Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Muriel takes a road trip

It was a beautiful sunny day. Beatrice and I decided it was the perfect time for a road trip. We headed west to Port Hope. We remembered a lovely quilt shop Cozy Quilts that we had stopped at a couple of years ago and decided to stop in. The shop has been relocated. What a lovely setup she has.The shop was beautiful and the fabrics and finished quilts were amazing. The owne r(Shahena Fredricks) was the sweetest, friendliest person. We chatted with her for a considerable amount of time and she never made us feel unwelcome.
We explained Madame Muriel to her. She loved the idea. Here she is with Muriel and me.

While Beatrice and I shopped, Muriel wandered the shop. When I checked my camera at the end of the day I found several shots of Madame. Here she is in the threads.

Next, I find she was in the pile of fat quarters admiring the wonderful colors.

After all that shopping, Beatrice and I were ready  for some lunch. We went to a lovely deli called Basil's. Muriel had to have her photo taken with the backdrop.

 She looks like she is sitting on the chair in the photo lol.

Our next stop was Herma's. Muriel loved all the glitz and glitter and insisted on being photographed everywhere.

On the store sign

On the sculpture outside

On top of the angel sculpture

On the Spode tea set

In the crystal Christmas tree

Amongst all the glittery jewelry

 and snuggled into the chocolate.

I insisted that she have her photo taken with the Canadian Maple Syrup.

Our next stop was Primitive Design. What a unique and interesting store this was.
There was the most awesome stuff everywhere.

Here is Muriel on the carved dragon

On the carved Indian

Resting with me on the awesome throne

and posing with me and Optimus Prime. You can barely see her over my left shoulder.

Along with Optimus Prime, they had BumbleBee and Megatron. I was very excited to see these artworks and they did not disappoint.My grandsons were very impressed that I had my photo taking with the Prime.

Beatrice is posing with an elephant made from driftwood.

What a fun day we had. All three of us were tired and ready to go home. A stop at a local ice cream shop ended our adventure.

Muriel says she is happy to rest for a few days.

I've been working on my nutcracker stocking with little show as it's all backstitching. I have decided to concentrate on it for a while as I would love to have it done for my grandson at Christmas this year.


Beatrice said...

We sure did have fun....hmmm how about another road trip Muriel ?

Suz said...

OMG, it looks like you had some awesome fun!

I Love the pic of you on the throne!

Michele said...

Looks like you all had a blast!

Anna van Schurman said...

Muriel loves to shop! I love how shop owners are so willing to pose with a doll for a blog. Crafters are great people.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a fantastic trip! It looks like you are really spoiling Madame with the exciting locations.
I saw her on FB too, she does get about!
I love the look of the place with all the robots and the elephant.

Judy S. said...

Sounds like a very fun time!