Monday 29 August 2011

TUSAL and look at all these amazing stitches

Today is TUSAL day and here is my frog. He is not as full as he normally is but I've been kinda busy lol.
He is full of threads from Fairies in the Garden, my Sampler de Bouquet and the latest Mirabilia round robin.

Last weekend, I attended the annual open house at Knowledge and Needles. Dani and Christin stayed with me for the weekend and we stitched a lot!!!

Instead of those pictures of us stitching, I thought I would share some of the wonderful stitches that were displayed. Warning: lots of photos

I have stitched on Fairies in the Garden - and it is close to a finish!!!
I have to put it down for now to work on a Mirabilia RR and a Band Sampler RR. I look forward to posting that big finish soon.

I am struggling to stitch again. I took 3 days last week and painted my kitchen - ceiling, walls and all the trim.
My left elbow is sore again. I have been stitching with it propped up. That helps some but I have to stop and rest the arm every once in a while. I am not happy about that!

Until next time - may all your stitches stay crossed and all the frogs stay lost.

Thursday 18 August 2011

Lots of lovely stitches

What an eventful holiday I have had! Spending quality time with my family was awesome. And I returned home to a birthday with my grandchildren. This is the first birthday I spent with my grandsons and of course, they had to help me blow out the candles on my cake.

My grandchildren are the only thing that keep me from panicking as I just celebrated my 59th birthday and you know what that means!!! When I look in the mirror, I wonder when did I get that old. My youngest grandson has informed me that next year "I will be older than dirt" SOB!!!! Thank goodness I have my stitching.

I have some wonderful things to show you.

These are my squares stitched by Shelley for the Fair and Square exchange blog. This is a Ink Circles freebie. I absolutely love the colors and the design. Nice choice Shelley!

This is the biscornu I sent to Lisa V for the Seasonal Exchange. It is the strawberry biscornu from the Gift of Stitching newsletter. I added beads to the seam and made a matching scissor fob.

Unfortunately, my partner sent a glass framed picture and it did not survive the postal system. She is stitching a replacement piece.

My sweet friend Clare sent me this lovely birthday gift. A girl can never have too much stash or lighthouses can she! Thank you Clare. You made me smile.

A few weeks ago I won a giveaway on Terri's blog. This is the delightful package she sent me. Each gift was wrapped in old sewing pattern pieces -very ingenious. I am not very creative when it comes to arranging for photos but this time I had a brief burst of inspiration. May I present Terri's lovely antique gifts, Longaberger basket and Ann Sandles Sampler proudly displayed on my antique sewing machine. And Terri - they are going to stay there but for the sampler.  They make such a lovely vignette.

My dear friend Michele has had to have some surgery and I wanted to send her a little something. With the help of my friend Beatrice I made her a project bag. She is a huge Wizard of Oz fan and I happened across this fabric.

My stitching progress for the past two weeks has not been too much.
I have done the next part of my Jardin Prive - here I am now.

I am working away on my Fairies - I so want them done. I am happy with my progress to date. Hopefully you will see more of them next week.

EDITED TO ADD: Today I have had to frog some of my Fairies. Somewhere I am out by 1/2 stitch and cannot find it. So, for every stitch I have added today , I have pulled out double or triple. I hope I find the error soon.

I had 750 posts in my google reader. I read most of them, commented where I could and enjoyed every last stitch. Your work continues to amaze and inspire me. Keep it up!

Until next time

For Sale CHEAP : some dratted, blasted frogs who have had the nerve to park on my stitching chair. Anyone interested?

Saturday 6 August 2011

TUSAL and frogs, fish, flowers and fairies.

Hi everyone.

Thanks so much for your wonderful comments on my last blog post. I am still on vacation and therefore my posts are infrequent. I have not checked my google reader at all and I am sure I will have lots of reading and commenting to do when I return home next week.

My TUSAL post is late but I only have internet when I come into town. Here is my frog this month. He is full of threads from my Band Sampler RR, my Fair and Square exchange, my latest Mirabilia addition etc. He is looking forward to a fresh start as am I.

Isn't that what you do at a cottage?
Jack with his first fish

Hunter with his first fish

Gramma, Papa and Daddy with our afternoon's catch of small mouth bass. Bet you didn't know I was a closet fisherperson. I love fishing.

My partner has notified me that she has received her Fair and Square exchange. I stitched Chatelaine's "Kathy's Violets" for her. She assures me that she likes them. I enjoyed this design so much I will have to stitch it again for myself.

I am working on Fairies in the Garden again. I spent this past week stitching green leaves and fairy wings. I am now working on a fairy. Boy, I wish I saw the end of this piece. I hope soon.

 Look -  lily pads and not a single frog in sight!!!!!

Till next time.