Friday 23 November 2012

TTL - TUSAL - November

Totally, Totally Late - TUSAL

I am so sorry. Between packing up, the 10 day trip to Arizona and cleaning out the dust and unpacking here, time just got away from me. I will try to be better about blogging more often.

And so, this post will be full, full, full. Please bear with me.

First up - my TUSAL post
Here is my martini glass with the threads that I have. They are mostly from my trip down. I stitch in the car and what a great stitching trip it was. I have 3 - can you believe it! - 3 finishes.

My finishes.

I finished LHN's Travelling Stitcher.

Now to make it into a project bag.

I finished  Prairie Moon's Merry Xmas.

I loved this one. I smiled at the quirkiness every time I stitched on it. It will now go to be framed and then given to my DIL who loves this sort of thing.

Just as I was leaving town, I received this pattern from my friend Dani. This is a Facebook travelling pattern. It is Lizzie Kate's - Good Things.
Here is my interpretation.

I took part in the Stitched with Love Exchange for the first time. Here is what I stitched for my partner and the goodies.

  EDITED: I received the most wonderful thank you note from my exchange partner this morning. I am happy that the package was received and liked.

Here is the lovely package I received from Melissa. I LOVE!!! her choice.


 This is from the Fall Cross Stitch and Needlework magazine and I believe it is a Jeannette Douglas design. I looked at the specialty stitches for the pumpkin in the magazine and loved the pattern but didn't want to tackle the stitches. Now I don't have to. Melissa said this was her first time finishing this way and I think she did a beautiful job. I am very happy with my first exchange and will sign for another one. And I certainly acknowledged her lovely package.

I took part in the ornament exchange with my friends from Knowledge and Needles. Here is the ornament I stitched and finished. It was won by my friend Judie. It is from one of the JCS Ornament magazines.

Now, for the extras.

I belong to the Sanman board and they were offering a special on tucks. Look at all the lovely little tucks I received!! What wonderful things I must find to stitch and put in each one.

I purchased these lovely fabrics from a new Fabric Dyer - on Facebook - Leslie of Under the Sea Fabrics. Aren't they gorgeous.

My birthday just doesn't want to end this year. I received this lovely gift from my friend Lynn - a door knocker. It is beautiful and I will hang it in the spring.

My friend Dani found this wonderful fabric for me!

I think my friends know me very well.

Can you believe that when we arrived in Arizona I did not stitch for 4 days!!! I couldn't believe it either. However, I have found my stitching mojo again. I have two round robins that should arrive in the next few days. Since I have three finishes I get to go through my stash and pick out two new starts! I try to keep 4 pieces in my rotation. I have my etui and desert mandala. I have added a nutcracker for my 3rd start. Now, what wonderful thing will be #4.

Until next time, take joy in your stitches and stay frog free!