Friday 23 March 2012

TUSAL and why the glass is so empty

My poor TUSAL glass is so very empty this time. There are a few threads from my Mirabilia reindeer and not much else.

And here is why the jar is so empty.



San Diego Wild Animal Park

Our youngest son, DIL and two grandsons were here for a two week visit. We had the time of our lives. We laughed and played and cuddled and hugged. It was a very special time for all of us.

And here is my progress on the Mirabilia RR to this point.

 I am stitching "Comet".
And this is what the RR looks like so far.

I have to get my needle smoking. This RR is to be back in the mail by April 9th and I still have many stitches to do.

I also received my UFO RR back this past week.
Here is where it was when I sent it out.

Here is the RR when I received it back.

There were some issues with this RR. I must say I was hoping to have a bit more done on it. It will have to go to the bottom of my WIP drawer until I have time to work on it.

Well, that's it for this posting. I am off to stitch more reindeer.
Until then, I hope the frogs are off having a great time and leaving you all alone.

Tuesday 13 March 2012

Wipocalypse Post February, Giveaway, 2012 RR biscornu and Stash

Here I am with a much delayed WIPocalypse post. When I went to write this post, I didn't think I had stitched very much. I was quite surprised to find I had accomplished quite a bit.

I stitched

ABCD pillow

UFO RR tiger

Mirabilia RR for Cat

LHN Summer Splendor

Point Loma Lighthouse

Summer Splendor and Point Loma Lighthouse are on my WIP list so I have one finish and one in progress. Not so bad after all.

I have a wonderful giveaway to post.
Dear Lynn stitches the most beautiful, amazing stitches and then finishes them impeccably. I have been trying for a number of years to win one of her awesome giveaways and it finally happened.
I won this gorgeous, dainty, beaded, tiny Valentine pillow.

And because Lynn did not want the pillow to be lonesome she sent along this stunning teapot necklace and gorgeous hand-embroidered felt heart.

Thank you so very much Lynn. These will be very treasured pieces.

For the next round of the 2012 RR I have been asked to stitch a biscornu.
I picked this freebie of maple leaves and stitched it with a beautiful Sparklies variagated thread that reminded me of autumn colors. I wanted it to be a representation of my Canadian roots.

You will notice my signature block says "Canari" - a Canadian who winters in Arizona - lol. The owner will finish them into the little pillows when they are returned to her.

And wandering around a couple of boards on facebook I ran across this little goodie. Could I turn it down? No way!!!

We are having the best time with our children and grandchildren. I will post some photos at a later date.

I hope your stitching has been frog free and full of happy smiles. Until next time.....

Monday 5 March 2012

cross stitch kits

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a lovely lady by the name of who owns a  company based in the U.K. She is new and working to get her company's name out there. She asked if I would review one of her kits - any kit that I chose. I responded that I would be delighted.

With very quick service! I received this wonderful kit in the mail - Seaside Lighthouse.

The kit was beautifully put together. Can you imagine - all the threads came prewound on bobbins!!! How cool is that.
She offered the option of evenweave or aida and that I really liked. I much prefer evenweave.
The pattern is nice and large and easy to read. At my advanced age (approaching 60) I need good clear print.

Am I pleased with the kit. You bet!! Would I purchase from her? YES!

I am excitedly waiting. My son, DIL and two grandsons will be arriving in San Diego tomorrow. I will be there with my arms wide open looking for some grandkid hugs. We have a busy and exciting two weeks planned. Will keep you posted.

I will check for any frogs in San Diego and remind them they love the beach and sand and really want to stay there.!
Until next time