Thursday, 17 May 2007

Miribilia's Winter Queen

Here is my other large project over the past year. I started Winter Queen in the early 90's. Got very tired of the blue skirt and put it away until 2005. Picked her up again in 2005 and worked on her quite consistently other then stopping for baby and wedding samplers (LOL). Finished her in Arizona this past winter. Isn't she a beauty! Michael's did a wonderful job of framing her. She is home with me so I can show her off at Knowledge and Needles retreat in August, then she will reside in my winter home in Arizona.
Last night, stitched on Dimensions "Circle of Love". Not much progress there - just a couple of leaves.


Beatrice said...

The winter queen is lovely.

Vonna said...

Hi Kathy! Nice to meet you :)
I read Ann's blog and thought I'd come on over and start reading yours too :)
I love the Winter Queen and Your banner below is quite fantastic as well :)
Welcome to Blogdom! It is a wonderful enterprise for us stitchers!
I'll be I've added you to my bloglines! Until the next time :)

Wendy said...

Hi Kathy~
Your Winter Queen is stunning! Congrats on such an amazing finish. I have this one as a very sad UFO stashed away somewhere. And I'm itching to start Celtic Banner, especially after seeing so many amazing pictures on Ann's blog.

Welcome to the blogging world!!

Christin said...

How lovely!
I totally understand the blue thing after stitching White Night

tkdchick said...

She looks gorgeous!!!!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Winter Queen looks amazing.


Coral said...

She is lovely!

(I have had Spring Queen for about 8 years, and haven't started her yet - too much to do...)

Welcome to blogland!

Christine Doyle said...

Oh, she is gorgeous! Congratulations!