Sunday 28 October 2007

I WON! and Snowbird ready to fly

First, I WON!! Heather at QuiltorStitch had her blogaversary recently and my name was drawn by her son, Curran (my new lucky charm). I have viewed her blog for a while and she is an beautiful stitcher and an even more amazing quilter. I am soooo excited.
I have finally shaken the cold and bronchitis that has kept me down for the last 2 1/2 weeks. Our van is packed, my stitching bag is full, my Paradigm is marked and ready for it's first stitch, my wings are groomed and we are patiently waiting. I have a quick checkup with the doctor tomorrow and we are on our way. We will stay Monday night with our DH's brother and his wife in Windsor and cross at Detroit Tuesday morning. We should be in Texas sometime Thursday. For my Paradigm - Cirque stitchers, polish up those needles and limber up those fingers. Start date is close!!
Access may be sporadic until we reach Texas.
Till then, take care of yourselves and stitch, stitch, stitch!!!

Friday 26 October 2007

Book of Stitches and Crystal tree

Page 3 of Little Book of Stitches is coming along nicely. I was asked if it is from "Gift of Stitching". It is indeed - August 2007. I am really enjoying this project and the peacock thread is working up nicely.

This is not the greatest photo of Crystal Tree but we have progress. I ended up tearing out all the previous stitching and starting again. This is on 32 count Ice Blue Lugana and will be lovely when it is done. I have started at the top and it seems to be going better. I find it easier to keep track and I am trying not to wander too far with the confetti stitches. I have discovered that I cannot stitch this one with distractions though. I took it with my yesterday to my last Thursday stitching group and had to counter stitch everything I had done! It was wonderful to see my stitching friends again and sad to say goodbye to them all for the next few months. I wish you could meet them. They are such a wonderful group - so encouraging, so funny, so supportive and such great buddies. Take care everyone

On the cold front - things are progressing slowly. I had to see my doctor on Monday and I have developed bronchitis and a lung infection. I now have antibiotics, an bronchodilator and some narcotic cough medicine to get me through this. The cough medicine knocks me on my keister so I try not to take it unless I am desperate. The doctor has assured me that I should be on the upswing in the next few days. We have had to cancel our plans for the next several days and are now unsure of our date to cross into the U.S. I will still start Paradigm on the scheduled date.

Tuesday 23 October 2007

Book of Stitches and Christmas tree

Here is my completed page 2 of "Little Book of Stitches". Sure is pretty!! On to page 3. Page 1 has initials and the date and I think I will wait to do that page.
I have finished the gift I was doing. I will have to wait until I have access to a sewing machine before I can finish it. I will photo it once it has been received.
Now that the wreath is off to the framers, I am on to the next project in my UFO pile. This is "Crystal Tree" from the November 2004 Stitcher's World. I started this last March. I had it about 1/3 done and then realized I was off by 1/2 stitch. I ripped out a large section and threw it to the bottom of my pile. I dug it out today and checked it over to start again. I got a new copy of the pattern since I marked the first one and still got it wrong. I took this photo of what I have done after ripping out a large piece. After taking this photo, I sat down to work on it and had to tear out everything you see on the left. I guess I will start all over again. I have pinned to start at the top and will try from there. Just in case I never get to the end, this is the finished tree from the magazine. Maybe someday!

Sunday 21 October 2007

Bits and Pieces

Good morning everyone.
Jim is home from the hospital. After some discussion with my sister and the hospital, it was decided that his rehabilitation could continue at home. After delivery of a wheelchair and a few other necessities, my sister bundled him into their van and took him home. She says the smile on his face is worth a million dollars. She had to have a few adjustments made to their home but nothing major. She says the greetings from the dogs, cats, horses and baby pig all made him grin from ear to ear. Starting the first of the week, he will get physical and speech therapy at home. He can maneuver around the house, in and out of bed and into the bathroom with minimal help. The kids are glad to have him home but he finds their high energy a bit much. I am sure he will adjust.
I have a lousy, stinking miserable cold that is not getting any better. As a matter of fact, it seems to be getting worse. When I cough, it seems to start in my toes. While we were visiting the grandsons, they had eye infections. Well, DH caught the infection and this morning I woke up with the infection. DH gave me the cold too. Needless to say, I am cranky, cranky, cranky and DH is not my favorite person. I will be off to the doctor's on Monday.
I had a lovely dinner and visit with Dani last Thursday. Dani has continued her enabling ways. She is doing a Christmas ornament exchange over at her Needle and Thread Board (link on her blog). She asked if I would like to join. I had to decline since all my supplies are packed in boxes ready for the trip to Arizona. Well, at dinner, she presented me with pattern, thread and fabric to do an ornament. What a girl!!! Thanks Dani. I will get stitching on it right away.
Dani and I went to see "Elizabeth - The Golden Age". It was excellent - visually stunning and the costumes were spectacular. Sometimes, the acting was a little over the top, but, all in all, a movie I would highly recommend.
I have been slowly working on a gift and also on my Book of Stitches. Progress however has been very slow due to my not feeling well. Hopefully, I will have something to show you soon.

