Monday, 13 January 2014

A new Round Robin.

Oh my goodness, you all blew me away with your kind words. Thank you so much for all the lovely posts about the mermaid.

I have been stitching but cannot show much. I worked on a secret stitch that has been passed on now.

I stitched a block for my newest Band Sampler RR. I really struggled with a theme for this RR and then ran across these charts in my search.

These are blocks from SanMan 2006. I decided to stretch the rules a bit and consider 3 rows of 4 bands lol.
I stitched August because it is my birth month and it has lighthouses! I loved this stitch.

I sent and received a package for the Winter Exchange on the Stitch Create Exchange blog.

Here is the gift I sent

And here is the lovely package I received from Janet. The little mouse is so very sweet!

I am currently working on a Valentine stitch for that exchange so photos will have to wait there too.

I am trying, really trying to revive my blog. I hope to do better this year. I was surprised when I saw that I had only done 14 posts last year.I also found that I did not keep a very good record of the pieces I stitched last year. I have been hunting for several days to try and find the photos and information. Hopefully, it will come together soon.

And good news! I am off to Las Vegas for 4 days for a stitching get together. My BFF Beatrice is flying to Phoenix and we will meet and then head to Vegas. Looking forward to some quality time with some fellow stitchers.


Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

What a sweet NEW RR for you :)
And I love that Santa you stitched for the exchange! Darling :)
JEALOUS about Vegas and what happens there stays there, I hear ;)

Dani - tkdchick said...

An RR? I thought you weren't doing them any more! Did you fall prey to peer pressure... especially band RR am I allowed to tell you "I told you so" when you grumble about it?

Needles to say your start looks lovely and so do your exchanges.

Rowyn said...

I love seeing the RRs you participate in, they always turn out amazing.

What fantastic exchanges sent out and received.

Have fun in Vegas.

Rachel S-H said...

Love the little mouse!

Lisa V said...

I love that Santa, he is so whimsical and fun. Glad you enjoyed the exchange.

Bianca said...

I hope you have a great time in Vegas. I live here and if you haven't been to A Stitchers Paradise, I definitely recommend checking it out!

Marlene Jones said...

Enjoy your trip, and glad to see you are back blogging

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Haha, did you really tell Dani you weren't going to do another RR? I said that too but didn't want to miss out on stitching Karen's seasonal themed samplers!

I love the little monthly designs you have chosen. Shame I get it last but at least I get to see everyone's stitching in person.

Have a great trip.

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Dani said. How many people did you say no more RR's?
I know a few. It looks good tho'
I need to do that Santa!!!

Brigitte said...

Great, the exchange pieces. This Santa is looking very special. And a new RR, how great. I'm sure you will like it again. Love your monthly theme, and I'm looking forward to seeing the other participants choices.

Meari said...

That Santa flatfold is adorable! Nice exchange, both sent and received. I've never heard of that exchange blog... do you have to be a member?

Carol said...

So glad you are going to try to post more this year, Kathy--I've missed you! Love that Santa finish with his cute little bell--adorable and the gifts from Janet are wonderful, too.

Have fun in Vegas!

Andrea said...

Your Santa is just so cute and the exchange you received is lovely. Hope to see more posts from you this year. :)

Judy S. said...

Between the holidays and a dead computer, I've been out of touch and am just now kind of catching up. Are you in AZ, like in the past? My sis from MN is headed there soon. Happy stitching and a great 2014, Kathy. I love your new projects.

Stitching Noni said...

Love the exchange packages :)
Like you I am hoping to blog more often this year!

Andie said...

Hey ya Kathy :D Hows the blogging going? ;) lol
I can't talk I'm trying to get back into blogging as well :D
I love the exchange pieces and especially the Santa piece you stitched :D