Monday, 29 October 2012

Wipocalypse October and new treasures

It is Wipocalypse time again.

I have made some small progress but no finishes this time. As you have recently read, I have been suffering from an infestation of frogs.

You can see photos of my progess on Merry Xmas and Travelling Stitcher in my previous post.
I have completed my last Mirabilia RR stitching and sent it home to the owner.
My poor etui has not seen the light of day. Maybe in November?

The most significant progress and lack of progress has been my Desert Mandala.

As you know, I had to remove the black borders on my Mandala as the Black Marlitt just did not lay right.
I replaced the borders with DMC 310. I started stitching the feathers. One feather was in the wrong place and I cut the fabric removing it. I have since restitched that feather. With a couple of carefully placed extra stitches and back stitching, I was able to cover the spot. I added a dab of Fray Chek to the back of the fabric to secure the threads. I think it will be okay now. All the rest of the feathers have been stitched and are in the right place!

I added the beads around the frame of the inside and then all around the beautiful border. I love how the beads just make it pop. The spaces left are for larger beads or bicones and I have left them off as the threads get caught in them.

I started stitching  the top left corner. Those cacti are both stitched in Black Marlitt. I have one cactus stitched with a minimum of cussing.  The blobs in the middle are the beginning of a rattlesnake - a beautifully beaded rattlesnake. As I stitched that black cactus, I realized I have some more frogging to do. The black border to the right is off by 1/2 stitch. It cannot stay there as much as I would like to leave it. It will throw off the outer borders if I don't remove it. Can you hear me cussing again?

Have you seen the latest Country Cross Stitch magazine? I had to buy this one!

I have a couple of lovely gifts to show you.

From Marlene at Poppy Patchwork - this lovely Christmas design with thread and beads

From my BFF Beatrice - some wonderful lighthouse fabric. I think I may soon have enough for a quilt.

From my sweet cousin - a new flower frog. Have you ever seen one like this? I never have! It is beautiful. The flowers on the side are hand painted.


Well, that's it for this post. Let's hope my frog visit is short lived. If not, I will be tossing them out of my vehicle bodily on my trip to Arizona - two more weeks until we leave.


Carolyn NC said...

Love the DM - glad you were able to get the cut fixed! And all your goodies are adorable...but that flower frog I might have to steal..LOL Enjoy!

Dani - tkdchick said...

No frogs no! Boo frogs boo!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Phew, the cut got covered! Sorry to hear about all the frogs though, it's just so annoying, especially on a gorgeous piece like Desert Mandala.

I love the Nutcracker designs, perfect for you, as is the fabric.

Brigitte said...

I was hoping that the cut you made while frogging could be mended and it seems that everything is OK now. Must have been a big relief.
I love this Mandala very much, this one and the alpine one are my favourites. All the little details in the corners are so interesting.
Enjoy your greta gifts.

Catherine said...

Lovely stitches and gifts!

Meari said...

Beautiful flower frog -- I've not ever seen one like that either.

Your Mandala looks great. Sorry about the frogging, though. I'm saving all my beads until last.

Caitlin Jordan said...

Gorgeous stitching though its bad about the frog.

I live your flower frog and new projects they look great!

Judy S. said...

Glad you were able to fix the cut! What a nightmare! Your mandala is fabulous! I love it. Keep those frogs away! Just don't send 'em this way..... ;-)

Carol said...

I'm sure you're counting the days until you get to leave this cold, damp northern weather behind, Kathy!

Your Mandala will be worth all that extra effort in the end--it really is stunning!

Bette said...

Your gifts are lovely. Isn't it nice to have stitching friends like that?

The mandala is really progressing. I need to get mine out and get started on it. Actually I should be making notes of what you're doing so it goes a little easier for me. LOL!

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

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Karen Balser said...

My name is Karen and I am new to blogger. Still learning how to use it.
I have been reading your blog and jut love it.
Your stitching is wonderful. My blog is Lowcountry
Happy stitching

Kathy A. said...

Karen - I was unable to find the link to your blog. Can you please include it again?

Heidi's Garden said...

Love nutcrackers! Hope you have a great trip to AZ!

Hugs from Holland ~

Anonymous said...

You sure have been having a time, haven't you? I am glad you were able to fix the cut in your fabric and I hop the frogs have gotten the message that you will perform surgery if you have to. Hehe
Love the new flower frog! It's beautiful.

Karen said...

Ohhh those dratted frogs!! Really glad you were able to repair the fabric. It really is a beautiful piece!

Lynn said...

I loved seeing DM up close and personal last week! It's a gorgeous piece!
That flower frog is beautiful!! Far nice than the other type of frog you had visiting, lol!

stitcherw said...

Sorry the frogs are being such a pain, no fun having to have to do all that reverse stitching. Your Desert Mandala is gorgous I love looking at your progress. Awesome flower frog too, I've never seen one like that.

Margaret said...

Your mandela is gorgeous. I'm sure it makes you want to head to our neck of the woods quickly.

What a pretty flower frog.

Have a great trip down south & we all hope you'll come our way again sometime this winter so we can get together for lunch & a visit to SP.

Maxine said...

Beautiful stitching....glad you got it sorted ok.... hopefully the frogs will leave you well alone now :)