Monday, 19 October 2009

Done, gone, outta here!

Packing up is all finished. Suitcases are in the car. We are now visiting with our DS, DDIL and two grandsons for a week. What fun!!!!
And I've been stitching. I have no RR's coming through my door for at least three weeks and so I have time to do some of my own stitching.

From the bottom of my stitching bag we have

1. My HAED - Peacock Lagoon after approximately 800 stitches.


After:Yep, that's a moon!

2. Fairies in the Garden - some pretty pink flowers

and a photo of what mine should look like someday.

3. And a new start - Three Stockings stitched with WDW and GAST threads. This was in the Blogaversary package I won from Patti. It is fun!!!

I took the leap yesterday and ordered the threads for my Desert Mandala. I debated long and hard about that one as it is a big chunk of change. But, one of my stitching buddies said "We are on the back nine of life and the clubhouse is in sight!" Well, if that clubhouse is anywhere in my vision, I better enjoy my stitching while I can.

Well, off to hug the grandsons and stitch some more. Have a great week!


staci said...

Enjoy stitching for yourself! Have a good visit with your kids and grandkids. Save travels :)

Missy Ann said...

Very true, life is short and we should it enjoy it to the fullest. :D

J Rae said...

Looks like you are making good stitching progress.

Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving/Christmas celebration with your family!

Your Violet for the Pixie Mirabilia is gorgeous! What a lovely RR Sophia has! Beautiful!

Your neighborhood RR is very pretty! I like the block you stitched. Have you decided what to do with it yet?

Kim B said...

Your WIPs are fantastic!

Carolyn NC said...

Have fun! Well, you have gotten off to a great part of stitching on your HAED, so I'm going to try to fit it in this week. I'm supposed to have a stitched exchange by Fri. (which I haven't done yet...) and finish Zentangle, so here's hoping. Love your fairies - it's such an adorable picture!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your wips are looking great. Have a great time visiting with your family and I wish you safe travel on your trip to Arizona.

Margaret said...

How fun to visit with DS and family before heading south. Have a safe trip.

Your HAED is daunting and something I don't believe I will ever stitch even though they are lovely when finished. On the other hand - Mandela - YES!! Love them and am going to check right now to see what the Desert Mandela looks like.

What a pretty piece you fairy garden is.

Michelle said...

Glad you are able to work on your own stitching for a little while! Beautiful progress!!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Kathy,

I love the name of the creators
of Three Stockings - A Needle
and Fred. I wonder who Fred is?

It's a cute design, whether the
designer is named Fred or not.
All those bars of color are very

So that's what Fairies in My
Garden looks like. Very nice.
There's a lot of stitching to
be done there, but I guess I
don't have to tell you that.
The fairies are soooo cute!

How does the background work??
The outer edge of the model is
white but the part inside the
border is brown?? How is that
look achieved??

Nice progress on Peacock Lagoon.
Do you find it hard on your eyes
stitching this piece???

Don't worry Kathy...I won't let
any details slip about the new
Diana Gabaldon book when I write
about it on my blog. But I
suspect that you'll finish
reading it long before I do

So are you going with the silks
for your Mandala after all??
Whatever you choose to use this
projects going to look awesome.


Suzanne said...

All your stitching looks great.

Gayle said...

Everything looks wonderful. Enjoy your visit with family and safe travels. I am in Peoria, AZ so if you are close it would be fun to get together.

RuthB said...

Kathy, your Clubhouse is quite a ways off, but you do deserve stash :)

Travel safely and have fun with your DS.

And, for the record, I have not forgotten your spools. Honest! I'm just really, really slow!