Friday 10 April 2009

Out from under the boxes

Hello fellow stitchers.
I am just stopping by to leave a short note. We are in the process of packing up for our return to Canada for the next six months. Unfortunately, I am having trouble getting out from under the boxes to post any updates.
I will return when I can. With packing, traveling and unpacking at the other end my posts will be sparse for a bit.
We are leaving here on April 15th and will be back in Canada on April 25th with a few stops in between - Denver, Guthrie Center and Windsor.
I am reading blogs when I get a chance and am enjoying everyone's amazing work!! I have not had much time to comment though.
Please don't desert me as I am deserting all of you for a bit.

I will miss you (typed with a big pout on her face).

Many hugs and Happy Easter