Wednesday, 30 May 2007


My friend got her test results back today. The tumor was benign and she is cancer free. She is very happy and so are we all. WAY TO GO, BEATRICE! (she reads my blog LOL). Here is my progress on the mystery project. First photo is early this afternoon and second is late this evening. Mailed off my Gratification RR today and got news that 3 Sweetheart Tree RR pieces are on their way. I also have Dani's GRR piece sitting here waiting for inspiration. Her theme is "Knot Another Round Robin" and she wants knots. Any suggestions out there? In my spare time, I painted and rehung all the shutters on my house and painted my bench to match the shutters. The bench had not been taken apart for many years so undoing the bolts was quite tricky. Now, I have to put it back together. That should be interesting.


tkdchick said...

Kathy, that looks fantastic! I can't wait until you assemble it!

That's wonderful about Beatrice!!! Couldn't happen to a better person!

Beatrice said...

Your mystery stitch is looking sooooo good. Love the charms.

Thanks for your good wishes !!!!!