Wednesday 17 October 2007

You Make Me Smile Award

Look what came my way today. It came from my BFF Beatrice. I am glad that I make her smile. I am now supposed to pick 10 stitchers that make me smile. That is a tough choice. There are many blogs that I enjoy and you are all listed in my side bar. But, to stay with the program here are my ten

Beatrice (Stitching with a View)
Annmarie (Wacky Wanderings)
Dani (TKD Chick)
Carol (Garden of Stitches)
Carol (Linen Stitcher)
Vonna (The Twisted Stitcher)
Wendy (Wendy Home at Work)
Teejay (The Tapestry Chronicles)
Ranae (The Needle and I)
Karen (Little Cat Blogs)
Ann (Knowledge and Needles)

Okay, so I can't count either. Each of my fellow stitchers give me a laugh or a smile every day. Consider yourselves sharing this award!!!
I am stitching away on a gift that I cannot show and on my "Book of Little Stitches". Not really much progress there or not enough to photograph anyway.
I have added my fabric choice and threads to the Snowbird SAL if you are interested. Have a great day one and all.

Sunday 14 October 2007

Here if my second biscornu. Well, Beatrice and I worked on this one together. We have a Thursday stitcher named Judie who has been stitching Good Night, Sleep Tight for months. It is a very large piece and has cows wearing quilts in a pasture. She has said she never wanted to see a cow again. Beatrice and I decided that she needed a souvenir after all that work. I stitched one side, Beatrice the other. Beatrice put it together while I was in Texas and we gave it to her last Thursday. She loved it and says she will have to hide it from her daughter.

Here is Carol's house in her neighborhood. This is a house from Just Cross Stitch magazine April 2003. The design is from Brown House Studios. I think it suited the neighborhood. It was fun to stitch - all done with one strand. I spent the rest of my time working on my Book of Little Stitches re-doing the area that I had to rip out. I am back to where I started.

Saturday 13 October 2007

My first biscornu and lots of counter stitching

Here it is. My very first biscornu. I made this for my new friend Lynn . She has been very kind to me and I wanted to say thank you. It is stitched on 32 count evenweave and is stitched with WDW 2333 Peopria Purple. I had a bit of challenge putting it together but sure liked it when it was finished.
It took two weeks for it to travel to her. I could have driven it there faster. Our Canadian postal system leaves a great deal to be desired.

Beatrice and I have done a second biscornu together since then but I do not have photos yet.

I worked on my Little Book of Stitches or rather I unworked. The cross in the bottom right hand corner was out by 1/2 row and I did not discover it until I was almost finished that corner so my stitching time was spent counter stitching that whole area! I was asked where the pattern came from. It is from Gift of Stitching - August 2007.

Carol's house is done but I am waiting to photo until I add some animals to the scene. It is crying for a little something.

I am not feeling the greatest today. I have caught DH's cold and it is really knocking the heck out of me.

Thursday 11 October 2007

A Wonderful Gift and update on Jim

Look what I got from my BFF Beatrice today. She gave this to me at our Thursday stitching group and made me cry. I was so surprised and delighted that she took the time to do this for me. The center is a medallion from Paradigm. I just love the stitching and the pillow finish is gorgeous. I am so lucky.

Her mom, Adriana also stitched me a little angel. I forgot to photograph it but will for my next blog.

Been stitching away on Carol's neighborhood. Got a nice chunk done today.

On the personal front, DH and I managed to pack all boxes and other assorted belongings into the van today without an argument or hassle. That is rare but today it worked. Cause for celebration. We are closing our house up tomorrow and going to visit our son in Ottawa for a week.

