Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Granddaughter and quarter stitches

Here is a photo of my beautiful granddaughter Drew with her new fortune teller. She is over the moon with it. We had company for dinner last night and Drew had to play it with all our guests. Been stitching away on the TW piece for my Gratification RR and I am being quarter-stitched to death. I must think of some way to avenge myself on the owner of the piece. I am also working on a piece for my parents but there is not much to show - just a blob of flowers and pink ribbon. Stopped off at Knowledge and Needles and picked up the fabric for my Neighborhood RR. Now to grid it all out. Floss is on sale at Michael's so Beatrice and I were off to the store and filled our basket with floss. It is amazing the other things you see that you can't live without that end up in your basket - floss cards, Fray Chek, needles and, oh yeah, a red t-shirt. We had a good time. It is wonderful to be back to spending time together without worry, just enjoying being together. We have been the best of friends for almost 30 years and share many of the same likes and dislikes.


Vonna said...

Your grand-daughter is beautiful and I bet she loved her fortune teller :)
Sound like you had a big time at Michaels and I understand totally how it is to walk down the aisle and the items just fling themselves in your cart!

tkdchick said...

Drew looks so cute!

I'm afraid... revenge ... oh no!