Friday 28 December 2012

Wipocalypse 2012 wraps up

What a stitching year this has been.

I have completed 14 of the 24 things on my list. I consider that a roaring success. In addition to those 14 things a number of other patterns came and went through my hands.

Round Robins 2012

CCN - The Nutcracker for a 50th anniversary sampler

2012 RR's
Zodiac - Leo
EMS - Wild Rose
Maple Leaf Biscornu
Canada scenes
Christmas Morning
Christmas Tree

Indigo Rose
Rainbow - Celtic Bands
Sweetheart Tree - bands in purple
Sweetheart Tree - Sentimental Heart
Celtic Banner
Sweetheart Tree - Pretty Posies
Sweetheart Tree - bands in pink
Sweetheart Tree - Blueberry Heart

Dimensions Tiger

Stone Roses
Midsummer Night's Fairy
Christmas Elegance
Spring Bouquet
Lily of the Woods
Tiger Lily

Tribal Penguin
Good Things Come to those who Stitch
Shepherd's Bush - Tending the Blooms
ABCD Traveling Pattern

Count Your Blessings

And if you are still with me - I stitched

Adoption Sampler
JBW Teddy Bear Birth Sampler
JBW 1997 Ornament
Night Before Christmas - ornament
Point Loma Lighthouse
Sister Stitcher x 2
LHN - Acorn Hill
Just Nan - True Blue Heart
Las Vegas Tree
Magic - ornament
Nutcracker from Jo
Prairie Moon - Merry Xmas
Sampler Aux Bouquets
Hooked on Lighthouses
LHN - Summer Splendor
Sampler aux Bouquets Part I
Malcolm the Moose
Traveling Stitcher
Maple Leaf

I completed Page 1 of my Etui
I made good progress on my Chatelaine - Desert Mandala..

On the sewing side
I made 5 aprons
1 spiral table runner
1 on point table runner
Christin's lamp bag
Mikaela's quilt
30 bibs

All in all, a successful year.

The most successful thing this year - time spent with my family.

Here are my two sons and their families this Christmas

and Poppa and I with our grandchildren. 

Next post - my WIPocalypse for 2013. I have signed up for at least three SAL's. What was I thinking! With all the stitching I expect to do next year I hope it will be a frog-free year.

Monday 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I want to take this opportunity to wish all my wonderful stitching and quilting friends a very Merry Christmas and warm wishes for a prosperous New Year in 2013. You have made my days more joyful when you stop by my blog - either for a quick read or taking the time to leave a comment. My life is enriched by having you be part of it big or small. Christmas hugs.

Thursday 13 December 2012

TUSAL, WIPocalypse, Sorry I'm late - Check-in

Well, really late but here. This is a busy, busy post.

First here is my TUSAL martini glass. It is very full. My fingers have been flying.

My very late Wipocalypse post is included here.

I finished LHN's Travelling Stitcher and Prairie Moon's Merry Xmas. This WIPocalypse has been a good thing for me. It has helped me to concentrate on some long overdue projects and I have knocked off at least half of my list. I see that it is being offered next year and I am seriously considering signing up. It keeps me motivated.

My stitches over the past two weeks.

Jo sent me this lovely pattern for my birthday and he is stitched and hanging above my computer. He makes me smile every time I see him.

I stitched bands from Butternut Roads - Celtic Banner on Laura's Band Sampler RR. I stitched the entire Celtic Banner a few years ago - it was my first blog post!

I stitched Dragon Dream's - "Christmas Morning" for Andrea's 2012 Facebook RR. She is going to make a series of ornaments from the contributions to her round robin.

Some of my friends are going to Mexico in March to help with an orphanage. They went last year and found it heartbreaking and yet rewarding. This year, they are going with boxes of supplies to help them out. Several of the women have been making aprons for the children. Me - I'm making bibs. Or rather, my friend Roberta and I are. As fast as I could cut them out, Bobbie was taking them home and sewing them together. We hope to make more before March but this what we have made so far.

My dear sweet friend Christin made me cry. Look what I received in the mail yesterday.
The ornament is so beautiful and the way she has fastened the ribbon is so very cool.
One of the chocolates seems to be empty??? It makes me miss home and my wonderful stitchy friends there.

And then, I have this friend - Debbie. Now Debbie emails me and says she is tidying up her cross stitch magazines and would I be interested in a few. I replied "Hell YA". I need to supplement my AZ supply cause all my magazines are home in Canada. Well, look at the "FEW" magazines she sent me. She must have given the mail man a hernia. Me - I'm thrilled. Leo my DH - not so much. I didn't come up for air for a few days ROFL.

My Mirabilia RR has come home since I last blogged. - Isn't it beautiful. I think I am going to stitch a reindeer in one block, do some writing in the center block and icicle- snowflake the top.

I have a few purchases to show you.

From Silkweaver - on Facebook - this book. I had to have it.

From Stitch and Frog - the 2012 Santa's Village series from CCN. I have done a preorder of the entire 12 months. Marty is a sweetheart and will get in touch with me each month to know whether to ship to Arizona or my Canadian home. And this cute nutcracker (Erik Shipley) just jumped into the shopping cart.

From Leslie of Under the Sea Fabric I ordered this gorgeous piece of 32 count - Ice Princess - that I am going to stitch "Santa's Village" on. You can also find her on Facebook.

You know Facebook is a wonderful thing - First Erik Shipley of Ships Manor Designs, then Silkweaver, then Under the Sea Fabrics, then Stitch and Frog I have come to know.

I have had a few issues with blood pressure over the past few months. I was finally diagnosed as having "medication resistant" high blood pressure. After much trial and error, my doctors have come up with a combination of medications that work. Unfortunately, extreme tiredness is one of the side effects. Therefore, you don't see me posting to my blog, commenting on your blogs and chatting on Facebook as much. I'm tired, sometimes very, very tired. It will get better.

 Until next time - I will let my frog comment this post be my new friend Marty at Stitch and Frog - a very nice accommodating person who is okay with my mailing to me with my transient life and will make sure I still have wonderful things to stitch.

If I don't post again due to the Christmas rush - I want to wish you all the joys and blessing of Christmas. You have enriched my life and I appreciate each and every one of you.


Saturday 1 December 2012

Christmas Advent Calendar Blog Hop - Stockings, Sack or Something Else

I have decided to participate in Joann's Advent Calendar Blog Hop and I'm December 1st. To follow the hop you can go to her blog Serendipitous Stitching

I have chosen to post this sweet ornament I made for an exchange.

We live in Arizona in the winter. But, we have three beautiful grandchildren that we want to share Christmas with and so we fly home to Canada for the holidays.
Watching the sparkles in my grandchildren's eyes as they open their presents and laugh with delight is indeed "Magic".


 Since we don't arrive home until a few days before Christmas, my DIL Cindy takes care of the family stockings. She has a wonderful time filling stockings for my son Adam, grandsons Jackson and Hunter, and Leo and I. It is my son's responsibility to fill her stocking.
I love digging into my stocking to see what she comes up with each year. It is always fun.

I found this photo from 2008 when the boys were much smaller. You can see the stuffed stockings on the loveseat in the background!