I talked to my sister Sherry last night. Jim is making steps forward. When he saw my mom yesterday he said "Hey" for the first time. Sherry bundled him into their van with my mom and her kids and they took him to IHOP for supper. Sherry was rattling away about the menu to him. He spoke up "Your" he said, she said "talking too fast". He said "Yes" and pointed to his choice on the menu. He has taken a couple of steps with a three-footed cane. He can haul himself out of his bed to the wheelchair and from the wheelchair to the tiolet and back. He is learning to compensate for his paralyzed right side. They are small steps but good steps. Each one is the answer to a prayer.

Wednesday 10 October 2007

New starts

I am celebrating the finish of the wreath by starting a couple of new things.

First, the neighborhood. I received Carol's neighborhood in the mail while I was away. I have started on my block. I have chosen a pattern from Just Cross Stitch, April 2003 and the design is by Brown House Studio. I love the colors in this house and I think the style fits Carol's neighborhood well.

Here is a photo of Carol's neighborhood to this point. Isn't it nice. Carol has asked that we stitch with one thread and it adds delicacy to the work.My second new start is from the Gift of Stitching magazine.It is "Little Book of Stitches". I am doing it on 32 count linen with WDW 2149 Peacock. I am working on page 2.

I am starting a SAL of Paradigm Lost on Nov. 1 with Dani and some other friends. Dani and I decided last year that we would like to do this as a SAL. Since then many friends have joined us and the group has grown considerably. Some of the fellow stitchers have decided to do Cirque des Cercles. Dani has set up a blog for us as we stitch along. Check it out. It is called Snowbird SAL. If you would like to join with us please feel free.

I checked a few minutes ago and Vonna has decided to join us doing Cirque. She has resisted for the longest time. What a fun group this is turning out to be.

Monday 8 October 2007

Home, Christmas and a Finish

Well, I am back home. I arrived home on Thursday. My sister is doing okay. It will be a rough go for her for some time. My mother is leaving Tuesday and staying with her until October 30th. I will be returning to Texas on November 1st for two weeks. We are doing our best to give her as much family support as we can. Jim is making slow progress but we are all hopeful.
Now to stitching news. The wreath is finished. I took the wreath from a Dimensions chart called "Circle of Love", changed the saying inside the wreath and added the names of the 6 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren my parents have. Bob and Adam are my children, and Drew, Jackson and Hunter are my grandchildren. I had hoped to have it finished and framed by this weekend but that did not happen under the circumstances. I sat up late Saturday night and sewed beads on until it was finished. I gave it to my mom yesterday and then took it back to wash and press.

We had a wonderful Christmas/Thanksgiving with our family yesterday. I watched my children and grandchildren opening gifts and at the dinner table and counted all my blessings. After the tragedy that has befallen my sister, I think it makes us all realize how quickly our lives can change and not always for the better. I hope all my Canadian friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I will take a moment to thank all my blogging friends for their kind words and support. I count you amongst my blessings.

On to another topic. I am starting a SAL on Paradigm Lost starting November 1st. The participants so far are myself, Dani, Christin, Beatrice, Wendy and now Rob has decided to join us.
We have three other participants but they will be doing Cirque des Cercles. They are Barb (from Thursday stitchers) Ann and Lynn.
Anyone else who is interested we would love to have you join us. Please contact me if you wish to join.

Tuesday 2 October 2007


Good morning everyone. Time for an update. Jim is doing well in the rehabilitation hospital. He receives 3 1/2 hours of therapy each day - physical, occupational and speech. His progress is slow but we are beginning to see some signs of improvement. He can say yes, no, aha, awright. He comprehends almost everything you ask him. He shakes his head most emphatically if he does not like something and he gets a silly grin when he finds something very funny. He rolls his eyes at my sister who is quite the chatterer. He fell out of his wheelchair yesterday. Did not hurt himself but needed to learn he was not ready to be on his own yet. My sister is holding up well and the children have settled down. We have tried to keep their routine as normal as possible. Today is their son's 13th birthday so the whole family is taking dinner, birthday cake and presents and we will have supper with Jim.
I have settled to some stitching. The wreath itself is finished and it matched perfectly when the two ends came together. It is all backstitched and I am working on the lettering in the middle. I am changing the center wording so it takes some work. Will post a photo when I get home.
I am flying home on Thursday to be with my family for Thanksgiving/Christmas. My mom will be arriving on the 9th to help Sherry until we return here on Nov 1st or 2nd to help out. We celebrate Christmas at Thanksgiving every second year since we don't go home for the holidays. We put up the tree, cook the turkey and pass out presents. I am looking forward to watching the grandkids as they rip through the paper. Well, folks back to life.
Sherry and I thank everyone for their kind words and prayers!!