Sunday 16 September 2012

TUSAL for September and what filled the frog!

Well September it is. What a month I am having! I have stitched like crazy over the past moon phase and have plenty to show you!

Check this out - these are the threads that filled the frog!

 Just Nan - True Blue Heart

Ginny's Mirabilia Round Robin
I stitched Midsummer Night's Fairy. This one was frog-infested. What a time I had with her and all the Kreinik.

M Designs - Las Vegas tree

First Section of my Etui done.

Victoria Sampler's O Canada on 2012 Round Robin - her theme was souvenirs and so I stitched the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, a Canada Goose and our national symbol - the beaver. I hope she approves.

My Desert Mandala

 188 Algerian Eyelets, 212 Dense Rhodes Stitches, 40 Rhodes Stitches and 16 Algerian Eyelets - all around that gorgeous border. Now I'm working on those black borders. The inside one is all Black Marlitt and it makes me cranky. It is awful stuff to work with even heavily coated with Thread  Heaven. And I just had to do one of those pretty, pretty feathers - only 7 more to go.

 I had some help from another wonderful stitcher and quilter - Barb - and we made my Band Sampler Round Robin into a bell pull. It is so pretty done and hanging.

And someone recently introduced me to the evils of Ebay and look what I bought. These are brand new - in perfect condition and cost me $10. How could I resist?

I will post some photos of the stitching get together at my house for the first weekend of September in a few days.

I am stitching now on a secret project! What fun and I'm making great progress.

Until next time, I hope those blasted frogs that infested my Mirabilia are now toasted and a delicacy for some one LOL.

Friday 7 September 2012

Knowledge and Needles Open House

I have many stitching photos to show you so I will have to split them into a few posts.

Ann at Knowledge and Needles hosts an Open House in August every year. We are given the opportunity to get together with other stitchers from all over Ontario and to display our work. Of course, we chat lots, eat even more and shop till we drop.

 Warning: Photo and stitching intensive!

Spring Quaker, Bagatelle, Cirque des Carreaux and a couple of Desert Mandalas

Wolves, trains, Mirabilia RR, Ink Circles and LHN

Mirabilia, Just Nan and a Sheltering Tree

Stockings galore

Lucky Laura to have such a beautiful sampler.

Mirabilia's Rose of Sharon and Lizzie Kate

A new kind of finish - bolster pillows

Bonnie's Ink Circles pillow

You should see the detail work on these!

Pretty little baby bibs

Dani's Faberge Egg - St Petersburg - the inside is all over 1.

Cross Stitchers Poem

Christin's Paradigm Lost, Jardin Prive, Tribal Butterfly, Angie's Fall Scene, Mirabilia Fairy

Stitched by our favorite 96 year old stitcher Adriana!

Joyce's Mona Lisa - she says another 5 years and she will be done.

I hope you enjoyed the show.

Sunday 2 September 2012

Wipocalypse Update

Wipocalypse Progress.

I finished Page 1 of my Etui - 188 Queen Stitches later - all those pretty pink flowers on the outside border - each flower has 6 queen stitches. Did I know how to do queen stitches before this - NO! Do I know how to make them now - ABSOLUTELY!

I finished Acorn Hill.

I started and finished  Just Nan's True Blue Heart.

I made some  progress on Desert Mandala

 I started Prairie Moon's - Merry Xmas
I started M Designs - Las Vegas Tree

 All in all a good round. 

And my birthday continued.

From my dear friend Claire - these lovely gifts.

And a RAK from my friend Karen that arrived shortly after my birthday. Can I count that as another gift LOL?

I have some (many) retreat photos to share with you from my weekend at Knowledge and Needles but I will wait till my next posting.

This post is brief as I am hosting a stitch-in this weekend. Photos and stories to follow lol.
I am working on the latest Mirabilia RR and this one has been frog infested. I am hoping for better luck today.

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend and I will return lol.