Monday 19 July 2010

Exchanges and gifts

I have received notice that my two exchanges for July have been received. I can now share them with you.

The first exchange went to Michele. I stitched the scissor protector and needlebook from The Gift of Stitching 2008 on 32 count Ivory Lugana with the recommended GAST Threads. I loved the colors in this and it went together beautifully after having some help understanding the instructions from Beatrice.

Here are the other goodies I included in her package.

The second exchange went to Nic in the U.K. Nic is new to me and she has Linden Bee Designs. Now, doesn't that make one nervous about stitching when you are stitching for a designer.

For her I stitched For My Friend Scissor Pocket from Cat Whiskers Studio, Limited Edition 2009 on 32 count Cookie Dough using Dinky Dyes - Kalamunda. Again, a challenge to put together but well worth it in the end.

Here are the little extras I included in her exchange.

From my sweet friend Helen - a gift - Blackstone Fantasy Garden. Helen has stitched it and then passed on the pattern. I love this one and it was on my to do list. Thank you so very much my friend.

I also won a giveaway and look at the cool gift I won.

I will be taking it to Thursday stitching where we shall all try it out. Thank you so much Joanne.

I'm sure like many others of you, it has been so stinking hot! The humidity has been brutal! and let me tell you I get very cranky. I just don't handle it well.  It did break for a day but today we are back in the high temps again.

I will be leaving Friday to go on vacation for a little over two weeks. We have a cottage in Northern Ontario - no phone, no internet! I am looking forward to some quiet time and some serious stitching. And I hope to do some fishing - I am a closet fisherperson. I love fishing for bass. That is the only time of the year I take to do that but I love every minute of it. I will bait my own line and I take the fish off with a rubber kitchen glove - hey - whatever works - right! Cleaning the fish is up to DH.

My blogging and reading will be sparse as I have to drive 15 miles into town to get internet but I will catch up where I can. Until then, keep those needles singin'

Wednesday 7 July 2010

Lighthouses and school children

I am so very excited. In 2007 I started a lighthouse RR. Well, this RR has had it's issues. The designs are from Stoney Creek. Each lighthouse took a huge number of threads and a very large amount of time. Each person who stitched on it grumbled and complained their way through their block. When my local stitchers had done their contribution, some away stitchers volunteered their services. So after 3 1/2 years, it is home. I still need to stitch the last block and do the border. I am going to add the name of each lighthouse under each block and then add the names of the stitchers at the bottom. It is not done but it is home in my hands and that is where it will stay.
The last stitcher was Jenn from Sweetpea Stitches and she included photos of the lighthouse she stitched. Her husband also stitches and he did all the back stitching on her piece. She and her DH do lighthouse tours and had actually been to the Selkirk lighthouse that she stitched. I am planning to frame the photos and hang them near this RR when it is done. She also included some lovely little angel pins that she made and a lighthouse design that her DH had stitched.

My stitching has been for 2 exchanges that went out in the mail last week. I did work on a RR for a local stitcher. Barb (no blog) is a retired teacher and find this cute design in an old pamphlet. My Thursday stitching group are working on this for her. I did the two little guys to the right - one dipping the girl's hair in the inkwell and the second under the desk. Kinda reminds me of my boys when they were young. LOL.

I  received this package in the mail yesterday. In my recent exchange with Clare, there was a set of thread keepers from Rosewood Manor. Unfortunately, a couple got broken in transit. When I contacted Karen at Rosewood Manor about replacement cost, she generously sent me a replacement package at no charge and included a free pattern. So a BIG Thank You and a worthy mention goes to Karen Kluba at Rosewood Manor designs!!!

I stitched the April block on my SanMan Snowman. Love these little pieces.

I really need to take some time and get back to my BAP's but it is too hot to pick up a large piece of fabric. With the Humidex, it was over 100 degrees here yesterday. It was not quite that hot but close Monday and today is supposed to be even hotter then yesterday. I plan to spend my day on my swing outside, stitching and enjoying the breeze from the water.  I hope all of you who are experiencing this heat wave survive well.

Till next time, keep those stitches crossed.

Thursday 1 July 2010


Happy Canada Day one and All.

Last year at this time, Vonna made a comment on my blog that she thought she would like to celebrate Canada Day too. Well, of course, that set the wheels turning.She had forgotten all about that comment but I hadn't.  A package went off in the mail a few weeks ago. Today you can see the results.

My adopted family for this year's Canada Day - the Pfeiffer clan. You should read the post on Vonna's blog. It is wonderful.