Thursday 31 December 2009


Wishing all a Happy New Year.

May your new year be blessed with few troubles, many blessings and lots of stitching.

I finished the biscornu this morning and that makes 50 finishes for 2009.

Sunday 27 December 2009

In case you think I don't stitch

Before, I get started, I want to say -Thank you to Secret Santa for my wonderful gift certificate to I really appreciate it and it has been spent. I will show you what I bought with the certificate and what I bought extra when it is received .

Well, sometimes it is better late than never. I have been stitching but not nearly to the extent that I normally do. I have been busy with other things for a while and it has taken from my stitching time.

I will show you my latest stitches small though they may be.

Here is Annette's Mirabilia RR - I stitched Iris

And here is her RR to date.

Here is Missy Ann's Mirabilia RR - I stitched Fern.

And here is her RR to date.

Take a closer look at this one. Each one is bordered in Kreinik and beads in the colors appropriate to each Pixie. Stunning!

I love the Mirabilias - each one is so different and so beautiful. I want to keep them all.

I finished "3 stockings" into a little pillow.

I didn't stuff it tight as I wanted it to look like it had been around a while. And well - it has - as I look around I don't see it which means it is behind the couch or on the floor somewhere. I guess I will have to look for it after dinner.

I started this "little" stitch a week before Christmas thinking I would have it done in lots of time. This is from the 2009 Cross Stitch Calendar. This was a gift for a quilting buddy. Thank goodness she went home for Christmas and I have some extra time to finish it up.

Obviously I didn't read the fine print. It is 70x70 stitches and solidly stitched. I am hoping to have it done by tomorrow and then make it into a biscornu. Gran Torino is on the dish tonight so some quality stitching time ought to finish the stitching and back stitching.

I won a blogaversary draw from Michele and it arrived a couple of days before Christmas.

Look at all these lovely patterns, the gorgeous fabric and ohhhh - the lovely Christmas fob. Thank you so much Michele. I have been very lucky lately and really appreciate my luck.

My dear sweet husband surprised me with a new watch for Christmas. We don't exchange gifts any more as we have more than we need so it was indeed a surprise. I love him, the watch and the thought he put behind it. Geez, as I'm reading this, I'm thinking - you should have taken a picture. Trust me - it is beautiful.

I am hoping to get some more stitches in soon. I have finished the 25 redwork squares and they are sewn into the quilt top. I should have it finished soon too and will post a photo then. I'm hoping the quilting turns out as well as the stitching did.

Until next time, everyone, keep on stitching and stay in touch.

Thursday 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone





Merry Christmas to all my stitching, blogging friends. May you be blessed with love, family and laughter.

Saturday 12 December 2009

Some good news!

Well, our son had his appointment with the surgeon yesterday. The news was very encouraging.
Surgery is scheduled for late March or early April. The tumor is very small - 5 mm. therefore the surgery will be fast and easy. They will operate by making four little incisions, lasso the adrenal gland and pull it out. He should be in hospital no more than a couple days and back to work in a week or so. He will have to start replacement therapy two to three weeks before the surgery.
The surgeon seems confident that it will go very smoothly. He will have to wear a medic alert bracelet from now on, but that is a very small price to pay.
The thyroid is being re-evaluated and may not be an issue.

I want to thank you all for your prayers and best wishes. See what the power of prayer can do. My entire family has heaved a big sigh of relief.

Till next time, thank you so much everyone!!!!!

Tuesday 8 December 2009

Naughty Clicky Finger

You know, when one is sitting around waiting for something to happen, one tends to spend far too much time on the computer.

The end result:

Nutcracker Pattern - SuzLet Creations

The newest Gingher scissors - I love the plaid!

Threads and beads for Chatelaine's Desert Mandala

Vikki Clayton threads - online needlwork sale

I emailed Vikki to thank her for these beautiful threads and to tell her that I was busy fondling them as they were soooo soft. She sent me back an email saying thank you - now stop fondling and stitch with them. LOL

Laura Plantation from Nouveau Encore.

DH and I toured this amazing plantation while in Louisiana and this shop specializes in Louisiana cross stitch. Gayle included several free patterns. She tells me it is called "lagniappe" (LAN-YAP) in Louisiana. What a great way of putting it.

I ordered and received the Crescent Colors so that I can start this beautiful etui.

Nutcrackers in Blue by Imaginating.

oh and a pattern for a Hockey Santa - can't find where I put it - maybe it is with my missing calendar and DH's boating license.

I have stitched some but my stitching urge seems to be on hiatus. I seem to find everything small to do that detracts from my urge to sit and stitch. Hopefully it will be short lived.

Here are my latest finishes:

More squares for my redwork "Postcards from Canada" wall hanging. All the squares are now stitched and the coordinating squares are done. It is almost ready to put together - next post.

Two Friendship Sampler RR's have come through the door, been stitched and sent on their way.

And here is the reason I move to Arizona every winter.

How many ways can you say sunny!
Till next time - keep on stitching and thanks for stopping by.

Sunday 6 December 2009

And the winner is............

My husband reached into the pretty blue bowl after questioning what this is all about - just doesn't get it!!!

And out came Hazel's name. Congratulations Hazel. A package will be on it's way to you soon.

Tuesday 1 December 2009

Gifts from friends

I am so lucky!! I have the most wonderful stitchy blogging friends. How I wish I could meet these people.

When I arrived in Arizona this lovely package from Ranae was waiting for me.

Last year I had RAK'd her this time of year and she remembered!!!
Since I missed Halloween I decided to have my own special Halloween and so this gorgeous gift is still sitting on my computer desk with the card.
and the answer to the question on the front of the card - because he was goblin his treats.

Several months ago I sent Wendy a Disney kit that I had purchased and realized I would never stitch. She is a huge Disney fan so it went to a good home.
A couple of days ago I received this package in the mail.

Wendy picked this pattern from my wishlist. She hand made the card and it is gorgeous. Very talented lady.

Cheryl and I decided on a personal Christmas exchange this year. She let me know she received my package.
The mittens are a JBW design and I reversed one pattern so they made a pair of mittens.

Those chocolates are filled with caramel and are to die for. There were 4 packages of them but I ate one before I could stop myself. BTW, my Canadian friends - I can't get them here!!!!!

Cheryl's Christmas package arrived in yesterday's mail. A beautiful ornament, gorgeous fabric, pretty beads and ribbon in my favorite colors and a lovely Bent Creek pattern.

And from my friend Fran at home. When we received the news about our son, Fran stitched this for me. I have not shown it before now as I choke up every time I read it. I think I will make this into a pillow soon or I may keep it for a while and then finish it when some time has gone by. I just wanted to acknowledge her very beautiful and thoughtful gift.

BTW, our son has heard from the surgeon. His first appointment is Dec. 11th. Hopefully we will have some further information and a possible date or time frame for surgery.

I have posted a giveaway on the entry below this. Draw date is Dec. 5th. If you are interested, check it out!