Sunday 27 April 2008

Home at Last - sort of

We have arrived safely back in Ontario. We are staying with our son and his family until Sunday and then will move back to our home.

When we leave for the winter, we winterize the house, turn off the propane, the water and the electricity. I empty all the cupboards and the refrigerator and we take anything that will freeze to Beatrice for the winter. When we first arrive home, we have to turn all these back on and give the house time to return to some kind of warmth. That time also allows us to spend time with our sweet granddaughter since they live about 15 minutes from us.
We had a great trip home. We stopped in Denver to visit with some friends we met RVing several years ago. They always find some cool place to take us when we stop by. Our friends took us to the little town of Evergreen - really rustic and very cool. We went to a barbershop quartet performance at one of the local high schools in the evening. When I first heard barbershop I kind of rolled my eyes but they were more a men's chorale group with some barbershop quartet pieces and they were very professional. The voices were incredible and we really enjoyed it.
Next stop was Guthrie Center, Iowa where we visited for a few days. The guys did their thing and my friend Joann and I explored a beautiful quilt shop and did lunch. The next day we did a little drivng around the countryside and had to check out the baby chicks at the local feed store. They are DH's favorite thing to see when we are there.
I was sweating when we crossed the border because the van was full to the roof and we were over our import allowance but they barely even looked at us!!! The border agent probably took one look at the overstuffed van and decided she wanted no part of even opening a door LOL.

Our granddaughter spent this Friday with us and helped us unload everything into our house. I have been unpacking the last two days and almost everything is in it's place. It is amazing that all my cross stitch supplies disappeared into their assigned places without too much overflow. We will move back in on Monday. After buying food to fill the cupboards and the fridge we should be at home.
One nice thing about so many days in the car is the amount of time I could spend stitching. Check out all my progress!


A full page of Book of Stitches
Finished Part 1 of Periphaeria Spanish Mystery Sampler

And I even put some time in on Noddy and friends. We now have a mountain and a houseboat!

I also managed some time on a mystery stitch to be displayed one day. Amazing what 2700 miles in a van will do for your stitching time.

I arrived home Thursday afternoon and found time to attend a needlework show in Kingston on Saturday. I went with some of the Thursday stitchers and did lots of catching up. I saw some other stitchers I knew there (Christin, Carrie, Wendy and Marie Paul) Ann from Knowledge and Needles had a large display set up at the show and Dani was her assistant. I bought a few JBW designs from Ann's booth.And I found all these wonderful hand dyed threads from New Zealand. Barb, Dani and I tried to buy out all the colors. We were so in love with all the beautiful colors. Check them out. Well, that's all for now. I know this is a photo intensive entry but I just could not decide what to leave out. Till next time - keep on stitching!

Sunday 13 April 2008

Hello and see you soon

Good day everyone. This has been one busy week.
A little background - DH and I are Canadians who live in Ontario, Canada on Lake Ontario. Come late October when the rain starts to fall, the leaves start to drop and the wind starts to blow, we pack up our tent and move to Arizona for the winter. When the neighborhood starts to empty and the temperatures climb into the 100's, we head back home.
Many of our friends have folded their tents and headed back to their homes in B.C., Alberta, Washington, Oregon, Missouri and other places across Canada and the U.S. We have said goodbye every day for the past 9 days with either a "Happy Hour", supper out or a "Must Go"(everything left must go) party.It is hard on the diet to eat out so often. We ladies had to do our last minute shopping (every day for the past week) and do our last lunch out (more than once).

We are now getting ready to fold our tent and hit the road. We have 25 cardboard boxes, 3 large Rubbermaid totes and a myriad of other stuff to stash in between all this containers. Our van will be loaded to the roof as always. We are leaving here on Thursday and will be home in Ontario by the 24th. We are making a stop in Denver and again in Guthrie Center, Iowa to visit with some friends. We will travel approximately 2800 miles in seven days. My rear will be quite square by the time I finally get out of the van!!

