Friday 11 January 2013

First TUSAL of 2013 and catching up

Here is my first TUSAL post of 2013.

 All those pretty Kreinik threads are from my Maple Leaf. I'm making significant progress but will save the photo for next post as I'm close to a Happy Dance.

With all the holiday festivities and family fun, I noticed that a few gifts that I received have been missed.

I got to meet with Annette and Terri when I stayed overnight in Phoenix on my way home to Canada. The ladies collected me and off we went to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. We laughed and talked our way through dinner. Annette gifted me with these wonderful charts.

I participated in an ornament exchange with my stitching group at home and this lovely ornament arrived in my mailbox. Thank you Clare. He is a handsome fella and will grace my Christmas tree next year.

From my friend, Michele - this pretty little tin arrived. Inside a PS Santa chart, a lighthouse magnet  a jingle bell and some wonderful chocolates.

Just before Christmas I sent out the following to my friend Cathey. Her little fella is getting to the messy stage and this bib will help keep the mess down lol.

My quilt group is hosting a ladies luncheon in January. We are making table runners that will be raffled. This will be my contribution.

On the stitching front.

I am participating in another exchange and this will be my exchange stitch - Snowman by Ursula Michaels. I still have to finish it into something - not sure what yet.

I have completed another Band Sampler RR. Here is the RR and my stitch - bands from Sweetheart Tree.

 And I have been stitching away on my Desert Mandala.

I have completed this left block. The specialty stitches were a bit of a challenge.

Then I beaded the rattlesnake. I accidentally switched a container and beaded him with grey beads instead of gold. I wrestled that sucker to the ground, removed the grey beads and added the gold.

What a handsome fella he is now.

I was grinching over the specialty stitches and a friend reminded me that all stitches are basically Needle Up, Needle Down. I laughed and agreed. I think that may be my new motto!

With a small visit from the frogs, I consider this week's stitching a success. I am now working on my AA Maple Leaf and will post next time.

It is almost time to head back to Yuma. We will be flying out early Saturday morning. It has been wonderful visiting with family but it is time to get back.

Saturday 5 January 2013

A New Stitching Year

Ahhhh - It is 2013 and the world didn't end. To me that means another year to share my love of stitching.
I have looked over my list from last year and made some additions and removed the pieces that were completed. The list looks small  for 2013 but there are some definite BAP's on that list.

On my list this year

My Chatelaine - Desert Mandala  - I would like to see significant progress but am realistic enough to know it won't get finished. Here is my progress to date. This is next in my rotation - starting today. Wish me luck - I'm working with Black Marlitt - my favorite - NOT!

My Etui
I have completed Page 1 and made a start on Page 2.  I would like to have this one done by year's end. The challenge with this piece is my eyesight. It is 36 count and I have to use a magnifier lamp which is not always readily available or my eyes are tired and it's not easy to see.

 My Sampler Gameboard by Drawn Thread - SAL with Facebook group

Here is my progress at the end of my first four day rotation.

 And lesson learned - pay attention to where you are starting. I am tight on the left side - about 1 1/2 inches and have 3 inches or more on the right - Whoops!

Alessandra Adelaide's Maple Leaf - SAL with my stitching friends from home.

Here is my slight progress on January 1st.

CCN's Santa's Village
Here is my start on House 1 - Santa's House

The fabric is 32 count Lugana - Ice Princess - from Under the Sea Fabrics

Also on my list

Simply Christmas - Waxing Moon - a gift from Marlene

Sweetheart Tree -  Red Pepper Scissor Fob - from my stack of Sweetheart Tree I bought on Ebay.

The rest of the list is on my sidebar.

I have several other things to show you but will make them a seperate post.

And as you can see, I really could do without frogs if I'm to stand any chance at all of getting some serious stitching done lol.

Take care one and all. I hope the beginning of this new year has been happy for you. My DH and I have been spending some quality time with our grandchildren and that makes our new year very happy.