in it, yikes!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The RRs are looking great, hurry up and finish your Lily!
I agree that the silks must be spun with gold for that price!

Ranae said...

Your quilt block is so pretty and the RR miribilai's are gorgeous.
Love the stash esp. the sunflower
Take care

Carol said...

That internet really is wicked, Kathy!! But, oh, what beautiful things you bought :) I'm not sure I'd get any stitching done at all if I was in AZ all winter--what a lovely sunset. The first of many, I'm sure :)

Annette said...

Wow... your RR looks awesome! It came together beautifully.

I can't wait to fill in my last square! :D

Next time let me get the silks and send them to you...yikes!

Lynn said...

Both RRs are so beautiful! I can't wait to see yours in person.
Goodness but that's a terrible price for the Glorianna silks! Definitely not in my budget.
Did you order the called for fabric for Witches Wheel? It's gorgeous!

Maureen said...

I just love seeing all the Mira RR's - such a simple idea but they all look so amazing.

valerie said...

Those RRs are beautiful! Annette's RR has a very unique layout. Love all the stash you bought yourself too. Sometimes you just need to treat's Christmas! :)

Patches said...

Love the stash, and wow on the mira RR's. they are beyond gorgeous.

Rachel S-H said...

Those Miribilia RRs are SO pretty! I have so enjoyed seeing your work on all of them. I really like the idea of the black and white and one other color quilt! Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely adore the Mira RRs. I looked hard at the Witches Wheel as a future project. Still may. Loving these black and white wth a shot of colour quilts.


Suzanne said...

Pretty RR's, I love them so much. Nice stash enhancement.

Siobhan said...

Gorgeous RRs! Wow--really stunning. I love your new stash, too. No affiliation here or anything, but I try to order my silks and so on from Drema at She has a brick and mortar shop and does a lot of internet business. Her silks are usually marked down. BS is still expensive but it doesn't hurt quite so much when it's on sale--and I do love using it!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Oh I just want to call you nasty names when you show a beautiful sunrise with silloutted palm trees! Things have been pretty dull her and I'm already tired of winter which has barely started. Oh boy how am I going to survive this year?

Great new stash and wow thos Mira RRs are amazing!

Veronica said...

Both RRs are equally breathtaking! Your quilt block is lovely too. Whoa... how much does it cost for a skein of Belle Soie silk nowadays? I stopped keeping track after I switched to Vikki's HDF.


Andrea said...

Both RRs are gorgeous. Hope you're going to be Frugal with your silk thread!

Meari said...

Nice stashing. Your RR looks great! How do you decide what goes in each box, and who participates?

I did have to LOL @ your complaints of 35F. 35 is welcome temp here for this time of year. :) Usually we have snow, too. But, so far none and I'm not complaining. Nope, it's just less I have to shovel!

nima said...

so good to see yo stash...RR also looks lovely...i thik i have to dig my stash and look out for a new project