On the stitching front, I did make some progress between packing boxes and all the other things that happened this past week.
I finished this large motif on page 6. I stayed up until midnight to get it done and rewarded myself by staying up even longer to do the small motif and the little elephant as my reward.
Here is my ornament for April - Partidge and Pear by Prairie Schooler from the Just Cross Stitch Ornament magazine 2005. I ended up doing two because a friend is a partridge collector and just had to have one. I will give it to her once I make it into an ornament.
I am amazed that I have managed to stick with an ornament a month to this date.
I am also working on my Swedish weaving afghan and will share a photo next time. My stitching bag will travel with me in the car and I hope to get some things done as we venture down the road.
I will probably not blog again until we get home. Internet on the road is always iffy.
I will leave you with a couple of photos that I took this week of the cactus in bloom. We don't often see blooms. You need an extra amount of rain for this to happen. I think this is the second time in 6 years we have seen so many in bloom.
See you back in Canada.

Sunday 6 April 2008

100th Post

I can't believe it - When I got ready to post today - it says #100. Wow, I don't know what to say. LOL If you knew me well you would know that I am rarely at a loss for words.

What an amazing ride this has been. Each and every one of you that I have met have in your own way added and enriched my life. I have learned all the wonderful things about fellow stitchers from stunning round robins, wonderful exchanges and contest winnings to RAK's. I have learned about new designers, more beautiful patterns than I could ever hope to stitch and new threads and colors. I have met people from all over the world via the blog world. I have learned the worst from disappearing pieces of needlework, to round robins and exchanges that fell apart, from spam and nasty comments. You have encouraged me when I was down or blocked, you offered up your prayers for my sister and her husband, you have adored my grandchildren and you patted me on the back more times than I can count. You have walked with me through all my stitches and counter stitches, my finishes and my odd piece that ended up in file 13.

Now, on the stitching front. It has been a busy week. I did a replacement stitch at the F&S exchange for Peg She is a teapot collector. This was a freebie from SanMan Originals that I chose for her. Also included was a recent magazine with "Teapot Cottage" with fabric and threads.
Here is my progress on Paradigm for the week. This is one huge motif with lots of solid stitching. I still have another week's work on this one.

Next, we have Prairie Schooler's Partridge in a Pear Tree that I am working on. This will be April's ornament when I am finished. It is a really pretty stitch.I finished my next round for Fair and Square and before it went in the mail I ordered a pattern to put in the package. Well, you can't just order one pattern so I ordered Ursula Michaels Lighthouse Welcome and Tree Trunk Designs Lighthouse Alphabet. While perusing blogs this week there was lots of talk about Reader's Digest Big Book of Stitches. Before I knew it I was at Barnes & Noble and look what I found.

This is my progress on my Swedish Weaving afghan. This pattern is called Marquise and it is coming along nicely.

Well, that's it for this post. Thank you everyone for all your kind comments on my ribbon wins. I know it is not really important in the long run but I did like those ribbons.

Thursday 3 April 2008


I am sooooo excited. I entered two pieces of needlework in the Yuma County Fair this year.

Over my right shoulder is Crystal Tree with my first Grand Champion Ribbon.Over my head is the bottom of Celtic Banner with my second Grand Champion Ribbon.

One Grand Ribbon is best overall in cross stitch and the second is best overall in needlework. I found this out last night and I'm still grinning this morning.

Tuesday 1 April 2008

A bit of this and that

My urge to stitch seems to have returned and I have some progress to report.
First, it was my friend Dani's birthday last week and I sent her a little package. Included was this freebie design. Not even sure where I got it but Dani likes blue and peacocks so what better to stitch for her. She is going to make it into a little pillow. The thread is DMC Variations #4230 and was stitched on a piece of hand dyed that she had given me.
I picked up my Little Book of Stitches for the first time in a couple of months and completed page 4. This is a really fun and quick stitch. The color is WDW Peacock.
And out of the bottom of the pile came Paradigm Lost. I cannot remember when I stitched it last. I think that the huge motif I am working on now intimidated me and I tossed it in a corner for quite some time. The large motifs I find sometimes make it seem like a long time before you get anywhere.

And for something a little different - I also do swedish weaving. This will be a wedding gift for June so I really need to get my needle flying. Will show you progress as I work along. I hope you enjoy something a little different.

I also completed and mailed a replacement Fair and Square for Round 5. I have my squares done for Round 6 and am waiting on a package so that I can bundle this one up and wing it on it's way.
My three wallhangings are all sandwiched and ready for the machine quilting. I may not quilt these until I get back home.
We are starting to talk about returning home and are picking up some last minute things to take home with us. We are heading out April 17th. We are hoping that the snow will be gone at home when we return but everyone we talk to says there is still lots.