Sunday, 10 June 2007

Knot Another Round Robin

After much grinching and complaining the celtic knots are finished on Dani's RR. This is a piece of the border from TW's The Storyteller. I must say I am happy with the final result. I am now working on the ornament from my ornament RR. I have finished gridding my Neighborhood RR and am looking forward to putting the first stitches in the fabric. Stitching time is at a premium these few days. We are visiting with our little grandsons and they consume a great deal of the time. They are such a joy and I delight in all their antics.


Anonymous said...

Kathy - the complaining was well worth. The Celtic knows look great

tkdchick said...

Ooooh Katy I love it ... looks fantastic! I've stitched that border myself... twice!

Wendy said...

Beautiful! You can't go wrong with any of the TW borders. They are challenging to stitch but all so beautiful.

Hey we are in the same Neighbourhood RR, I'm in Group 1.

Beatrice said...

All that grumbling was for!!!
Your knots are beautiful. It's a very nice piece.